Reva to build World’s largest electric car plant

The Reva Electric Car Company, a Bangalore-based company plans to build  the world’s largest factory to build 30,000 small plug-in electric cars a year.


The company is investing Rs300m in this plant. Reva tries to promote a technology that holds the key to the global energy crisis. The plant will begin production in the first quarter of next year.


Reva makes a small hatchback – a plug-in electric car that can travel about 80 km on a single charge. The small hatchbacks are equipped with eight six-volt batteries. The upgraded model with a powerful lithium ion battery can travel for about 120 km on a single recharge. A full charge takes of the battery takes nine to 10 hours.

The Reva electric car is simple to drive, with no clutch or gears.  Also, maintenance is low for the car. The car has only 1,000 parts The Reva comes with a price tag of Rs 350,000 in India. The Reva can also be bought online.

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