Bajaj Discover 100cc – Test Drive and Review

Brief test drive report on Bajaj Discover 100cc

Its never easy to understand Bajaj and its strategy in particular. After exiting from the 100cc segment in 2007, Bajaj rediscovers the 100cc segment with the launch of discover 100cc. First let’s understand what’s the need for Bajaj to re-enter this segment.  Though the market share of 100cc bikes has declined from 80% from years before to 65% now. The decline is not as fast as Bajaj expected. Bajaj has a meagre 9% market share in this segment while its a market leader in 125cc+ segment. Also the fact that the Hero Honda does well amidst recession is just because of its blooming sales of its 100cc bikes in the rural market. Bajaj is revamping its portfolio and has already launched nearly half a dozen bikes in 2009. The new strategy is already doing magic in sales of Bajaj Auto. As part of the new plan, Bajaj has  come up with Discover 100cc to take on the Hero Honda’s evergreen spelendor and passion variants.Can it tame the 100cc segment atleast this time? we check out

Bajaj Discover 100cc: inherits the proven discover styling. The jadoo bike is sturdy and retains the appeal even after in the market for years. The low slung yet muscular styling makes the discover a perfect sibling to pulsar. The optoprism headlamps with twin pilot lamps on the sides are housed in broad fairing. Crowning the fairing is a tinted visor. The side profile is almost the same as 125cc discover except the bike’s contemporary all black styling. The biggest changes is in the rear. Bajaj which mastered the art of using LED now offers a 100cc bike with it. The three step tail lamp cluster looks gorgeous but seems to be borrowed from Suzuki’s GS150R. Overall proportion is good and would lure a 100cc customer



Bajaj Discover 100cc: comes with the Bajaj’s much touted DTS-Si 2.0 engine (remember pentium I,II,III,IV). Bajaj intends to follow the processor makers to give its customers advanced technology. The Digital Twin Spark – Swirl Induction engine gets pent roof combustion chamber and molykote piston for improved combustion and better fuel efficiency. The 100cc engine generates 7.7PS of peak power at 7500rpm. According to Bajaj, Discover 100cc returns a mileage between 78 and 80kmpl. According to ARAI – IDC (Indian Driving Cycle), discover returns a fuel efficiency figure of 89kmpl.  Under standard condition,fuel efficiency is expected to be around 125kmpl higher than the XCD 109kmpl. Bajaj is yet to get the ARAI figures under standard conditions.

Bajaj will promote this bike as a long distance bike and is going to do series of outdoor promotional activities. Rediscover India with Discover 100cc would be the message of the campaign. Bajaj will take the customers from cities to suburbs to highlight the mileage of the bike.


Bajaj Discover 100cc: Switch on the ignition, the bike starts with a hum. It’s a typical 100cc bike and the performance is nothing to boast about. The exhaust note is quite rough and could be an irritating one on the long run. Unlike the Discover’s trademark peppy engine, this DTS-Si is a slouch. We manged to hit 80kmph in our test drive. The five speed transmission leaves room for improvement. However we cannot conclude much through our brief test drive. Wait till our complete test report for the exact figures.


Bajaj Discover 100cc: is typically commut-ish with flat seats and the rear grab rail on the same level of the fuel tank. The handlebar is wide and easy to hold. Dsicover 100cc uses telescopic forks at the front and gas charged nitrox suspension at the rear.  Ride quality is superb with nitrox suspension and softer seats soaking up the road shocks and bumps well.  The 1305mm wheelbased bike uses drum brake at the front and the rear. But unlike the the XCD, it offers a sturdy and stable feel. The tubular dual cradle structure and the rectangular, box section swing the rear offers a nimble character.


Bajaj Discover 100cc: comes loaded with segment first features like twin pilot lamps, wider rear tyre, gas charged rear suspension, LED tail lamps and maintenance free battery. Electric start with auto choke and alloy wheels are standard fitments.  Twin pod instrument panel is simple with standard speedo, fuel gauge and other warning lamps.


Bajaj Discover 100cc: is available in three colours –  Black  with green stripes , Black with red stripes and Black with blue stripes. Discover will get Red and Blue shades in three months of time. Bajaj Discover 100cc comes in only one variant and is priced Rs40,000 (ex-showroom Chennai). The bike will be available in showrooms across India from July 27th.


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  1. it would not be fair to compare the engine of this Discover 100 with the much powerful Discover 135. it would be fair to compare this 100 cc bike with other 100 cc bikes. yes I agree when you say that strong and sturdy the what the Discover is known for

  2. it would not be fair to compare the engine of this Discover 100 with the much powerful Discover 135. it would be fair to compare this 100 cc bike with other 100 cc bikes. yes I agree when you say that strong and sturdy the what the Discover is known for

  3. i always liked the Discover but needed a 100 cc bike. looks like bajaj has heard my prayers. cool Electric start, 5 gears, Nitrox shock absorbers, LED tail light. Wow super COOOOOOLLL. Thank god I did not buy the hero honda passion.

  4. and what does the Passion Pro provide? just a power start?? and the splendor doesn’t have anything in comparision. just that both these are old models with a good brand name. but even the discover is a big brand name. people will definitely consider this new 100 cc bike. with proper marketing BAL can shake things violently for Hero Honda. kudos bajaj auto

  5. Totally waste bike…by having 5 gears, LED…how does a bike performs very well…bikes performs well due to engine…reliability in product, quality in product…and this is what bajaj bikes lacks very well….and has any one heard the sound of XCD engine…harsh sound…as because there engine cannot deliver what they supposed to do…

  6. @Lokesh :-) please calm down, take a test ride and then maybe you can qualify to criticize its 5’th gear :-) this bike should ROCK the 100 cc market

  7. Discover 100cc is having stunning looks and along with Bajaj is providing many features for just 46000 on road price like( electric start,good mileage,maintenance free battery,Big Tyre in the back..etc..) Splendor is costing 48000 on road price with having any new features..passion plus with electric start is costing 53,500 on road price… comparing with these two models(market leaders) Discover 100 cc can equally compete with them.. Bajaj engines are also reliable,durable..My friend will roughly use his Bajaj CT100 2004 model since 5 yrs..Till now it’s engine is responding good..and giving 60/65 kmpl.

  8. I don’t know why you guys always criticize Bajaj engines. I have Pulsar 150 2004 model, next month it’ll be 5yrs old. It’s still doing very well; it can do 115KPH on straight road. Life of bike depends more upon how you maintain it not on manufacturer. And the launch of Discover 100cc is clearly to revive the sales, not for any technical impression.

  9. This really sucks…waste…what has happen to XCD having 100 cc bike price…get flopped..this too will have the same treatement…

  10. No this time Bajaj has rectified all the previous mistakes and came out with a New stable & sturdy bike which has many new features & technology upgraded engine to capture the 100 cc market. This time Bajaj would definitely win the hearts of the Mass customers as well as the Class. No manufacturer is providing these many new features for just 46000 on road price(like stable looks,electric start,auto chowke,Bigger tyre at back,Nitrox shockers,maintenance free battery,Engine with new technology that operates on a microchip etc…) More over Bajaj is not borrowing technology from Japan..DTS-I and DTS-SI engines which are developed purely based on INDIAN Technology.. Hero Honda,Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha all these are made of foreign Technology…

  11. H Honda, Honda and Yamaha rocks in bikes…in there technology…ride it to believe it and after that ride bike having DTS i engine and feel the difference…

  12. @Vicky please ride this 100 cc Discover and then believe it :-) why form opinion now itself when the bike is not even in showrooms :-)

  13. @Max Dear, i have ride XCD having same engine platform in discover 100..ride pulsar earlier and new one…that’s why i am saying ride HH/Honda/Yamaha bikes and feel the difference…they are superb…

  14. Point to be noted form the review “The exhaust note is quite rough and could be an irritating one on the long run. Unlike the Discover’s trademark peppy engine, this DTS-Si is a slouch”

  15. comparing this 100 cc bike with the more powerful discover is unfair. Compare this bike with other similar 100 cc bikes. btw, the review writer is no bike guru. take a test ride of THIS new bike before coloring your opinions

  16. I am impressed with specs sheet now only time will tell how it works in real world. 100cc bike cant get better than this at this price.

  17. Hi Every1 Bajaj ki baat hi kuch aur hai yaar….gr8 going..hummmm….par mai Xcd Sprint 125 k liye ruka hua hu yaro par koi muze batayega ki wo bike kab launch hogi….yr ending mai aur model launch karnewalw hai..kya wo xcd sprint hogi?wo bike k looks bahut hi sexy hai..

  18. It’s too early to predict. Finally Hero Honda is a boss. Their bikes are of world class quality. They don’t even remove their models from the market for the last 10 years i.e.Spledor & passion. They only made cosmetic changes & it sells in lakhs. I bet this bike will not last for more than 2 years in the market. It will have the same fate of caliber,CT-100 & platina where now a days the spares are very rare including Body panels. Dear babaubhai, Please wait for new 100 cc launches By Hero Honda & Honda during this festive season.Because they don’t sell their engines by giving big names like DTSi,DTS-si. Their engines are proven. Though I am proud as a indian about Bajaj’s R&D capabilities, I am hesitant to invest my hard earned 50000/- bucks in their bikes where I can’t even get spares, body parts after 2 years. I have burnt my hand once by purchasing 4-S champion & lost around 15000 on it’s re-sale. Finally it’s the history of Indian & world automobiles, that a joint venture is always a biggest success when going gets tough. We are having excellent examples of the same like Maruti-suzuki, Hero-Honda, Mahindra-Pigeout in engines,etc. Be sure….. Hats of & Best of luck to Bajaj for finally launching this cool bike. Awaiting the market feedback.

  19. Guys let the bike come on road. Honda is cheating customers. 53000 for passion …shit at this price tag honda should offer tubeless tires and tachometer.They are raising prices as people have no good option.passion has problem on top speed as it is made only for city only have good LET. This discover will rock Indian market. look at specs and mileage figures from ARAI they are more than company claim.have honda anytime claim mileage in their ad. ? ..No ….honda bike cant give 60 consistently.

  20. Honda shine disc version is costing nearly 57,500 including extra warranty cost as Rs 750 and 400 for Tefflon coating..but the bike is giving 50-55 kmpl. people r buying Honda shine as there is no option available except passion and splendor…Honda shine spares are too much costlier..even >hero honda parts.

  21. This bike is absolute waste, Discover135 with 13 BHP has just 4 gears and this 100cc with 7.5 bhp has 5 gears. Why is bajaj fooling people like this. CEO is categorically saying that D100 is not a 100cc but ‘something more’ ??? This is very serious stuff and a PIL should be filed for misleading public.

  22. Sachin, How are hondas cheating ? Passion costs 53K but lasts 10 years, D100 costs may be 45K and may be in shelf for one year and bike will not function after 2/3 years !! Honda and Bajaj compared ???? This can happen only in India !!!

  23. @sachin dear…passion pro cost 45489 on road on delhi for spoke self and 46526 on road for cast self… i don’t know where u have seen 53k price…kahie zaldbaji mein bajaj kee bike kaa price dekh liya kya???

  24. @srinivas 53 K…its due to taxes…but same will be with all bikes…then it means…discover 100cc will be around 50, because its only 3 k less than passion…

  25. This bike ROCKS!! I needed a 100 cc bike but liked the Discover very much. This is the BIKE OF MY DREAMS!! Bajaj Rocks!!

  26. Bajaj doing R&D????? is it an 100% Indian company?????? whatz this pratap? always Herohonda & bajaj?? Do you know TVS R&D?? do you know TVS got 2 manufacturing plants in indonesia, TVS being the largest exporter of 2 wheeler from india. pity for You all Being Indian we should think of other indian brands too, its very shamefull for not knowing what exactly being going around & its necessary to accept it if not appreciating. got net? then surf n get the real knowledge available, if you have a HH / bajaj plz dont think n argue as they are great. I had owned many driven all u blab about.

  27. Will this bike beat the market of Platina 100. What is the main aim of introducing this bike in 100 segment. As the Platina 100 is doing good, won’t it be affected.

  28. I think you all will know about Bajaj_CT_100…after that we could not found any bike with that special of mileage and power… Now itz back… it will hunt all…..

  29. But d Bajaj Xcd Sprint 125 was shown in Auto Expo 08 when tht cooooool looking bike relese? All youngsters r looking for tht bike…pls relese as early as possible…Thnx in adv.

  30. well a new buyer wants three things in a bike first looks , second milege and third power . hence we are talking about on 100cc bike so there is no place of power. the discover has some cheaper looks but in terms of power it good enough with 7.7 bhp @ 7500rpm. and milege the ARAI already has declared 89kmpl milage in actual city drving conditions. In terms of value for money it’s coasitn would be around 45k on road which is better then passion pro. And some other features like led tail lemp, wider rear tyre , auto choke , maintenence free baterry , nitrox shocks makes it a value pick

  31. if u r upper middle class buy passiion pro if u r lower middle class buy bajaj 100 125cc live within your finance capacity good luck

  32. hey wat is the final conculsion. when will this bike available for test drive??? bike gurus/experts – kindly comment after talking the test drive. i just need correct info abt this discover100cc and other bikes :-)

  33. Discover 100cc already in showrooms. @murthy If bike decides status then every fz16 or unicorn driver should be millionaire

  34. Hi Vicky Which is best bike to buy in 125 cc category? Please tell me on the basis of fuel efficiency and maintenance! Shashi

  35. So far bajaj launchewd lot of varieties but almost none with stand their captions. But lets have a look at this during the test drive. Even I tried the new 100cc platina, the gear shift from 1-2 gear is hard and engine sound is aweful. you can’t try to change the market dynamics by launching new products every month. May be you can have the outer muscles changed like how Honda did, Engines are same on most of the HH bikes but only the stickers will change. But for god sake don’t buy non 100cc HH bikes. utter waste of money. Again, LED lamps, electric start won’t really add value simply they burden the battery. Don’t use electric start in mornings.

  36. oh my god..Plz dont buy bajaj bikes.They will replace the models every now and then.When they launch new models they stop the production of older one and the customer wont even be able to find the parts.I owned a bajaj legend scooter ..its silencer got damaged in 4 years and i coundt even find a new silencer as its production was stopped.At last i had to sell the scooter for 2000 rs!So dont go for bajaj unless it is pulsar.Even though pulsar’s quality is bad you will get the parts as bajaj wont stop the production.HH cd deluxe is a much better choice than discover,and it comes with electric start for 40k.

  37. 100cc bike has many features but 135 hasn’ discover 100.And when bajaj launch pulsar100cc bike. i am having disc 135 new. it has 4 gears. is the 100 cc bike wants 5 gears? stupid bajaj


  39. i am indian and i would love to buy indian made product few people have very cheap matality about their country. Bajaj bikes are performing streamly well even few love japan made Honda …it means u r sending ur counrty’s money out …plz donot talk like fool be indian and think indiaand buy indian jai hind…

  40. This bike is really good and thhhhhhhhhhhhhe best ……….coz i own this bike and its really good than any other 100cc bikes… Hero Honda

  41. This is the best bike in the world for anyone so don’t panic i bought this bike. and I am getting 91kmpl on highway and 86kmpl in the city so thinking environmentally and financially i m helping my future. Also this bike has got he road stability which was missing in Platina. Thanks to Bajaj.

  42. hi karthik, i’m here to increase ypur confusion. if you are thinking about shine i.e. some higher CC bike then I’ll suugest you to go with Bajaj XCD135 coz it has more power in CCs & almost same BHP like Honda Shine, & also give more mileage. And if you want to go with 100cc bike then go with Discover100cc. I had test ride of Dis 100cc, this is comfortable as claimed by bajaj. You take test ride of both XCD135 & Discover 100cc & then decide. Have a nice time….

  43. hi karthik, i’m here to increase your confusion. if you are thinking about shine i.e. some higher CC bike then I’ll suugest you to go with Bajaj XCD135 coz it has more power in CCs & almost same BHP like Honda Shine, & also give more mileage. And if you want to go with 100cc bike then go with Discover100cc. I had test ride of Dis 100cc, this is comfortable as claimed by bajaj. You take test ride of both XCD135 & Discover 100cc & then decide. Have a nice time….

  44. good bike is very good look to blue colour i like this bike i like so much five gear box i like it very good level to 100 cc market i like this bike i campare to hero honda splendare same model splendare is very dad discover is very good bike level to 100 cc i like good in bajaj thank you so much i like ti this bike discover 100 cc

  45. Bajaj is cheating… They claim “wider rear tyre”, but it is ONLY 3″ wide. Even paltina-100, platina-125, Hero Honda passion, splendor have 3″ rear tyres. This is simply a white lie from them!

  46. I am planning to buy 100cc bike. i have options of discover 100cc, passion plus and other similar catagory in 100cc. anyone can give me compare review on my options..plz.

  47. Planning to buy a bike (1st Time), Is D100 can carry 150kg load? Is it necessary to go for 125/150 cc bike. Bike experts … please advice ? It’s urgent. Thanks in advance.

  48. Hi Subrat,100 cc bike can be able to carry 150 kg’s load. My Bike is Bajaj CT100 of 3 1/2 years old.At present it is easily carrying 3 people weighing 180 kg’s.Even After 3 years, still it’s giving a good mileage of 65-69 kmpl. The bike is performing well because I will always take care of byke and get the services done regularly. So by this I can say that any 100 cc bike with regular maintenance will provide good results.I am not a bike expert and I am saying this through my original experience.Any how you r going to buy the bike for first time means it’s better to go for a 100 cc bike rather than 125 or 150 cc.

  49. Thanks srinivas, I have seen Discover 100cc . Its a good looking bike. Some real friend told me that go for Hero honda CD Deluxe (low cost good). Reason is Bajaj will give you mileage, but sound in engine after 3 years. But Horo Honda Engine is robust, it has no engine problem after 7-8….years. Is that true ? Load carring capacity not matters in 100 cc ? still i have some confusion. Thanks in advance … advice me soon bike guru’s.

  50. Hi Subrata, i have also found same reveiw as i am planning to buy 100cc bike and have options between Hero Honda and Bajaj bikes…People say that Bajaj gives milage but with the cost of maintenance after 3 to 4 years, whereas Hero Honda gives low maintenance, a very low maintenance, but at the sametime low milage than bajaj bikes, somewhere between 60-65 km/ltr. They also said if bike rider is not rough driver and can take care of regular services of his bike, then bajaj will be fine. One more point, re-sell velue always high for hero honda bikes, not for bajaj when you are planning a new bike with exchange of old one.

  51. Hi Subrata, I am die hard Hero Honda Fan. Please invest your hard earned bucks on Hero Honda bikes only. I am owning a Splendor from the last 10 years without any problem. So better go for Passion Pro as it is the latest & class performer. The major drawbacks of bajaj bikes. I have already used Bajaj 4s for six months before discarding it. 1. Bajaj uses cheap quality parts. Though Hero Honda parts are slightly higher by 20/30 rupees it is having more life at least 5 years than Bajaj. i.e. Oil seals,Clutch plates. 2. Bajaj engine only carries big names like DTSI, DTSSI but lacks total refinement. The engine knocking is high.Though the average guaranteed by them is sky rocketing it can be only under standard test conditions. Under actual riding they can given hardly 10/15 Kmpl more than Hero Honda. Baiscally when your extract high average from the enginer, the engine lige reduces to a greater extent. 3. The gear box is the major problem of Bajaj bikes from the start to till date. The gear shift is very hard from 1st to 2nd & till date these problems have not been sorted out. 4. The service of Bajaj is very poor & it’v very difficult to get warrenty benefits from their dealers as they have various execuses. 10 bikes out of 100 lot surely is having the major quality issue for which the customer will suffer a lot. 5. The most important & the latest habit of Bajaj now a days, is to change the model like bicycles. So I am sure that this Discover will not even in the picture in the next 2 years. 6. When they are talking about advances engines, they can’t even produce a engine which gives tough fight to Hero Honda’s 98.2 cc engines. It is Bajaj’s 5th try to dislodge them from 100 cc segment & definitely they will not succeed. I am a proud indian & i always buy a Indian product. Though Honda is Japanese, They can’t even stand in India without Hero. Without Hero, Honda can’t manage such huge volumes & they are experiencing it currently when they are facing problems of labour unrest & volumes. Finally the choice is yours as it’s your hard earned money.

  52. The bike is brilliant. And this is for those people who said the garbage and crap about Bajaj and its Bikes, FUCK OF YOUR ASS YOU MORONS!

  53. after reading all these comments, i decieded that cycle is the best way to travel…. My dear frnds everytng will be fine, wen u will be fine with him.

  54. Hi, ashu, I agree with you, We only need to check air pressure regularly……… & nothing else. No maintenance cost & no running cost, & also no hospital and medicine cost………….. So, do you have any cycle?

  55. I Purchase Discover 100cc, Its mileage is very high. its better than Passion & Seplender Plus. Its a good looking bike. i like this bike.

  56. Hi i am one of the users of discover 100cc. i purchased this bike last month and it gives me tremendous mileage. for me it give 85kmpl.before purchase a bike everybody is talking about the resale value. i really accept that HH’s resale value is much high when compare to bajaj. i sold my bajaj 4 year old bike for 21000 and i asked the person whats the cost of splendor bike 4 years old he said its 25000. but no one considerd that return on amount it means bajaj bikes give more mileage than HH. atleast 8kmpl. so when u calculate that for 4 years. U get more amount when compared to HH. Now see the discover 100cc cost is 46000( with all tax and insurance) and the HH passion pro cost is 50000. here u saved 4000 with extra features. and look upon the mileage PPro gives 70kmpl and Discover 100cc give 85Kmpl u saved 15kmpl. and day by day the cost of petrol is increased like gold, after 2 years it will go to rs70. dont look for the bike stands for 10years. think in a smart way. persons who really cares for the money think twice and take a decision. Lets hope the Bajaj Discover JADOO.. continues……. SAVE PETROL

  57. @ram… fine you will save in 15kmpl as compare to Passion/spelndor…Passion pro cost more than 4000…but how will you save in spare parts…quality..and reliability of Bajaj bikes… Bajaj lacks in quality…as for spare parts…bajaj reui

  58. In regards to previous message. as for spare parts…bajaj requires regular changes in cluch…oil seals…servicing…also look at the sound of DTS Si engine…horrible…

  59. Hi all, recently i booked bajaj dicover dtsi 100cc, yet to get back my advance payment…upon the above discussions, and my brother is having passion plus for more than 5 yrs without any problem well as service, milage is upto 60…it ok. i need reliability and spare parts available. By more, now i hv choosen to buy CD Delux, doing well…compare to passion plus, lot of features with low cost. HH has imporved lot of features, in 100cc segment. I agree, that HH is late of wiclked after TVS / Bajaj….its slow process, but steady for long yrs…so, HH is always market leader, only when bajaj/tvs can compete with latest technology, though they have no resale value, in my personal life i sold my TVS vechile be4 going abroad, at 21000 vs 46000 in 2.5 yrs…same as bajaj, my cousin suffering to sell the bike, due to lack of spare parts availabe in city, but, it is a decent / good look bike, if again bajaj introduce the same bike with modern tech…sure i will buy rather than buying Discover 100cc or XCD,135 except Pulsur.

  60. Again me.. HH is selling their vechiles with same old engine platforms, its true but, spare parts available till now….go and check in all dealers. In madras, srinivas auto is very best in class service and pakka…go there in Chrompet GST Road. Opp to Chrompet Telephone exc, though u hv to wait for some more day …its going booking for CD Delux, except Glamour or Splender plus. redialy available. any one can look super splender also, good looking friends. I dont know about milage…around 50-55 i think. I wouldnt see a single discove 100cc bike in chennai ….!!!!! they introduce 27th july, but, still i hvnt seen in any busiest places like, mount road or parrys …anyone plz…mess me to this mail. in mount road kiviraj…no custormer hv seen the diccover except me on today…!!!! the main drawback i feel in bajaj is too long and widht base is not much as i like and its fuel tank capacity is only 8 litrs, i agree it gives 85 kmpl as per feedback above not sure any other bike in 100 cc segmetn will give…ok, but its not enough. Why bajaj is doing this foolishe thing in this super bike?, Can any one tell about this? when it stand near any place or compare with other bikes, it is looking too lenght, not nice, these are the faults, I plan to get back my advance, before that tell me …hw many bikes Bajaj sold atleast in chennai ? any one so….plz, or dont support for this bike….plz tell anyone …tell me how many bikes sold in is sucesses compare to HH or Honda..or TVS, Bajaj sales gone down when compare to TVS having 10% market share in bike segment…hw much bajaj..except Pulzar….?!!!!

  61. Today I purchased the bike, on the road price is Rs. 45,786/- inclusive of all (Tarapur, Mumbai). The engine beat is good, gear is smooth, suspension is good to ride and too with electric start, it is really a nice bike.

  62. I saw the technical specs of this Discover 100 cc. it is not really 100 cc bike.It is 94.38 cc bike,The same engine which Bajaj Byk had.Only difference between BYK and Discover 100 is DTSI. The discover 100’s engine is just 4 cc bigger than scooty All Bajaj 100 cc bikes like CT 100 and Platina etc had 99.2 cc engines earlier and TVS star sport has 99.8 cc engine. Is it really a 100 cc bike then @Thenappan: TVS sales are better and they have 17% market share and not 10% and TVS are much closer to Bajaj for no 2 position.TVS went down last year in market share but quickly sprung up due to Launch of Apache,Flame,Star city 110 cc,Scooty Streak and also a manufacturing unit in Indonesia.TVS and Yamaha’s market share has increased these days.Yamaha also came from nowhere to 3% in market share in 1 year after launch of FZ series bikes. @Ram This Resale value is just a hype.If you go through site and check Mr Dilip Bam’s views/comments on Resale Value,one can completely agree with him. Say a Passion costs 4000 more than Discover/star City but at the time of selling you get 4000 rupees less than HH bike. But if you invest this 4000 rupees in Fixed deposit for say 4 years,you get around 5900 rupees in 4 years plus the mileage you get from Bajaj and TVS bikes. Thus this resale value is nothing but a hype created.

  63. @Thenappan: Bajaj sold 1,00,000 discover 100 cc bikes in 50 days.. refer economic times website if you can’t believe this. People really talk silly points when they debate about Bajaj bikes… like cheap quality.. reliability issues. But, I don’t think so.. it’s just an excuse to go back to HH.. the fact is most of the people in or around their home already own a splendor/passion plus owing to their long duration in market.. and they speak like it’s the only bike available in the world. But you need to look at the new products when they are compelling buy. If everybody was buying CBZ.. then there would have been no pulsar.. which is best seller since it’s entry for almost 9 years now. Now, can anyone explain this, why people are not buying HH 150 cc bikes? why is HH not no.1 in 125cc+ segment? Why you can’t see HH Achiever 150cc anywhere (not even in showrooms)..the fact is HH too has produced pathetic bikes, but before that it produced a gem of a bike in splendor. Bajaj.. being a late entrant into bikes and on it’s own now is donig far better. it’s no.1 in 125cc+ segment.. and it’s trying capture 100 cc segment as well.. it might have failed in previous attempts, but the important thing is everytime they are coming at it with a better feature studded product. They might hit bulls eye with this.. going by the fact that they managed to sell 1,00,000 discover 100 cc bikes in 50 days.. an achievement by any standards.

  64. hi every one, @pankaj have given above calculation, with this base everyone can save more with TVS Star Sport bike as this bike cost on-road around Rs.38,000/- that means saving of Rs Rs.8,000/- with CVTi engine than going with Discover DTS-Si 2.0. CVTi is also similar technology. This engine also give mileage in between 70 to 85 kms/ltr. i’ve three vehicle of bajaj i.e. Caliber(from 1999)(bajaj’s very best bike ever), Boxer AR & Spirit (nice scooteret on which i can touch speed of 60 km/hour without any problem). I’ve little problem of spare parts but when i drive Caliber & Spirit I forgot about this problem, I enjoy the ride. now I planning to buy another bike, i had decided to go with Discover 100cc, but after considering technology & price I have decided to go with TVS Star Sports as it has mileage, low cost, look and also seating like TVS flame. Choose the best vehicle & buy it in this festive season. Wish all Happy Dasera, Happy Diwali & Drive safe(with all your stunts).

  65. hi mugilan, the main advantage of the bike is 1.mileage(85 kmp/l) 2.comfort 3.features(electric start,nitrox suspension) disadvantage in this bike u cant go beyond 70km speed it gets vibrating.

  66. hello sir I want to purchase a bike bajaj discover 100cc. plese tell me aboutthis bike features. may you live long sir.

  67. Hi, guys buying a 100cc engine is a good idea but going 100kmph the next day is a bad idea. The new bike engine will tune fine only when u follow company speed standards i.e control your speedometer to around 50kmph when u purchase bike, than later u can increase the speed…

  68. i think present time every smart person looks for milage.because first of all is this way bajaj is more batter than hero honda and others.last 4-5 years bajaj incrise his sell and resell value.every old and eged person allways say that buy hero honda splander.but i think bajaj discover is batter than all others bike like pulser,hunk,fz15,because this bike gives u 80to85 pkml milage.and splander gives u 60t62 kmpl.and discover is good lokig,self start.eloy,5 gear box and bajaj is no.1 not hero honda.

  69. Due to its looks and features as provided by Bajaj, I have purchased Discover 100cc yesterday. So far its good. As it is my first bike, I am not in a position to comment on its performance now. Hope I will get all the features as promised by bajaj Auto.

  70. Hero Honda is the reliable one. Dont belive the bajaj engines.My frient buy a Discover 135 before 3 years at starting it gives the mileage of 60+. But now it drops down to 40. Dabba engine.. go for hero honda reliability+mileage+standard.. DA DA. Like Ganguly..

  71. bajaj is Dabba engine.. aftet four years you give the bike to Dates sales man. Be a wing rider of Unicorn. or go for hero honda reliability+mileage+standard.. DA DA. Like Ganguly..

  72. bajaj disvivoer is very stalites and very good bike i have a hero honda passin pro so not scusfyll 55 km only millage 4 gear not intersted bike discover is am very like thanks bajaj compeny mh mobile no 9470564937

  73. this bike is really fabulous. i have a pleasant experience in taking test drive of this bike.don’t heard experts opinions, i’m telling you that this bike is awesome.

  74. I want to know is Discover 100cc really a long distance bike with a 100cc displacement in engine??? I mean I can drive it maximum at which speed for a couple of hours without getting it stopped due to engine heat-up??? Please help guys..

  75. Bad experience, whien i visit shreeram bajaj thane nr extern express highway. no one entertain for bike enquiry. customer service desk is worst. Bajaj have to take quice action on the same.

  76. hi .By seeing this bike it is good. suppose i travel for a long ride, the engine get heated or not . please advice . i am planning to buy this bikes. my e-mail


  78. dear member i have discover 100cc i purchased on before 1 months bike but i get it milage is 56kmpl why this…. plz tell me the soluction urgent what i m do so my milage is comming 75 to 80 kmpl……….

  79. before three years i planed to buy a bike.i like the styling of discover and the mileage.i plan to buy discover 112 jadoo, but 95 percent of people that i asked about discover discourage me.but i bought discover 112 because of the mileage.i got above 75kmpl on long trips.i had no problem with the bike in three years.all i think a prob is the lower light of headlamp.A friend of mine bought HH passion 6 months before and punchure the rear tyre two times and gets a mileage of only 55.i like to buy the new discover 100cc.the only thing i did not like in the new discover is the colour combinations and is more stylish and grant in the discover 112 and 125

  80. GUYS stop talkin all this nonsense this company is best or tht company is ruler. all the companies have equally flaws none of the bikes or companies r perfect. if 1 company make a good product thn always there will be a competitor who will better thn tht. so stop making your favourtisim and look for every bike and make ur mind broad to every bike which r good coz just becoz of ur favourtisim u will loose a good bike… i have ride each and every bike of every companies… and i knw tht none bikes r perfect some gets knocking some gets pickup prob etc etc…lolz but i will give some suggestions i will like to share my experience with u peoples …. i will give some best bikes IN 100CC SEGMENT BEST BIKES:- 1) hero honda splendor NXG 2) bajaj discover MY review – i will go for DISCOVER coz its price is low and good mileage thn splendor. in this segment dont go for style coz after all its 100cc lolzz.. dont go for passion pro or any bikes like tht its just waste of money no use for paying around 53,000 for 100 cc segment coz by paying some more 4000-5000 u will get 125cc bike coz if ur paying around 53,000 then y dont u pay more 4000 and buy a new 125cc bike….as per mumbai prices IN 125CC-135cc SEGMENT BEST BIKES:- 1) bajaj discover dts-i(135) 2) bajaj platina dts si 125 3) bajaj xcd dts si 135 4) hero honda super splendor 125 5) hero honda glamour 125 6) honda shine 7) honda stunner cbf my review :- i will go for HONDA SHINE coz the other bike is bajaj discover dts si 135 and xcd dts si 125, but the prob is both dts si engines got lot of maintenance and in between it start to knock after few months but it has good mileage.. as an overall i will go for HONDA SHINE, ah but my heart melts for honda stunner cbf an extreme good looking bike anyway…. honda shine mumbai price 56,800 and bajaj discover 135cc mumbai price 59,000 DONT GO FOR ANF FI ENGINES AND DONT TRUST ON ANY DTS SI OR ANY KIND OF ENGINES COZ ITS ALL THE SAME NO MUCH DIFFERENCE. GIVE THIS ENGINES SOME MORE TIME TO GET REFINED. BUT I LIKE THE NAMES they keep LOLZZ IN 150CC-160CC SEGMENT BEST BIKES:- 1)TVS APACHE RTR 160 or REFRESH or FI 2)BAJAJ PULSOR 150 3)HERO HONDA HUNK 4)HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME 5)HONDA UNICORN 6)YAMAHA FZ 7)YAMAHA FAZER MY REVIEW:- IN these segments it is very difficult to choose coz each and every bikes r da best in these segments but all the bikes r not perfect so. the best bike i will recomend is HONDA UNICORN. this bike has got the best average of around 67km followed by extreme 66km and pulsor 64km, honda unicorn is a family bike a smooth with low noise and it has very low maintenance as compared to others and it is too comfortable in riding as compared to others. so my recomend is go for unicorn. “BUT” IF u want to go for STYLE and LOOKS then go for yamaha fazer or yamaha fzs but both price around 79,000-80,000 they r costly so if u have big budgets then go for this bikes a coolest bikes ever in these segment. but they dont have good average, sorry for talking about average of this bikes lolzz.. “AND” IF u r looking for some RACING MANIAC or some crazy kinda machine which will make u crazy then go for TVS APACHE RTR or REFRESH . this bike will make u crazy believe me i have tried it and this bike has got good sitting crouching position inspired from aprillia rs125. all these bikes are in range of 64000-69000 so price is not big things in this segment.. IN 180CC-200CC SEGMENT BIKES:- 1) TVS APACHE 180CC 2) BAJAJ PULSOR 180CC 3) BAJAJ PULSOR 200CC 4) BAJAJ AVENGER 200CC MY REVIEW:- i will recomend two bikes BAJAJ PULSOR 200CC AND BAJAJ AVENGER 200CC. bajaj pulsor looks good stylish and much more powerful in this segment just dont think any thing more, take a bajaj pulsor 200cc but only the prob is this bike doesnt have kick start so in cold at morning it creates a problem overall performance is good.. AND if u want some cruiser style then go for BAJAJ AVENGER a best bike who r fans of cruiser a total cool bike. prices as per mumbai:- pulsor 200:- 80,000 avenger 200:- 77,000 ALL SUPERBIKES AND BIKES ABOVE 200CC SEGMENTS REVIEW:- 1)YAMAHA R15 (150CC) 2)HERO HONDA KARIZMA (225) 3)HERO HONDA ZMR(225) 4)BAJAJ PULSOR (220CC) MY REVIEW:- IN THIS SEGMENT ITS ALL ABOUT STYLE WHICH STYLE U LIKE JUST GO FOR IT AND PLZ DONT ASK ABT MILEAGE FOR THIS BIKES LOLZZZZ.. all the bikes r best as per they have created all this bikes range from 90,000-1,10,000 so wat style u like just go for it.. this has been review as per the best available bikes till november 14 2009 so if ur gonna ask my all time fav bike i will say its old kawasaki bajaj 4s champion ahhhh.. a coolest engine i have ever seen in my life ..i have this bike which is 18 years old but believe me or not i have only serviced tht bike only for 9 times in all 18 years time period a bike need 3 times servicing a year but my uncle have serviced this bike for 9 times in 18 years period but it still got good pickup good mileage of abt around 50km. in front my eyes i have changed engine oil which is used to be like GUTTER water but still on 1 kick it get start even in cold hahhaha. it is not HONDA 90 bike which rock the world in mid 1960 which can run on all kind of oil including kerosene and cooking food oil etc if u dont knw these bike thn search …. ahh anyway .. these old bike kawasaki 4s champ is really a champ .. not only these bike also earlier hero honda cd 100ss,yamaha rx 100 this were all time hit bikes of indian history so any of bike executives are seeing this meassage thn U IDIOTS PLZ BRING THOSE OLD GEMS BACK.. BRING THOSE OLD MACHINE BACK WITH GOOD BODY COVER …..

  81. Hi, Does any one know what is the difference between Honda shine & discover DST-Si because i want to choose from these two bikes.


  83. hiiiiiiiiiiiii i buyed discover dts si 1 month ago i am just satisfied with this bike mileage=84 kmpl stable comfortable nice gear shifting good control it has the latest feature amng all 100 cc bikes so why choose hero honda with same old engine of mileage 60-65 kmpl?

  84. Hi, I was confuse in bike selection, and then I purchase Discover 100CC bike on Sept-2009, and Now I feel proud for my decision. This bike is call Average bike (gives 95-99km/ltr,on road, Amazing…na..) So if you looking 4 good transportation then you can choose this Discover100cc…

  85. Go for discover 100 , this bike is really good, as a first bike owner I am fully satisfied.good mileage, control,gear shifting.

  86. hi!!! i m planning to hav a bike..but my budjet is at max. 50000,on road. but my main stress is on milage.ya a little bit style too but its not that much imp.. so plz help me out in this regard weather to buy passionpro or passion plus or discover or splender or honda shine??? reply fast i hav to decide before 12 jan.. thanx

  87. i m planning for this bike the only thing i need is a gud milage and reliable pickup i drive mostly on highways and the trip goes too long i want to knw how long can i drive this bike at 70-75 constantly plz help

  88. i cant belive its malige , its realy like a dream.i have got 100 km/l.i m leaving in himachal pradesh in mandi. mandi is a hill station. i drive 100cc bajaj discover in hill rode an get 100 km/l last bike is also baja dicover, but 125 the malige of 125cc 45-48 km/l.but 100cc an amaging bike.100cc given me 100 km/l. i would thanks to baja compny,who has given me such tipe i hope baja will do somthing do new like 100 cc advencher. thanks vineet katwal. 9625549106

  89. I have also purchased Discover 100 cc on last Sunday i.e 9.01.10 after reading lots of reviews on many websites specially, till date I have run 250 kms as per mileage it is between 65 to 70 kmpl whereas I did not use fifth gear but after discussing with technical person of agency I used fifth gear for getting more maliage on constant speed of 40 to 45. Driving is very smooth, comfortable there is no problem with this bike, pick up and everything is ok but head light is not powerful it is only good for less distance it should be improved. I read in some reviews that bike is giving is 100 kmpl I cant beleive this even I did not receive the same mileage with my bike.

  90. hi all, I own a Discover 100cc, i have completed 4000kms with a lot of pleasure. This is a gud bike in its category, and it’s engine is surprisingly smooth. I have travelled 446kms (Bangalore – Chitradurga to & fro) on the same day i.e 446kms in less than 12hrs and is feel no other 100cc in india can offer such a smooth yet Consistent performance. Regards, Andy

  91. DISCOVER 100 CC ROCKS…..!!!!! Every Month Bajaj is selling 80,000 bikes.Bajaj has increased it’s production to meet the demand and is expecting to sell ( 1 lakh ) bikes each month.Now Diccover 100 has become a headache for TVS,HH,and Honda 100cc products.They r planning for alternate ways to compete with Discover 100cc.This proves that Discover 100 is big hit…..!

  92. Hi.. I m thinking to buy discover 100cc.. by feb 2010… can i go for it ?.. it is a better choice?….. r i will go for spelnder?…… pls suggest me…….. soon?……… waiting for the reply

  93. Hi I bought this bike few days back. I am very much happy with the bike. I need to know how to reduce the height by adjusting the back shock observer. Can anybody guide me on this. Regards Subash

  94. at the best i belive after looking all, HH has the same techonolgy, there R & D dept is sleeping, so no new product with the same 100 CC, where as Bajaj is looking for Improvement, so go with bajaj, also i have 100CC Bajaj Ct100, which is excellent perfornmace since last 7 year no maintenance in engine rest are minor KM average is 80 + what we need more yaar , also spare are much cheaper then hero hona, and u know when u open engine of hero honda u have to empty your pocket , in bajaj atleast u can go with some money at home, rest 100CC discover is amazing from milage point of view soon petrol cost will go Rs 100 then what first preference u give tell me ???

  95. Hi,. can i go for 100cc Discover? Can any1 Suggest me my friend is telling not to go for 100cc bajaj,. Engine is not good even sound of the engine is very bad so kindly tell me so that i can go further……. R shall i go for Hero honda splender,. Vert shortly i will buy this bike, so pls give the suggest soon……………. thanks

  96. HH, Honda and TVS would have atleast for a few days sleepless nights with Discover 100. DISCOVER 100CC IS A GREATEST HIT ! Smoothness in acceleration, braking and clutch engagement would ensure a mileage of 80kmpl in city and 110kmpl on highway. Maintain the bike strictly as per manual and drive smoothly. There are some quality issues in the bike. The chaincase and chain are of poor quality. Chain always get loosens for every 500 kms.

  97. are backchodo backchodi band karo aurjaker pehle bike kahrido are salon jiski jo marji hogii vo bike lega yahan cackchodi karne se kya milega????

  98. Hello, I bought Discover DTSi 100 cc for Rs.46000 in Erode (TN), completed first free service and reached >1200 kms. I am riding at the speed between 50- 55 kmph with good road conditions. But mileage is only between 65-70 kmpl. I am not happy with mileage …. Thanks

  99. Hi all, I own a Discover 100cc and have successfully completed over 5000kms, I have a few points to mention. This bike is good for all starters not for people who have alresdy tasted any other 100cc(apart from BAJAJ). I had a 110cc TVS Victor (8.1BHP) now i own a D100 (7.7BHP), trust me this bike really lacks a lot of power, It has the worst POWER2WEIGHT ratio. This bike weighs 125kgs(with full tank petrol, engine oil, tank cover & seat cover) but has only 7.7BHP to pull all this weight. Road grip is excellent, it’s a big(slightly) bike with a pretty small engine. Suspension is really gud, electricals are the best. I bet, this bike has the best electricals & suspension in its category, but the bike needs disc brakes bcoz at speeds after 70kmph it’s difficult to stop the bike(with pillion) and not to forget this is the longest bike(100cc-125cc) in INDIA and also feels the same. Bike is comfortable but lacks the required power & braking isn’t good. I repent for having changed my bike! If you own any other 100cc my advice would be never ever buy this bike, you will repent a lot. I have ridden the bike(Discover 100) to Chitradurga(220kms from Bangalore) in singles and i feel the engine although underpowered is gud enough to cruise at 80- 90kmph (ofcourse it screams like hell). Total distance travelled was almost 450kms (to & Frro) on the same day. The fifth gear makes all the difference. vibrations are less Better in terms of size, balance, lights POOR BRAKES (at high speeds) MILEAGE IS NEVER EVER GOING TO BE MORE THAN 80kmpl(even if you ride it in moon) Top speed is really good(107kmph – dono about accuracy of the meter) comfortable (although not like SPlendour) wheelbase is good(makes u turns tougher) balance is gud. FINAL VERDICT: :( This is a good 100cc bike(for all those starters & people who wanna own a big bike with a small engine). Msg to all HH Splendour/ Victor/ any gud bike owners, dont even dream about this bike. If you, then you will surely repent like me.

  100. I suggest buy a Suzuki Zeus/ Honda Shine forget about this modern marvel(DTS-SI – the best joke). it is better to spend a few thousand more and buy a smaller horse than a bigger donkey. I repent a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. It is a great invension ever seen. 100cc bike, with 5 gears and electric start. Cool, It is very comfortable to drive.

  102. If you want to use your bike for more than 5 years,dont buy a Bajaj product.Because they most probably will discontinue a particular model with in one or two years of launch.You wont even get spare parts thereafter.At last you will have to sell it off at 75% loss because bajaj bikes have very poor resale value as well. But i don’t think that the quality of bajaj is poor.It is pretty good,even though not equal to HH or Honda. DONT BUY BAJAJ UNLESS IT IS PULSAR.

    1. Thanks Prasanth, I agree with you. I’had a bad experience with Bajaj RTZ 125 CC, this bike is always trouble some. Spend loads of money for the repair.

  103. The discover 100cc has lot of problem regarding the pulling capacity is less, frequent confusion on gear changing,bike getting off while raiding, height is less when two persons are travelled this would hit the straight stand in downstream areas in a bad way. don’t buy my friends it is dangerous no assurance to your life. Bajaj is a tricky fellow

  104. Dear lokesh, Have you driven discover 100cc. It has some great power. I am very sorry to say that what you had see in other bike. Brother, you are saying that passon’s function is wow, but i am telling my experince that i had race with this bike with my bajaj 97 model , my bike won the race. i hope that you have never race with it. when you will lost the race you will fell the power of bajaj.this bike shows the power of bajaj. if you are thinking that i am saying false, then i am waiting for you .. Come on race with me.. i garantee you will lose the race. let it be bajaj discover 100cc is best bike in 100 cc. it has great performance.thanks to bajaj for creating this typs of bike for every people thanks bajaj, thanks bajaj, thanks bajaj

    1. The discover 100cc has lot of problem regarding the pulling capacity is less, while riding single on bridge side its really bad pulling power,, i am so sad, and when i ride with two people,, the pulling power is very very bad,,. the engine sound is very very bad,. only the outlook is good, but the engine capacity is really bad,, i bought this just 2months back,, i am sorry to say,, now i feel very sad to buy this discover100cc,.. my fried told me already no to go for this, but i dint listen,.. Better i should have gone for HHspelender which engine is really good and standard power milage, and resale value ……. Friends pls dont go for discover….. i suggest splender…….

  105. Bajaj Discover 100cc jo use kar rahe hain kya vo btayenga ki iski proper MILEAGE kya hai…. Highway or City dono par?

  106. I own dis byk4 lst 6months!!its wonderfull, gives milage 85to95 on highway!!!its jst2good!!!!thnks bajaj!!

  107. i can’t say abt city from Panvel & dont hv to drive much in traffic,i travel from mahad to panvel on saturday & back to mahad on sunday, d byks 2 gud!!!!while local driving it goes around 75kmpl

  108. if any1s talkin abt lyf of bajaj thn i mst tell dat i also own a 23yrs old bajaj cub(scooter), for now its milage has decreased to 55kmpl from 60kmpl,,,,so dont compare lyf of HH & bajaj!!bajaj is technologe & HH is fooling every1 by talkn on others lives!! hamara bajaj!!! proud to own Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 2.0 hats off to Bajaj’s technology!

  109. i really appreciate that this byke is superb and outstanding. it really gives 90km/lit avarage and looks so to all guys take the test drive of the discover and you fill completion of a unique byke. good day to all..

  110. It is a very nice bike because of its following: Almost 78 km/L Nitrox shock absorber Long spacious seat LED tail lamp 2 pilot lamps in front DTS-si engine Electric start Price = just 45000 on road So, first take a test ride, then comment about the bike.

  111. I purhase Bajaj discover 100cc from Bajaj show room Khurdha (Orissa) on april 2010. I face a problem of its pulling capacity. In hill area (Ghat road) it loose pulling capacity (where my old bajaj platina wants 3rd gear this new discover wants 2nd gear ). when I try to gain bike speed on a plain road at 60km + there is a sound (something like ring sound) come out from engine. The engine get seriously hot in between a non-stop journey of 25 to 30 Km around a speed of 40-50 kmph. When I go to my nearest bajaj servicing station they adjust some thing on the bike and told me that the problems are reduced automatically, but the problems are still continued. Friends Dont think that I never use any bajaj bikes before, Before I purchese this Discover 100cc Bike I use 2 good vehicles of bajaj (bajaj classic and bajaj platina) but this new one is not satisfactory atall. Friends Please suggest me what to do to avoid this problems or tell me is this the born quailty problem of discover 100cc ?? Kailash Chandra samantaray, Orissa. mail id-

    1. Dear Mr. Samantaray. We the Payal Bajaj, Khurdha, Respectfully invite you to cheekup your Bajaj Discover 100cc again. Please come to our service station as soon as possible with your new vehicle where our skilled enginers ready to give you a trouble free better service. We say it to you because we alredy solved such type problems of many 100cc Discovers.

      1. Thanks Mr. Alok and Mr. Kalim of Payal Bajaj, Khurdha. Many many Thanks to solve my engine sound, and millage problems. now my bike shows 75-80 kmpl.

  112. i hav bought dis bike ……itz performnce iz amazing ….. hy friends can u plz tell me the actual average of dis bike in starting…….???

  113. I have purchase discover 100 cc 5 months ago but this bike gives me 70 kmpl in starting and now it is giving 50 kmpl i have gone to nearer service center they done something and said the prob is gone but the prob is not gone and the pulling capacity is very low also while dual sitter and rest of the thing is good so i m not satisfied whit my bike

  114. hello frds i like bajaj 100cc discover becoz its look amazing in all 100 cc bikes it is a bike who attrack new generation people and hero honda attract old peoples so dont be competion between them

  115. Friends Yesterday i took delivery of my Discover 100CC. and u know what ,I find this bike very amazing very less heavy , with sporty look, dont feel like you are riding a bike it feels so smooth, accelerator is so smooth, all my friends said it looks fantastic , I have taken Black with red one, its lights are also good looking, i brought it at 47000 with all accecesories and everything . Now let see how much average it gives, me. This is also very good bike for slim people who wants a dashing look with good average as well as low weight.

    1. Hi Rahul, Please let me know how much Milage you are getting ..and which location you have buyed the bike.

      1. well i took few month back , and i am getting 80 average .. it amazing and ha this give me good look and but but u can not go more then 60 to 70 speed becoz after that your silencer start noising

  116. Hello frnds , i am thinking of buying new bike pls suggest me which one is best among HH Splendor or Bajaj 100cc DTS-Si milage and maintenance is my preferance

  117. I have purchase discover 100 cc 1 months ago. Total perfomance is good but when I try to gain bike speed on a plain road at 60km + there is some sound , vibrations are produced.

  118. hello frends……………well i really like dis bike and i also buy it……… gives me 85 to 90 average…….it is tooooo gud from there looks……………i suggest to all my frends who wants to buy a bike they can purchase bajaj discover 100cc without any doubts………..all my frends like dis bike………..i pleasure to buy this bike

  119. I have purchase discover 100 cc bike 10 days before. Total perfomance is good i m getting milage around 95km per liter, but drive between the speed of 40 to 50

  120. The discover 100cc has lot of problem regarding the pulling capacity is less, while riding single on bridge side its really bad pulling power,, i am so sad, and when i ride with two people,, the pulling power is very very bad,,. the engine sound is very very bad,. only the outlook is good, but the engine capacity is really bad,, i bought this just 2months back,, i am sorry to say,, now i feel very sad to buy this discover100cc,.. my fried told me already no to go for this, but i dint listen,.. Better i should have gone for HHspelender which engine is really good and standard power milage, and resale value ……. Friends pls dont go for discover….. i suggest splender…….

  121. I am going to purchase a new bike. I have to cover 75 to 100 km/day. Considering the petrol cost I wish to go for a 100 cc. Shall Discover 100 or HH Splendor fulfill my need. I am in single with an average speed of 50 kmph. The looks doesn’t matter, but comfort to both my body and pocket is preferable. Please give me an advice.

  122. Hi frinds, I want to purchase a bike, I like to bikes First H.H suplinder & secone is Bajaj Discover 100 C.C, pls suggest me which bike I purchase. In these bike which is the better for the point of low costt of maintanance, loading capsity, millage & long life of the bike. pls suggest me.

  123. if u anyway get bored of riding same bike ..for 3-5 yrs…why buy expensive featureless bike.. buy enjoyable bajaj bike and laugh at outdated HH bikes with stupid names like quantum core..shee

  124. hai friends.. now only i bought bajaj 100 cc bike.. ya.. its a nice one to ride and looks beautiful.. specifically the head light and doom looks very nice.. the milage is fantastic when compared with hero honda and all other makes.. i think hero honda keeps only name nothing but.. there is no new models and alternatives.. if it do it becomes failiure only like glamour… it runs with its old name and doing nothing new rather than the old splender+, passion plus. so bajaj discover is much better choice.. hamara bajaj…

  125. m really confused after reading comments….hav no experience in traffic…so which byke is more better for me…hh splndr ya discvr 100cc????

  126. Hi I am planning to take Bajaj Discover in a week time. I am reading many good things and bad things about Bajaj Discover. Can you please say me if there is any other defect other than a) maximum vibration less speed of 60 km and b) Low pulling power? Because I am sure all 100CC bikes have less pulling power when we tune it for Mileage. Even splendor I have, used to struggle when trying to go over hills. Please inform me of any other issues with the bike that needs to be considered before buying.

  127. If you are going to use your bike for frequent hill riding, please test ride the Yamaha bikes like the Crux, Gladiator or YBR110. I was on a trip to coorg and found that the people have lot of Yamaha bikes, because of the great pulling power, although mileage will be slightly less. In case, you want to have a bike for more than 4 years, buy a Honda/Yamaha/Hero Honda bike, please don’t go for Bajaj bikes. They lack the durability after 2.5 years.


  129. i want to purchase a new bike, which bike is better 100cc discover or splendor plus?please tell me anyone who use these bike.

  130. I want to buy a bike for 20 k.m. rough highway ride at night with durability, low maintenance & decent milage , pls. suggest between yamaha ybr 110 & discover 100 and why ?

  131. Bajaj Discover 100cc is such a bogus bike. If you really utilize your money then don’t purchase it. You can go for any segment of Hero Honda.

  132. Hi Frnds… really nice job. helping lots of customer to buy a better bike….! Hey guys even i’m confused between Discover 100CC and Twister 110CC, i’m from Bangalore. So my concerns are Milage, looks,Low maintainace, light weight.. And please users who have used this bike for more than 3 months tell me abt milage, any problems in bike.. Guys and also tell me some tips for good maintainace and performanace.. u can post replies here itself and also mail me @ Thank you in advance…

  133. Hi Frnds… really nice job. helping lots of customer to buy a better bike….! Hey guys even i’m confused between Discover 100CC and other 100 cc, i’m from Bangalore. So my concerns are Milage, not looks,Low maintainace, light weight.. And please users who have used this bike for more than 3 months tell me abt milage, any problems in bike.. Guys and also tell me some tips for good maintainace and performanace.. u can post replies here itself and also mail me

  134. Hi Frnds !!i have been using this byk since September,2009..i thnk i can give some comment abt this byk..mileage which i am getting between 68-78 kmpl..(jst for 1 time i got 68..else it always give 70 kmpl up) can hit a top speed of 95 kmph..(although bajaj claimed that its top speed is 85 kmph) is not shaking after hitting a speed of 90 kmph..after that little bit shaky..jerking is very less in compare to bajaj discover 115 or 135 cc,or other 100-125 cc byk except pulsur..looks is very good..rider position is very good..i have gone a distance of 200 km (from Kharagpur to Durgapur,Westbengal) without any problem.i jst gave breakjourney of 15-20 min after running 70km (only 2 times)..its weight is 115 kg..Overall this bike is very good !!u can go for it !!but,,if u love speed and want a powerful byk..then don’t go for it..

  135. 1 thng i forgot to say …i was ridding it ,with two weight of 190 kgs..n it was going fine..n i did not get any bad sound from engine..Overall,its good..

  136. low pick-up at 20-40kmph . good pickup at 0-20kmph and 40-60kmph low pick-up at 60-100 kmph. i have achieved(with doubles) the speed of 100kmph for a shortwhile,with a litte vibrations,But no vibrations up to 80kmph.. mileage of 80 kmph is achieved(with max speed of 70 kmph). -ves:gears are not smooth..some times automaticallly comes to neutral from the 1st gear.. sometimes ,gear wont change even though i appled the gear,but engine makes big sound.. If i drive the bike in bad traffic conditins(more gear changes 1-2-3-2-3-2-1 etc) for more that 20 mins..after that the engine sound will sounds like pulling a heavy load..even though i am 60 kg.. if you give rest for 5-6 hours..then again engine will come to normal conditin…

  137. This is a good bike. Yes it has got around 7 bhp with 5 speed gear box. Pretty neat for millage goers. But for the guys who want to get a little more out it and want to feel its fury. Fix K&N. Thats it. It wont alter the millage, may be 1 or 2 kmpl which is negligible for the millage it gives. The power is too awesome and it just throws you of the bike. You can do all the stunts you want and it does it like a fable horse. One small disappointment is the lack of disc break. Hope the future one come with it.

  138. Guys all ways remember this.Bajaj never continues a model for more than 2 yrs.Dont ever judge by the out look.think about the durability.Hero honda is all ways in the top market since it delivers the best for customer satisfaction.Bajaj bike are not durable at all.Passion pro is the best bike in 100CC

  139. Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well.. My HERO HONDA CD DLX RJ14 HS 3032 Has been stolen near by my home on 11th January 2011. Now I want to purchase new bike. Right now I’m confused that which bike i should purchase Hero Honda (Passion plus, CD Dlx etc) or Bajaj (Discover 100, 125, 135 & 150 CC). Please suggest me ASAP. Thanks & Regards Naveen Kr. Jha

  140. Hi guys Just feel the thril of New bajaj discover100 cc bike….!! Its really a superb bike among 100cc. I am using it last 5 months and giving average of 85 km/ltrs…!!! Bike have very less sound from engine… Have superb Shock absorber due to nitrox suspention…!!! its a remake of world of pulser…!! chalao to jano…!!!

  141. I think Discover 100cc is a very good bike but, I will still go for splendor as my first bike. This is my hard earned money and I would rather go with a time tested bike like splendor that has high resale value. If Discover100cc is still doing well after 2 to 3 years I would probably think of this bike but as of now I WILL NOT GO FOR ANY BIKE OTHER THAN SPLENDOR.

    1. bajaj discover 100 is a super bike i am using it from last 6 months it is giving me a steady milege of 69-72 from 1 day the only -ve aspect of the bike is that it has less pickup it is far better than splendor+ i luv my bike i occasionaly take my bike to long trips 200 kms the perform very well on highway and at constant speed of 40-55 it give milege of 88. i just love my bike.

  142. Excellent web site. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to several friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

  143. mea Discover100 bike ko 10 Month se use kr raha hu 70 Milage Top speed 95km/h Agar kisi ko race lgani ho lgao apne 100 Cc se. very good picup.

  144. Hai every body i have pulsar 150 dtsi 2004 every thing is goode bt one thing they have problm is silencer immedtly get rust,and chain spracket,no milage,very important is (NO RESALE VALUE)I want to sale this bike in good condition bt no value .So im going to confues which bike i bye for milage in this period bajaj 100 cc is milage 85/90,i cant belive pls give sujust to me .9885174109

  145. I am using this bike from 2 monthe it is giving average of 45-50 at speed of 60-70 is this bike ok or there is some mistake

  146. I want to know about engine heating problem . How much temperature requred for a good condition bike discover 100cc. & how can reduse engine smoking problem.

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