Mahindra launches Kuv100 electric at 8.25 lakhs

Mahindra which bought Reva was intended to spearhead the electric transformation of indian auto sector. But Tata Motor sprang a surprise with entries like Tigor electric and Nexon electric (with ziptron tech). Mahindra and Tata competed for EESL purchase of 10000 electric vehicles. The winner Tigor EV and runner Verito electric performance has been far from satisfactory.

With the Tatas addressing the issue with the higher range for Tigor and Nexon, Mahindra too wants not to be left behind. It promised 4 new electric SUV’s at 2020 auto expo. KUV 100 electric, Atom electric (quadricycle), XUV300 electric and Funster electric (built on next gen XUV500 platform).

Coming back to the original story, ekuv100 electric is first electric car to be price under Rs10 lakhs. With the price of Rs8.25 lakhs (post Fame -2 subsidy) kuv100 electric looks tempting but there lies a catch. Fame-2 subsidy by central government is meant for cabs not personal buyers. Hence price would around Rs10 lakhs for personal buyers.

ekuv 100 electric gets a 40kW 120Nm electric motor. Claimed range is around 150km range though the real world range would be around 100km. But fortunately it supports fast charging. It can be charged to 80% in 55mins. On a regular charger, it will take 5hours and 45minutes to 100% charge. Availability of Kuv100 is most likely to be in Delhi, Pune and Bangalore at least initially.