Hot Selling MG Hector Catches Fire

MG Hector (the internet car) which made a mark in the burgeoning SUV segment is now in the news for bad reasons. Two Hectors in two different places seem to have caught on fire. Whether the fire is due to any aftermarket modification done by the customer or because of issue in the car.

Autoform India awarded with Top 10 Innovative Brands In Asia

Autoform receives the prestigious 12th Asia Brand Award for innovation and premium products Asiabrand Research and ABAS, one of the most authoritative and influential brand research, evaluation expert think tank in the region, recognised Autoform India with the ‘Top 10 (Industry) Innovative Brands In Asia’ award at the recently held 12th Asia Brand Award Ceremony […]

[Hindi] Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs Suzuki Dzire Comparison

आज हम मारुति की नयी डिजायर और बलेनो की तुलना करेंगे, और आपको ये बताएँगे, की कौनसी गाड़ी सस्ती हैं, किसमे ज़्यादा फीचर्स हैं, किसका माइलेज अछा हैं, कौनसी ज़्यादा कम्फर्टेबल हैं इत्यादि. कीमत और फीचर्स: डिजायर का VXi मॉडेल, बलेनो ‘डेल्टा’ पेट्रोल से 30,000 रुपय महंगा हैं. लेकिन सस्ती होने के बावजूद बलेनो डेल्टा […]

[Hindi] Maruti Suzuki New Dzire 2017 vs Suzuki Ertiga Review

नई डिजायर २०१७ vs अर्टिगा तुलना आज हम मारुति की नई डिजायर और अर्टिगा की तुलना करेंगे. माना की दोनो अलग सेगमेंट की गाड़ियाँ हैं, लेकिन जिन ग्राहकों का बजेट 9 लाख रुपय की आस-पास हैं, उनके मान में ये दुविधा हो सकती हैं, की डिजायर का टॉप-एंड मॉडेल लेना चाहिए, या लगबग उसी कीमत […]

Honda pre-owned Outlet launched in Coimbatore

Honda today inaugurated its landmark 150th ‘Best Deal’ outlet -its exclusive pre-owned two wheeler business at Aadhi Honda, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Honda 2Wheelers has pioneered the concept of Certified Pre-owned Outlets – ‘Best Deal’ – two-wheeler industry’s first organized retail set-up exclusively for pre-owned two wheelers. These outlets have enabled the company to create more […]

Bharat Benz Sells 50000 trucks in India

BharatBenz celebrates an important milestone with the customer handover of its 50,000th truck, which marks an unprecedented ramp-up in the Indian commercial vehicle industry. The vehicle, a 4928 TT tractor from the all-new BharatBenz heavy-duty range, was presented at a regional brand event in Hyderabad. Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Erich Nesselhauf, Managing Director and […]

Tata Motors Safari Storme Officially replaces Indian Army’s Maruti Gypsy

Tata Motors today signed a contract for supply of 3192 units of the Tata Safari Storme 4×4 to the Indian Armed Forces, under a new category of vehicles – General Service 800. The Indian Ministry of Defence had earlier floated an RFP for vehicles with three basic criteria – minimum payload capacity of 800 kgs; […]