Yamaha YZF R15 150cc – Pictorial Preview

Daemon is back! Yamaha’s YZF R15 has already became the most expected machine of 2008. As expectations hit the roof, in this preview, we try to give our readers some unheard information along with some exciting pictures.

1) Yamaha YZF R15 150cc: While the R1 is inspired from M1, Yamaha’s YZF R15 is developed to imitate R1 in every aspect. Yes, you can expect the exceptional motorcycling experience in the R15. In Yamaha’s term YZF R15 150cc is a machine, like all other Yamaha R series , that comes with racing DNA and the spirit of competition living in every component.



                                  YZF R1

2) Yamaha YZF R15 150cc: Hurrah! we are going to touch the heart.The 150cc engine which powers the YZF R15 is the India’s first 150cc liquid cooled engine. Yamaha has brought lot of advanced technologies which are usually used in higher displacement engines for this 150cc mill. Here are few highlights of YZF R15’s hi-tech engine.

YZF R15 makes use of DiASil (Die-casting Aluminum-Silicon) cylinder. The DiASil Cylinder is an all-aluminum cylinder made possible by an exclusive Yamaha aluminum forging technology. Because it uses a 20% silicon aluminum alloy, it is possible to create a cylinder wall that is so hard and durable that it eliminates the need for a conventional steel cylinder sleeve. And, because the cylinder is all aluminum, it has excellent heat dissipation qualities (cooling capacity is improved by 60% and reduces engine weight (by 30%) at the same time.

YZF R15 makes use of forged piston (India’s first) which enables lighter piston design and excellent power developement.

YZF R15’s 4-valve combustion chamber adopts centrally mounted spark plug and six hole type injector which leads to path breaking performance.

A compact radiator cools the engine to maximize stablity and performance.


3) Yamaha YZF R15 150cc: Similar to the R1, Yamaha has adopted a six speed transmission for its new 150cc YZF R15. Optimized ratios will help you to keep the motor singing in the high-rpm range throughout all the gears.


4) Yamaha YZF R15 150cc: Here are the dimensions of the demon. YZF R15 must be the most compact bike in its class. It’s overall length is 1070mm, overall width is 670mm and its wheels base is 1290mm. Since sporty YZF R15 is shorter too and its height is just 1070mm. YZF R15 150cc features F 80/90 -17 inches tyres in the front and 100/80-17 inches tyres in the rear. Both the tyres are tubeless.


More on R15’s styling, chassis and its price in part -2

P.S: special thanks to Yamaha Motors India

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  1. the bike is awesome…but i heard that the price is around 1 lakh….oh!! come who the hell will an 150cc bike for that amount??? it’s tooo damn costly..

  2. According to the information from the marketing heads of Yamaha Motors India Pvt Ltd its price will be Rs.90,000 and it is expected to launch after Durga Puja.

  3. hi i liked the looks of this bike ..nd realy wana buy this..bt cn u reply me the price of this yahmaha yzf-r15 150cc bike thrw email……….

  4. I would like to know the price of YAMAHA R15? If the price is more than 80K i think its too expensive in the india market because all the 150cc bikes are available around 65K, i know YAMAHA uses some new technology on that bike if so for that they should think very carefully about price difference for that new feature the price difference is more than 15K its too much bcoz bikes are using mostly by youth people who is just started making their career, for this reason they should think very carefully how to capture india market, i think in india price is very much important. Santa

  5. Hey the byk is dammm dammmm sexy.. The rate and mileage is very very very important in India. If the mileage is minimum 40 km/lt then its going to be the highest selling byk here. YAMAHA I WAS VERY MUCH WAITING FOR YOUR LAUNCH AND BECAUSE OF THIS I HAVE NOT YET SOLD MY “SHOGUN” COME SOOON…

  6. wel…m buyin a bike..my 1st 1..so which 1 shud i opt fr? r1 150 or Zma 220?…i wud prefer Zma coz its got more POWER than 150 fr a good price..wt do u guys say? any advices?

  7. cooooooooooooooooool yar this byk is ddddmmmmmmm gooooood m going 2 get this byk so wen u going 2 luanch this byk plzzzzzzz mail me if possible thnx

  8. hello I think Yamaha has come out of hibernation and this will give stiff comppition to the bajaj pulsar 220. Clearly Yamaha is the winner. All the Yama fans are wating plz come soon.

  9. this is what is needed for india ……because bajaj and hero honda are making bad quality bikes here as i have both bajaj pulasar 200 and karizma …………both of them have low fuel efficiency of 38-42 kpl and high maintenence ……………..i recomment every body to go for this japanese bike and rock on road even if it have only 35 kpl becaue it is real biking man

  10. this bike will be dammmmmmm sexy. and now with this launch yamaha will kick the ass of other companies and i m waiting 4 is launch

  11. Nice product!!!!! worthy and powerful from a trusted company Yamaha for many bike lovers. But as a common man, i’d take a NANO if its more than a lakh..

  12. hey the quality of plastics should be high and the pricing should be competitve.when can we expect this machine?

  13. The R15 is not goin to be launched in India cause it has no market..so just keep dreaming dudes………

  14. hey buddy. . it costs around 83,000 rupees..ex-show room.. with 22 BHP.. equal to Pulsor 220.. so Yamaha rocks.. i have already booked and my delivery date is June 1st week.. so guys rush for ur deliverys in Metros..

  15. i am having pulsar 200 it is too heavy and not looking diffrent in outloos and pick up also not satisfied. i am expecting some thing rocking, my friends refered Yamaha r15, i think this bike really catches the indian market after Yamaha RX 100. so all Yamaha lovers we shouldnt hold the heavy plumpy bikes go for sporty fairing and rear disc. Digital speedo meter, auto indicator cancelling, oil cooled, best shock absorbs, TTP technology, 4 valves, tubeless tyres(hydrogen filled), what else you expect?!!?? so get it right now! no second thoughts

  16. i think this is the bike for real bikers. definitely not for office up down. it must fire karizma & pulsor 200-220. it will finish the wait for sport bikes in india. now the only task left is, real cruiser bikes which r my first love. i hope Royal enfield will take care of that. c’mon, give a 500-600 cc cruiser………………….

  17. Looks like there is a lot of buzz about the R15 and it seems to be getting bigger by the day.Everyone wants this bombshell.I am a 2007 Yamaha Gladiator owner and let me tell you if Yamaha can make an excellent machine with a carburator and a 125cc engine,I can only imagine how the R15 is going to be.I just hope it becomes a super hit and takes down the pulsar because its the closest thing we have to a sport bike.

  18. hey,i think its cumng by middle of june…… n the price will be around 85,000……………..yeahhhhh,2 and a half month is more to go……looooooooooong time na!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bookings have already started in bangalore . they take an advance of rs 5000 . 36 bikes have already been booked according to the people in the showroom . for bookings contact the hosur road yamaha showroom in bangalore .delivery expected on 1 week of june . bharat ,bangalore

  20. Hey guys! I jus wanna know the exact launch date of the bike in chennai and the ex-showrom price(chennai). could someone please help me with this.

  21. Dear All, Very good technology like car. bcoz, there wont be any pick up drop in long hours. bcoz, its a forged piston and it has a radiator. we can simply call has a car. I hate bajaj, because , they developed the oil cooled engine. there is no need in developing oil cooled engine. reason behind is already the cyclinder and head is moulded with aluminium. it gets cooled when you ride the vehicles. i know every bike racer and charm on bike will buy this vehicle. Murali

  22. I would like to know the price of YAMAHA R15? If the price is more than 80K i think its too expensive for an indian market because all the 150cc bikes are available around 60K, i know YAMAHA might have uses some new technology on that bike if so, for that they should think very carefully about price difference for that new feature the price difference is more than 15K its too much, they should think very carefully how to capture indian market, i think in india price is very much important and a milage too.If it has mileage of 40+, its gonna be a largest selling bike in india.

  23. Actually this bike will have a performance figure better than pulsar 220 or karizma, as Yamaha officials have told during the auto expo. So, i think you shoudn’t compare the feature of this bike (be it anything) with any other 150cc bike only. If the final form of bike when released is really as what is expected, it sales should be the best in all class!!

  24. the overall looks and the engine capacity is good to outperform the karizma and the new hi end pulsar 200 and 220 series but the rear tyre is too skinny. a little modification with a wider tyre will make it really burn the roads worth purchasing if price tag with in 70 to 90 thousand. hero honda and bajaj here comes the tough comp for u all.

  25. can u let me know the mileage, also the price of the bike. Also let me know when it will be launched in mumbai and where can i book one. Also let me know the 0 to 60 km speed limit. and the maximum speed of the bike. Thank you

  26. Hey guys! I jus wanna know the exact launch date of the bike in chennai and the ex-showrom price(chennai). could someone please help me with this.


  28. i hd just planned to take the new yamaha yzf 15…….bt i want to know more details about the bike…………..whtz itz price,itz mialege……..so snd soo

  29. hey guys good news for every yamaha family.because yamaha is launching great bike called R15 superb bike in indian market. very crazy guys.and enjoy the ride.m wating for outstanding model yamaha R15.even i also dont no wat prize BHP and launching date and month in which city.if any one nows help me in reguard….

  30. price of the this will effect on the sale of the bike,it should near about 80 to 85,if it is more than that than its is a prob,can anyone tell me when its gonna be launched

  31. Hey guys .. the new yamaha yzf r15 gonna be launched in goa or maybe singapore on 10th june 2008 most probably ( not sure ) gonna be in the showrooms for sale from 15th of june . this is wht i know of now .. take care

  32. this bike is suppose to launch in the month of march but still this bike havent been launch, i dont know why yamha is taking so much time to launch this , it almost end of may…………. come on yamaha i m relly waiting this bike to buy launch.


  34. Hi friends, i’m planning to buy Apache RTR 160 and after seeing this, i’ve almost dropped that idea. but i’ve a doubt, with just 1290mm wheel base, this bike may look very small right, and for my heaight (178cms) this may look much smaller. this is just my feeling. please let me know how big the bike will be. (will it be smaller than apache???? 🙁 ) am not an automobile expert but have these perceptions in mind. bikes with lesser wheel base, lesser rear tire width, lesser weight and high power will not be stable. and in all the above things, yamaha is qualified… please suggest me about this. thanks sudhi

  35. price 98 k on road millege 40kms/per ltr speed 155kms/per hr satisfaction priceless presented by ebiz.com , vision to reality project learn and earn if u r intrested to take ur bike by ur own money: contact bharath 9986313820, infinite_solutions@ebizel.com

  36. apni bhen chuda lo…bajaj valon ..tumhari ma chodne aa rhe hai yamaha vale.. kutte k lodon.. nanga kar k chodenge tumhe

  37. hmmmmmmmmmm i’am jst waiting for my sexiest bike yamaha yzf r15 as soon as it get launch i wil be 1st to get race zzzoooooooo………………………… No.1 AND Yamaha Always be a No.1 in Sports Bike That i think And i am going to rock with My yamaha r15 in comming month so common guys on road to rockkkkkkkkk………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,———– and make our rule how to drive with an yamaha coooooolllllllll….

  38. Simply Super bike, Whats the estimation price. whats the approx millage, when its going to be release. only drawback is height is tooshort. how many gears. could you realse shortly…..

  39. can anyone tell,whn this is exactly going to be launched,cauze i m planning to buy pulsar 200,so thn i can opt out of buying it.urgent

  40. its define that i gona buy this beast (yamaha the shaitan is back on road thanks YAMAHA MOTORS)but shud atleast go top speed of 150 kmph

  41. this bike seems 2 be the the dream come true bike for the indian youth. but the success of this bike depends on the rate and milage. i hope yamaha must have taken care of every espect.

  42. Shit man! this is a very small bike, smaller than TVS Apache, look at the wheelbase, I wonder how it will handle the corners? A 6 feet guy like me would look as if he’s sittin on a donkey rather than horse, everything is small about it L, W, H. I think it is designed keeping in view the early 14, 15 yr old teenagers, who would like to try a motorbike after learning cycle!

  43. hey “GUYTHING”, how cud u be sure that this is very small……. even smaller than TVS APACHE….!!!!!!!!! do u hv seen dat physically? do reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  44. hey te nyk isnt so small…its cuz u hav a thick deltabox frame….u could fee te byk iz low….yesterday i went to ambal motors.chennai showroom….n we ad chance to sit on te byk,lean it…n it wuz awesom….te petrol tank design wuz same as a 1000 cc R1 or CBR…it also feture slipper type clutch for instant power delivery….man!!!….the byk is sure to burn te roads…so plzzz divorce ur pulsarzzz & zmasss…its sure to suffer a bigger acceleration defeats in straight roads….n cornering…

  45. yeah dude me to went to try ot the bike..it wus gr8…its extraction point ws 156 kmph in the speedo….original measure 144 kmph……whreas te ZMA’S Hav 125 kmph….n pulsar 220 hav…134 kmph…….& the sound frm the silencer filter ws too different frm indian bikes….it ws lyk “uizzz uizzz uizz uizz uizzzz” & features variable fuel intake system…to atain te full 21.8 bhp…YAMAHA RULZZZ

  46. yeah dude me to went to try ot the bike..it wus gr8…its extraction point ws 156 kmph in the speedo….original measure 144 kmph……whreas te ZMA’S Hav 125 kmph….n pulsar 220 hav…134 kmph…….& the sound frm the silencer filter ws too different frm indian bikes….it ws lyk “uizzz uizzz uizz uizz uizzzz” & features variable fuel intake system…to atain te full 21.8 bhp…YAMAHA RULZZZ

  47. yaa………yamaha inc. has really waken up……and was going to hit the competetors badly……….it would b the real MACHINE aftr the king RX100…..don’t look it only as a 150cc bike,cos we all know tat RX100 has only 98cc or something…but wat about its performance..????really unleashed….so cc does’nt matters…..tatz YAMAHA…so we just compare YZF R15 with RX100…..n not wit the KIDS like ______SAR n ____ZMA……..SO R15 will defenitely fires the indian roads Vrrroooooommmmmm…………

  48. R15 was really a mini R1….so guys don’t think it would b expensive if it costs around 1lac….we know tat R1 costs nearly 9lacs…..so it would remains as a dream….n this one would fullfil our dreams….as it was almost an R series…….n i think it would be worthy 4 tat price…..so don’t wait n be proud to be a YAMAHA rider……..

  49. R15 was really a mini R1….so guys don’t think it would b expensive if it costs around 1lac….we know tat R1 costs nearly 9lacs…..so it would remains as a dream….n this one would fullfil our dreams….as it was almost an R series…….n i think it would be worthy 4 tat price…..so don’t wait n be proud to be a YAMAHA rider……..

  50. hey gys this bike is very nice and his price is 95,000 rs/- i need this bike so plz give me a lunch date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,………….

  51. can u please confirm by when will the bike be launched and the price of the same as I am very eager to know the price.

  52. can u please confirm by when will the bike be launched and the price of the same as I am very eager to know the price.

  53. I just have noo words. I have a Pulsar 150cc bike but I have r15 soon.Okkkk then tell me it’s price n i will buy it as soon as possible. Yamaha keep it up R15…………..R100

  54. Hi friends yes i got the information from yamaha show rooms all around and that final and done for the launching of YAMAHA YZF R15 150CC by JUNE 2008. This is going to be a good going model in few days. byee byee

  55. Hey PPl, I had been to Yamaha showroom here in Bangaloreyest to enquire abt this beauty and here is what the dealer had to say.. Bike will be launched in Bangalore on June 15th, he said that the delivery will start from June 16th onwards.. Xpected Price–> 85-90k Booking starts from the 1st week of June..

  56. it should need some wat bigger tyerz so pls make it off nd the sound shold also b sexy nd launge it soon as v waiting for a long time for this one

  57. Good collection dude but u may get more information on yzfr15.blogspot.com It will be Launched on 12 June in Mumbai. Approx 95,000 to 1,00,000 Rs and 3 mnths waiting after booking yzfr15.blogspot.com

  58. yeah dude me to went to try ot the bike..it wus gr8…its extraction point ws 156 kmph in the speedo….original measure 144 kmph……whreas te ZMA’S Hav 125 kmph….n pulsar 220 hav…134 kmph…….& the sound frm the silencer filter ws too different frm indian bikes….it ws lyk “uizzz uizzz uizz uizz uizzzz” & features variable fuel intake system…to atain te full 21.8 bhp…YAMAHA RULZZZ

  59. dis is a gr8 1. ya i heard dat its bou 8.5k. n its launch date is 1st week of june. donno bou d mileage. ya sure gonna fuck pulsar n karizma. am jus waitin 4 dis 1 n gatherin sum cash 2 get dis 1. hope ma target is finished until dis 1 kisses d indian road.


  61. Hi @ TEJESH , I think you are a Herohonda guy with burning ass… Whats there in hero honda same engine for all bykes.. you idiot fan, bastard go n get fuck with HH guyzzz… If you cant see yamaha new gen bikes hide in your home dont see the yamahas running on the road.

  62. Advance booking of R15 has started from 1st JUNE here in ahmedabad. So, RUSH TO UR NEAREST DEALER AND BOOK URSELF THE BEAST like I did just yesterday.

  63. Hi guys wait for Hero Honda, dnt go fr th Yamaha150cc… in Hero Honda ty going to lunch 300cc KARIZMA upgrade and tat top speed was 195kmph(Estimatted)…it looks like Ducati1098!!!

  64. Hey Guy’s Here in mumbai booking is started for yamaha R15 & the price tag is 1,14,000/- on road (for 150CC ??) & I check with one of the dealer he said dilevery of bike is possible after 25th if this month. i am happy with My kzma & can wait until 300cc launch…….

  65. yep heard of it FI, Rear rare disk,oil cooled let’s wait & watch for it or again HH make us fool Kzma ++ or kzma +++ & so on like thr other models!!!!!!!

  66. do anyone knows abt the exact price………..i checked the official website it also not showing the price and my dealer is also not knows abt the price……….so do tell me if u r sure………not like in range of or even wild guess……. bye tc

  67. i love yamaha iwas thnkng of cbr 1stly but now i wnt only yzf r15 i love dis one n wnt it now plz yamaha launch dis bike

  68. The Yam guys in India have again committed a huge marketing blunder. They time everything wrong, and their designs for countries like India suck. Is that a bike? It looks like a cheap imitation of the R1 made in Coimbatore. huge body, spindly wheels, puny engine. Who cares if it is liquid cooled? If it is one paisa more than the Pulsar 180, no fool will go for this clownish thing. Orgy

  69. Maan dats one kooool bike daa jus seen it on display at hyderabad it’s priced at 1.2 lakhs on road but I feel its too pricy in terms of the CC and fuel economy, looks vise it beats everythin.

  70. I have checked da site..its only 17PS…i was told by yamaha guys that it will be 20PS…so this is totally un-acceptable..as i was looking for 20PS atleast(more will be bonus)….I m somewhat agree with Orgy that..”It looks like a cheap imitation of the R1 made in Coimbatore. huge body, spindly wheels, puny engine”….but not that bad..coz if bajaj can sell pulsar…so can Yamaha…..Price is too much..105000INR…But it was expected…i mean the price and Orgy’s comments….I m disappointed in terms of Horse Power(HP)…as i was looking for 20PS….i want some speed…not average(petrol)…I have no doubt on Yamaha’s Engine(Enticer was an exceptional)… I was thinking to buy this bike…but not now…just bcoz of Horse Power…in my opinion its less…i can;t pay 1Lac for this less 17PS….I think few will buy this bike…

  71. i cant think it can show perfomance as spoty feel and also never in low price just the modification of libero we can seee what will happen

  72. i booked r15 already…….it will launchd in kerela on 31 st f june…..im th first one to get r15 here…….this is a sexy bike and the top end is cool and if not the rx there is r15 thats a sexy ride…..so im jst waiting for r15 to rock…………….

  73. i booked r15 already…….it will launchd in kerela on 31 st f june…..im th first one to get r15 here…….this is a sexy bike and the top end is cool and if not the rx there is r15 thats a sexy ride…..so im jst waiting for r15 to rock…………….

  74. i want this bike this so nice bike in india and the first bike in india with 6 speed gear and 145 k/mh and the looks is i cant say i like this bike so much

  75. Hi i like the bike the most the looks are excellent but the price are quit as per india i wana buy the bike

  76. HI, This bike has very sporty look & thats why i like this bike very much . wht should be the price of this bike?

  77. it’s look really nice,,.., i like to buy this but recently i bought HH HUNK , otherwise I’m really buy it.,.,.. I think its cost around 80-85k.,., which is good bcoz it look like a sports bike , & the features of bike make it value for money .,.,,

  78. http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/67203/yamaha-r15-indias-first-super-sports-bike.html check this link for video


  80. hi, this is deepak poddar i m one of t the vocarious of speed if i got this byk i really wanna go on 145km/h so, catch me if you can

  81. hi, this is deepak poddar i m one of vocarious of speed if i got this byk i really wanna go on 145km/h so, catch me if you can

  82. Dear Fellows Indian Designed R15 is a great one but there are drawbacks its an electric start bike and no option for a kick start by chance your battery runs out or a short circuit your bike fails to start and your are in the middle of the road..

  83. when it is going to release in hyderabad, what is the price of this byke, i am waiting for this byke yaaa..what r the drawbacks other than kick start???mail em to me

  84. lots of things have been commented for this demon..i just wanna say simply three words “I GOT ONE” peace to foopathers

  85. :mrgreen: Yamaha R15 out on mid june launched on 12 june racing in chennai fields.now its jully where is the bike for kids no ads nothing price customer worthy. 😯 where is the Bike? 😈 cant you see in the show room, on sale!

  86. Hii….!!! I LUV YAMAHA name..so all bikes of yamaha r to b taken n believed blindly…its trusty… no worry abt cost if v r gettin such a huge bike which will leave all bikes behind “DEFINITELY”

  87. what re! stupid fellows you don’t know the exact price of R-15. stupids it’s just 25p. that sense also don’t have . this generation youth!!!!! stupids , idiots , scoundlers ,basterds!!!! Oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!! because I forgot one more bad word.

  88. Hi all The cost of the Bike in Bangalore is 1,11,000/- But as far of my thinking is it would have been better if it was a 200 or a 250cc Bike Because Rs.1,11,000/- for a 150cc Bike in India Seeme to be too expencive.

  89. hey guys… saw the R15 on road… looks like somebody trimmed off the top part of it… didnt expect this from YAMAHA… the fairing is too wide and i dont think the bike will do good in the heavy traffic situations… as in most of the cities of India… the rear tyre also looks quite thin in comaprison to broad body on top of it…. pretty much was disgusted lloking at it … not to say… disappointed by YAMAHA…. looking at the price… the mileage and the sky rocketing fuel prices…it will take some time for this bike to become hotsellers like the pulsars, the karizmas, the cbzs or the apaches… keeping fingers crossed… waiting for a test on the performance front… am not expecting much from this machine… it will be .. what i think .. blink… its gone … u missed it.. not to worry about…

  90. shut up u fool ‘ashrampandey’.what do u mean cud heve done much better…shit man do u even know how much effort yamaha has put into this bike?u think they wud skip the tyres(one of the most imp parts) just like that?sheesh man. And ‘Vik’ u better shut up too.gimme a bike that can come close to this one without the “unnecessary hype”

  91. Hai to 150cc and bye 2 100cc,espcially YAMAHA, i wanna the cost of the bike should be less than “80 Thousands”, then there will be a race for everybody

  92. hey i have seen this bike in front of my eyes . i have no words . i inquired it reaches 126 top in speed in only 5th gear even 1 more gear is left still so no way its top speed is even more then pulsar 220 , overall its 10/10 from me as per the price its 80000 and i think its reasonable as we all buy a bike of 150 cc around 65k and then spend money to modify it to atleast 20 k in that case Yamaha are giving all orig parts in 80 k and thats awesome this bike is best till Now

  93. Hey!! First of all thanks to YAMAHA.And i think its great.Its power is greater than Pulsar 220 cc and Karizma 225 cc ..We all people in Nepal are happy but,the price touches the sky in Nepal.I just gave my exam of S.L.c and got distinction.My dad gave a promise to me to buy a bike.So i am ready with YAMAHA YZF R15 to hit the Road. Thanks

  94. I had a chance to drive my friends new R15. Its excellent. What i liked. a) Its light and not very high. b) The vehicle sports rear disk brakes as well. The braking is amazing. c) The build is good. d) The quality of build and finishing is really good e) Front and rear tubeless wheels. Its really a good bike as long as u don’t fall down. The body takes the hit and i believe it would cost a bit to get them corrected. For the amount and its beauty, i would prefer it to be left in a car parking lot rather than sit besides the ordinary bikes. I own a RD350 and i have never driven a pulsar or a karizma. So i cannot compare it with a pulsar or a karizma or a TVS RTR. I love Yamaha and i am glad Yamaha came up with something which it is best known for bikes with the Racing DNA.

  95. the yamaha yzf r15(17bhp 126kmph) is priced at 97000 on road mumbai…. pulsar220 (19.7bhp 140kmph) is 83000.. decide urself

  96. even the karizma 17bhp 125kmph is excellant value for money 71000 on road and it is very reliable ..YAMAHA competition is HERE….

  97. He ha ha ha I’m gonna rock the college…. ha ha ha it make me craze… I am patiently waiting for this bike…. o ” O ‘ xxx

  98. wat will be the price???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????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  99. Hey if really u ppl are in for tough bikes….go ahead with the Original Sportz version. I kno tis kinda heavy on the pockets but save some bucks and go for the 1k’s…..Am pretty satisfied with my “BUSA” The R15’s not good based on the power n the revs it asks for in order to pump it up n not to forget the price it carries. Chao…:-)

  100. Hi Guys, Pavneet here, i booked Yamaha R15 on 3 rd july and delivery is on 25 july. I want to buy used R1 now, if somebody interested in buying R15 please contact me.It is in blue colour and not yet registered on my name.Contact me at 9987740404-Mumbai

  101. The bike looks really good..much much better than other bikes…but its cost is Rs 1,10,000…for a 150cc bike…what the f*** price is that??

  102. Hi, Oil cool engine is the best technology we are seeing 1st time in India. Its keeps engine cool more than air cooled engines so it helps to consumes fuel more efficiently. Most probably oil cool engines are preferred 350cc,500cc…(29bhp,30bhp,32bhp) Yamaha Engineers can reduce the cost of this product by using air cooled engine instead of Oil where as oil cooled is not necessary for for 17 BHP and which is affordable for Indian market. It will also decrease maintainance and spares cost which should be consider while purchasing of any bike. Nice Look.. Excellent Comfort.. Good Style… Its Rocking….

  103. hi guys i have got aN YAMAHA R15 ALL THE FOOLS SAYS THIS BIKE IS TOO EXPENSIVE LESS MILAGE AND MANY MORE BUT THE BIKE IS SUPERB ITS TOP SPEED IS 150KMPH MILAGE IS 43 IN CITY AND ON HIGH Way it nearly gives 48 kmpl its so cool buying a sports bike at 4 or 5 lac and with a less milage is better to buy this mechine

  104. can ne 1 tel me abt d price of this bike…? if its price is abt 75 – 85 thousand …….then it will definatly rockkk…n if it is more den dis den !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Prize of this bike is around Rs.110000/- in bangalore ,For delivery delears take 25 days for Blue color ,and 1 week for black color.


  107. r u people nuts???the YZF R-15 is lightning years ahead when compared to other bikes in india, the power to weight ratio is absolutely fantastic……and can beat a pulsar 220 on the long run after it engages its 6th gear… but on a quater mile run,,,the 220 will be quicker….that too not by much, max by abt half bike lenght some duffer says oil colled vehicle is best…..i guess he has to go fly a kite…in an oil cooled engine …there is a coolant around the engine oil…so by bringing down the temp of the oil ….the engine cools….its no way the best way to cool an engine…. the yamaha has a liquid cooled engine like in cars….it has a radiator as well…..hv u heard of any bike in india hving a radiator ??it forms a jacket of water around the engine there by keeping the engine cool,this is by far the most effective way to keep the engine cool.apart from these the engine has forged piston……and a diasil cylinder reducing the weight of the vehicle to almost half,but without compromising on durability the deltabox frame is like 200% stronger and rigid that the conventional twin down tube frame……it makes the bike really stable……no way u will feel any vibes like the indian bike. the linked monocross suspension is not new to us……we hv already seen soonething like it in the unicorn but combine it with the delta box frame ……ur gonna find a machine thats as steady as an oil tanker on straight lines…….and at the sametime maintains its steadiness on the curves……..with an amaxing cushioning effect on the rider…. the full fairing is not just a cosmetic accessory …..its been wind-tunnel tested…..so its gonna add to the aerodynamics of the bike half the things that i said are not even there in any indian bikes,,,,,,, internationally a bike hving all these features cost way more than 1.05 lacs……..we indians need to consider ourselves lucky for hv a dream machine like this, at such a price……the yamaha has finally got it right……GO YAMAHA !!!!!


  109. f*** off all who say that its not a bike for india arey idiots it means u don’t know wat a bike is and wat technology it is using. surely its the historic milestone in indian bike world after rd350 yamaha u r awesome and so is r15

  110. TOTAL LET DOWN!!!! Check out the yzf r125 scheduled to hit the european market. You will see how hopeless the yzf r15 is. Sports Bike??? Oh please! despite having higher cc it is nothing compared to the yzf r125. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5451&Page=1 check this link and you will see what i’m talking about. The most letdown about this bike I feel are the thin tyres which makes the bike look like an rx100 fitted with r1 looking frame. next comes the seat which would have been better if it was split seat like the r125. Then the backside, the fuel tank could have been bigger, and the steering stance should have been kept a sporty lower for a real sporty stance. What a letdown on all the hype. Sorry guys, and the price of about more than 1 lakh?? NOT WORTH IT.

  111. Yamaha YzF R15 is already coming in North-East india.It has tube less tyre in both wheels….And price around 97,300/- (OnRoad—1,05,000) INR..

  112. 1,10,000 /- for a 150 cc bike??? Yamaha has gone crazy or what. what makes them think they are gonna steal the market from strong players like Pulsar. Well, i wish them all the luck if the looks of the bike could save their venture….

  113. hey guys…u r crazy or wat?????? this bike is awesome….i have this bike n its gr8 fun to ride this bike…..i raced with this bike against pulsar and u know wat???????? pulsar200 didnt even touched me……..not a single time…….

  114. nice technology used in r15 A bike that comes at a price!!…but will the use of all these tech will improve brand name YAHMAHA.. prashant markanday

  115. well …as every one is unhappy abt its look from the rear ..thin tyres…to be more specefic low prof tyres…but then from the reviews wat i could understand was that its amazin at its grip around the corners…it has tons more in it than mere looks ..!! To choose between r15 n p220 …given a chance i would go for r15 ..!! I heard claims tat p220 won in the drag race,some claim again that its fake. But without a word of dispute every1 agrees that the winner is definitely r15 whn it comes to race track. The point here is R15 excels all other bike on indian road when it comes to technology.It may be correct that p220 has another 4 bhp more than R15,but delivering it to the tyres and then on to the road is not a cake walk ..it demands something more than increasing the bore and stroke of ur engine cylinder !! Its not a childs play to make u feel comfortable confident even when u are riding at speeds of 115km/hr ..I dont think that you get the same comfortability levels in a p220 …!! And even at the looks department , is there anything other than the front fairing makes it look different from a p200 / p150..?I always feel that bajaj is exploiting the ‘CC consiousness’ and ‘ we need fat tyre ‘ slogan of the indian bike buyer… I dnt think if any1 of us had thought about the max speed and power to weight ratio of P220 until the R15 was launched ..its max speed is not so high than a 13.7 Bhp pulsar..then wat else is that factor that p220 has so that it demands indian biker to pay another 25 thousand to grab it ?? I feel that both the indian biker and bajaj need to put their thinking hats on!! to choose the best bike I think these many reasons are enuf for me to choose R15

  116. hi guys.some one said r15 is not good compaired to r125 .sir do u know the price of r125 its 4 lak .now if u compair to that price then u can buy 4 r15 .an u have seen nothing .an cbr 125 that is 125cc honda superbike will cost u 4 lak http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=AixldQ6cpgY .if u see that bike then its nothing comparied to r15.u can check from above web address .belive me r15 is the best bike in india

  117. an both r125 an cbr 125 is around 14bhp an milage is 13 to 15 .now u can decide .top speed 145kmph ,around 40 kmts/liter superb looks .wat else u want .

  118. hurts to see how easily these companies make chutiya of Indian public. Great! Bhenchod, dasiyo saal ho gaye,tum chutiye 150cc pe hi marate raho and apna chutiya in compnies ha haathon katwate raho jaise angrez yahan tumhare baap ke paas kharbon rupey chod ke gaye the…chutiye.

  119. hi, every one.. in my country Yamaha YZF R15 150cc is the same with Yamaha Vixion (new brand image from yamaha) from the price , vixion is cheaper ( i guess )

  120. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i am the owner of this bike and i have just read one post and it was written “who the hell will pay 1 lakh for 150cc bike” i would like you to let him know he is going to ride YAMAHA the price is to low for it.I know better about YAMAHA coz when i was born the first bike that i had a ride on was YAMAHA RX100 amd i still owe that bike i am now 21 but still i have that bike with me. so please dont insult the name that is called YAMAHA

  121. this bike have got the potential to fulfill the dreams of the Indian Rossi…n this Bike is the dream bike of the billions in India ……..

  122. hey this yamaha R15 is seriously rocking…making charms on indian roads. but the only thing is the tyre ,is it given for higher average???

  123. hey this yamaha R15 is seriously rocking…making charms on indian roads. but the only thing is the tyre ,is it given for higher average???

  124. looks of R 15 r so impressive….it is worth and anyday better than pulsur in terms of performance, looks, milage and everything…. thanks to yamaha for introuducing this bike to indian market

  125. hey bike rocks but its very expensive wait till tata nano comes so that its rate will go down…n in yzf tyres are too small so again expense of buying new tyres…hahaha…$

  126. lol yahama showroom is in link road in the line of inorbit gaint mall there u will find showroom the bike looks good from front but opposite from behind [:d]

  127. Hello, I am Sanjit. I think — Yamaha YZFR15 is a Cool racing type bike. I was drive this bike once time — then i think this bike is really cool faster racing bike & more comfortable bike. The hidrolick & accilarater, brake are verry verry verry nice than the other bikes. That’s all…

  128. Ho!! nice to see your personality Yamaha, I hope verry soon my dream will be fuill filled,of course I shall hit 200 speed in Kathmandu 2 Dolakha along with my girl friend..

  129. dude can u tell me how many days should i wait for da bike r15 after booking it… ma next bike is dat itself datz y asking …can u help me out

  130. i m from bangladesh. i m eagerly waiting for yamaha R15. but here it is not available because the demand of R15 is very high. that is why, businessmen can’t give order. i want it just now………………PLEASE………….PLEASE

  131. Hi Yahama, Oh……… my god what’s this price i don’t loke to buy car in 2s,ok i accept it have advance its price very high all 150cc not = for my YZF R-15,but its price is = to 220 but 90,000 is vey high,I think yamaha make idea to sacle for one like TATA Birla not for avg indian, if its price is come down all indian can but it but now????????????????????????

  132. I brght r15 a mnth ago. .let me tl u its a fablous mchn wch pays bac ur evry penny..i hv fited blue led pstn lits n ma black r15..2 plsd to say tht it Really rooockss..dse lits r lkn too cool..nd every one stares it..wht a rockn machn i got…..

  133. nice..its a great bike..In Indonesia its called yamaha vixion, with a little bit diffrentiation like a gear shift, tyre, and fairing.

  134. hey guys, i also own this bike. try this, start ur fz16 and run the engine in its full rpm till its limit (on Nutral). And see there is a lots of black smoke over there. Thats the problem dude. on the little high hill side this bike is worst than ever.

  135. hey guys, i also own this fz16 bike. try this, start ur fz16 and run the engine in its full rpm till its limit (on Nutral). And see there is a lots of black smoke over there. Thats the problem dude. on the little high hill side this bike is worst than ever.

  136. yamaha YZF R15 ki size dosri bike se kam he,yamaha indian pltd ko yah bat batani thi ki yah bike banani thi to thodi iski size par nazar rakhna tha……….repaly

  137. hai guys.. i’m from malaysia… i’m looking for R15 front fairing set from india since in malaysia there is no R15… we only got FZ150i which is similar to R15 but the difference it has no fairing… it just naked bike… so i want to ask for ur help if there are anybody who sell the r15 FAIRING to me?

  138. In Taiwan and Korea they have beeten Yamaha honda ,and any other Japanese maker by sheer strength of patriotism not allowing preign companies to sell their brand , here i SEE PEOPLE wishing P220 to close down I sincerely feel Yamaha and Honda should go bankrupt in the wholw world against the likes of Mahindras ,Bajaj, and TVS who has better techonolgy than any one else.In Korea Hyundai made a car called Pony in 1985 had a number of problems yet people did not busy a corolla or a suzuki like Indians ,Its a shame on all of Us when we have our own RTR and Pulsars yet paying very high for Yamahas and Hondas

  139. someone just commented that this bike is for youth and for those who have just started their career. i disagree. this bike is for bike lovers who just simply enjoy driving bikes. i am 34 years old and i am going for this bike soon.






  145. Hi,This is Subhankar,I’ve been ridding bike since march,2010.But Yahama YZFR15 is the best bike in India in a comparison of 220CC Bike,It goes vry smoothly,I feel comfortable ridding this bike .

  146. hello .friends …..yamaha r 15 is fantastic bike ….i have purchase it on june 2010. pick up is amazing…..

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