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₹ 43,508 - ₹ 43,534

ex-showroom price (New Delhi).

EMI: ₹ 958

For a loan of ₹ 43,508 @ 12% over 60 months

What we Like it
Light weight, Easy handling
What we don't Like it
Uneven power delivery, maintenance

About TVS Scooty

TVS has revived the Scooty DNA in all its variants. Scooty Pep Plus adores women with its appealing looks. Pep Plus is powered by a 87.8 cc engine churning out a maximum girl power of 5 bhp @6500 rpm and maximum torque figuring 5.8 bhp@4000 rpm. The centrifugally operated pivoted clutch and automatic CVT with torque sensor eases the drive ability. Scooty Pep Plus indicates Power mode and Economy mode, guiding the user to conserve fuel by driving in economy mode. Scooty Pep Plus is available in 99 colors.

TVS Scooty version(s)

87.80 cc,Forced Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder

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₹ 43,534

87.80 cc,Forced Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder

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₹ 43,508

59.90 cc,Forced Air Cooled, 2 Stroke Single Cylinder

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₹ 31,000

* Prices of TVS Scooty indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of Scooty. Price list is subject to change and for the latest TVS Scooty India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. TVS Scooty mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive made under standard test conditions.

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Editorial Review of the TVS Scooty bike


Jan 27, 2010 - TVS Motor, India’s second largest two-wheeler company launched its fusion prototype of its Scooty which is packed with a parallel hybrid drive system which houses a 90cc four-stroke petrol engine and electric motor, powered by a lead-acid battery. The power sources of this bike performs its operation based on the programmed strategy or the mode chosed by the user. When the brakes are activated, this hybrid system charges the battery and make use of this power whenever needed. The company believes that the hybrid can achieve 30% CO2 emission reduction and 30% improvement in fuel economy.

June 20, 2007 - TVS Motor Company informed that it has signed on popular Southern actress Trisha Krishnan as its Brand Ambassador for TVS Scooty Pep. TVS has focussed on 99 colours for their brand. The Scooty is considered to be a dream vehicle for young college girls and working women. This has been designed with the aim of satisfying the youth and it looks so stylish and peppy along with host of excellent feautures. The TVS Scooty won several prestigious awards which includes one for its outstanding design.


Scooty Pep, an Indian brand of scooters modelled by TVS Motors especially for women. Scooty Pep is one of the good looking, modern and light weight bike. The TVS Scooty Pep comes up with attractive colours and most of the college going girls are impressed with its beautiful style and glamour look. The engine of this is upgraded for good results. The Scooty Pep has been launched with an affordable price. The Variants of Scooty are as follows
  • Scooty Pep Plus
  • Scooty Streak
  • Scooty Teenz
  • Style and Design

    The TVS Scooty Pep Plus is a modern, trendy and very classic bike exclusively developed for females. This has been designed to furnish the excellent features along with self start option which is helpful for the old age people. The Pep Plus is powered by an upgraded 4-Stroke, Single cylinder forced air engine with a displacement of 87.8cc. The engine of Scooty delivers a good speed and mileage. The bike generates better fuel economy since it has auto-choke for quick start, auto reserve fuel tap and power economy mode. The type of ignition system is digital DC CDI and Kerb weight of the scooty is about 95 kg. The Scooty Pep Plus provides a loads of storage space in which we can keep all the things safely. The dashboard of Scooty consists of analouge fuel gauge and speedometer. Side indicators are fitted at the lower end in big shape lights and parking lights are also present in the bike. The seat of the Scooty Pep Plus is very large which makes enough space for rider and pillion. The body colour of the bike is shaded at the front and side panels. Now, the rear view mirrors and rear grab rails are also painted in body colour. The Scooty emblem is fixed on the front and side panels. The TVS Scooty Pep boasts a foot rest which is convenient for the pillion and glow ring around the key hole helps to see the ignition much easier. And also we can charge our mobile with the help of mobile charger socket while driving. The bike has alloy rims at the front and rear position and lockable glove box.


    The Scooty Pep and Streak is housed with a 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder forced Air-cooled engine with a displacement of 87.8cc. The engine pumps out a maximum power of 3.68Kw @ 6500 rpm and torque of 5.8Nm @ 4000 rpm. Likewise, the Scooty Teenz is powered by a 2 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Forced Air-Cooled engine with a displacement of 59.9cc. This generates a speed of 2.57Kw @ 5500 rpm and torque is 4.5Nm @ 5000 rpm. Event the engine is small, it gives out a good output.

    Fuel Efficiency

    The TVS Scooty Pep Plus supports good fuel economy since it possess auto-choke for quick start, auto reserve fuel tap and power economy mode. And also an auto reserve system is fitted in the bike for the riders convenience. The Scooty Pep Plus has five litre fuel tank while the Streak has 4.7 litres and 4.5 litres in Teenz respectively. As per the company report, it supports nearly 50-55 kmpl mileage from the bike.


    Scooty Streak - This is one of the variant of Scooty in which sports a bore x stroke of 51 x 43mm and pivoted centrifugally operated clutch, Digital DC CDI Ignition System etc. The Kerb weight of the Streak is 96kg and it contains super styled LED Lamps, easy centre stand and so on. This bike is integrated with the in-built plug in mobile charger which allows to charge our mobile. In addition to all, it boasts a lockable glove box for better safety.

    Scooty Teenz - Another variant named Scooty Teenz also looks sleek, modern and trendy. This bike is featured with superb body graphics that ensures rich look and style and it has a powerful headlamp along with clear lens which gives a brighter vision. The TVS Scooty owns a large and practical storage to carry all our things. For better safety it provides a tough shock absorber to take on any area.

    Brakes & Suspension

    The light weight Scooty Pep Plus and Scooty Streak is incorporated with drum brakes at both tyres with a diameter of 110mm. Likewise, Scooty Teenz has a 110mm front drum brake and 130mm rear drum brake. The Pep Plus is well equipped with telescopic forks at the front and single shock absorber at the rear side. While the Teenz is designed with hydraulic mono shock suspension at the rear position. Sometimes it is difficult to manage this bike during rainy season. The TVS Scooty variants are not suitable for long travellers because it leads to back pain which is the only drawback of this bike.


    The Stunning shades of TVS Scooty variants are described below

  • Scooty Pep Plus - Night Black, Purple Mischief, Electric Red, Perky Pink, Mystic Mauve
  • Scooty Streak - Breezy Blue, Mystic Mauve, Super Red, Perky Pink, Magic Black
  • Scooty Teenz - Purple, Black, Red
  • The various shades of Scooty impress the females and they feel very comfortable to ride the bike.


    The TVS Scooty Price details as on May 3, 2011 are mentioned below.

  • Scooty Pep Plus - Rs.37030/-
  • Scooty Streak - Rs.38825/-
  • Scooty Teenz - Rs.28415/-
  • Laurels

    TVS Scooty Pep has received the prestigious “Outstanding Design Excellence Award” from Business World and National Institute of Design. TVS was ranked 54th in The Brand Trust Report published by Trust Research Advisory. TVS has achieved many awards and its advertising practices acquired “Good Advertising Award” presented by Auto India Best Brand Awards 2009.

    TVS Scooty Ratings

    TVS Scooty Mileage

    TVS Scooty Mileage listed here are company claimed ARAI mileage tested under standard conditions. lists user mileage posted by Scooty owners. The average mileage of these figures would be the perfect fuel efficiency figure you can expect in indian road conditions. Click full mileage detail to know the running cost of TVS Scooty

    TVS ScootyArai Mileage
    TVS Scooty Pep Plus68.00 Kmpl
    TVS Scooty Streak68.00 Kmpl
    TVS Scooty Teenz57.00 Kmpl

    TVS Scooty Specifications

    "The prime specs of TVS Scooty are listed here. The overall length, width of the bike should give you an idea about its manoeuverability to sneak and run through the traffic jams.Engine specs of Scooty are also listed here. With the power (in bhp) and torque (Nm) figures the most important ratios - power to weight ratio of Scooty and torque to weight ratio. The displacement (in cc) is the measure of cubic capacity of the engine. The performance figure of the bike zero to sixty and zero to 100 in seconds will give you the sense of the power the bike possess and its on road performance. The lesser the time taken by the bike to reach 60kmph or 100kmph the faster it is over it competitors "

    Scooty Pep Plus

    Prime Dimensions of Scooty Pep Plus

    Tyre and Wheels of Scooty Pep Plus

    Wheel Type NA
    Tyre Front 3.0 x 10”
    Tyre Rear 3.0 x 10”

    Engine Specifications of Scooty Pep Plus

    Power 5bhp @ 6500rpm
    Torque 5.8Nm @ 4000rpm
    Displacement 87.80
    Power to Weight ratio 52.63 bhp/ton
    Torque to Weight ratio 61.05 nm/ton
    Specific Output 56.95 bhp/litre

    Performance of TVS Scooty Pep Plus

    0 to 60kmph 13.00
    Top Speed 74

    Scooty Streak

    Prime Dimensions of Scooty Streak

    Tyre and Wheels of Scooty Streak

    Wheel Type NA
    Tyre Front 90 / 90 x 10
    Tyre Rear 90 / 90 x 10

    Engine Specifications of Scooty Streak

    Power 5bhp @ 6500rpm
    Torque 5.8Nm @ 4000rpm
    Displacement 87.80
    Power to Weight ratio 52.08 bhp/ton
    Torque to Weight ratio 60.42 nm/ton
    Specific Output 56.95 bhp/litre

    Performance of TVS Scooty Streak

    0 to 60kmph 12.00
    Top Speed 92

    Scooty Teenz

    Prime Dimensions of Scooty Teenz

    Tyre and Wheels of Scooty Teenz

    Wheel Type NA
    Tyre Front 2.75 x 10”
    Tyre Rear 2.75 x 10”

    Engine Specifications of Scooty Teenz

    Power 3.5bhp @ 5500rpm
    Torque 4.5Nm @ 5000rpm
    Displacement 59.90
    Power to Weight ratio 42.68 bhp/ton
    Torque to Weight ratio 54.88 nm/ton
    Specific Output 58.43 bhp/litre

    Performance of TVS Scooty Teenz

    0 to 60kmph 0.00
    Top Speed NA

    TVS Scooty Features

    Find your favourite TVS Scooty bike features list. While self start or electric start is considered prime convenience features, the presence of safety features such as tubeless tyres and pilot lamps will give the necessary safety for the bike rider. Projector headlamps, Clip-on Handle bar and digital speedo meter are fancy among youth and everyone would love to show off these features.Lets see what all these features Jupiter variant(s) comes with

    TVS Scooty Scooty Pep Plus Scooty Streak Scooty Teenz
    Start Type Electric Start Electric Start Electric Start
    Tachometer N N NA
    Digital Speedometer 0 N NA
    Pilot Lamps 0 0 NA
    Projector Headlamps 0 0 NA
    Clipon HandleBars Y Y NA
    Tubeless Tyres Y Y NA

    TVS Scooty Pep Plus Colours

    Find below the colour chart of TVS Scooty Pep Plus. Click TVS Scooty Pep Plus Colour Pictures to see the actual pictures of Scooty Pep Plus in different colours

    • Night Black
    • Light Purple
    • Red
    • Lustrous Pink
    • Mauve

    TVS Scooty Owner Reviews

    If you are done with the expert test drive report on TVS Scooty and look for owners opinion before signing the cheque,here they are. The customer reviews posted here are by actual TVS Scooty who own the two wheeler for more than 6 months and ride in and out daily. You can also check out x-bhp and mouthshut for Scooty owners service feedback

    Troublesome scooty

    By Vijay Amirtharaj

    Good: Engine power is smooth

    Bad: Very low mileage

    Hoping for its light-weightedness and handling,I just go on for it.But I was made fool,that the mileage I got only nearly 45kmpl,The built-in quality is not so good.Dont apply brakes often,because high acceleration and sudden brakes would consume the fuel more.Only good thing we could say about is its engine power and looks

    Streaks all the way!!

    By sonu goswami

    Good: Pleasing looks

    Bad: Oil leakage

    Really Scooty Streak is good for its looks,mileage that comes about 50kmpl on the city ride and fuel efficiency.Even in rainy days,it helped to tackle with the ambience.But one problem still Im facing with it is the oil leakage problem,I think it will be cleared after the first service

    TVS Scooty Videos

    Video Reviews and Test Drive of TVS Scooty from youtube publishers - autocar, overdrive, ndtv and more

    TVS Scooty Offers

    Offer TitleDescription
    Free Insurance offers on TVS Scooty Pep Plus Free Insurance offer for the 1st year on TVS Scooty Pep Plus in Faridabad
    Cash Benefit offers on TVS Scooty Pep Plus Cash Benefit of up to Rs.2,500 on all variants of TVS Scooty Pep Plus across all cities in India
    Cash Benefit offers on TVS Scooty Pep Plus Cash Benefit of up to Rs.2,500 on all variants of TVS Scooty Pep Plus across all cities in India
    Cash Benefit offers on TVS Scooty Pep Plus Cash Benefit of up to Rs.2,500 on all variants of TVS Scooty Pep Plus across all cities in India
    Cash Benefit offers on TVS Scooty Pep Plus Cash Benefit of up to Rs.2,500 on all variants of TVS Scooty Pep Plus across all cities in India

    TVS Scooty User Reviews (96)

    Srinivasulu.m Srinivasulu.m , Yelahanka Newtown,Bangalore says
    Hi, I am planning take scooty pep. Please tell me scooty pep rices and available colours.
    Published on 2016-03-17 09:17:47
    sivakumar s sivakumar s , palakkad says
    i want to know the csd price of tvs scooty pep at palakkad or coimbatore
    Published on 2016-03-13 12:23:10
    karuppasamy karuppasamy , keelakarai says
    please tell me total amound 9597970913.scooty pep
    Published on 2016-03-06 22:07:19
    niko niko , indore says
    is this 1st hand / new ? or what
    Published on 2016-02-08 13:56:58
    Kumar goud Kumar goud , Godavarikhani says
    PL send the bike price..if possible quotation pls. Which colour is running presently. Thanks
    Published on 2016-01-06 10:52:18
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