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It is nothing but an assurance given by the manufacturer to the customer for the purchased product that within the specified period of time,if any flaw is to be found with the product,it can be replaced or repaired.Usually, on what factors the warranty will be provided .For the products which are free from the defects in workmanship and materials, warranty would be commonly be awarded. Now let us a take a step further into and have a perspective overview of it,in a way,what is the benefit that the warranty provides to both the manufacturer and the customers and how far the manufacturers consider this warranty as a key factor in increasing the demand of their products.

Significance of warranty:

With the aid of warranty,the manufactures makes a promise to the customers that the product that has been purchased is reliable.That is the product is made out of proper materials that are rich in quality, thus implying that the product will perform as well as such products customarily do. Through this means ,the company tries to establish a strong trusty bond with the customers, who are considered as the king .The "trust bond " arises from the satisfaction that the customer acquires with this product. In general, we have seen how the manufacturer view the term" warranty" as a great resource, that tend to add the score point to their sales chart. But when it comes to vehicles that include both the two-wheeler and the four-wheeler,let us see how the car maker or bike makers see the warranty, in what aspect they are delivering the product to the customers. Each product has been developed with a full fledged mind to satisfy the customer in terms of performance and ergonomics during the ride.Hence one can arrive at a conclusion that the important factor in delivering a product or service to its users is unlimited joy of driving.Thus to complement this ownership, each firm would offer a unique extended warranty package along with the base warranty that makes the customer gets relieved from the burden of maintenance and repair costs.

Breach of warranty:

Now, you could get an idea of what is warranty and to what extent it is considered as important.Apart from this we should also know about the consequences that the warranty shoots on if there any crack is to be found with it.and if such any breach is to be found with this warranty,then how the company faces to overcome this issue.Also what are the preventive measures that the company takes to avoid this issue in prior,and how it occupies the place in terms of faith that the customer has to stick on with the product.Usually,the warranties are violated when the promise is broken or the goods are not as expected. This is what we refer to as the breach of warranty. To avoid this, the seller may honor the warranty by making a refund or replacement within a specified period of time,if the customer feels "unsatisfication"with the products if it has been worn out within the specified time limit.Carefully,keep note of this word "specified time",because once the time expires the warranty is in vain.Also,there lies a statute of limitations that depends on the jurisdiction and contractual agreements contained within the warranty data,consisting of claim data and supplementary data.Claim data are nothing but the data that are collected during the servicing of claims under warranty while the supplementary data refer to the additional data such as production and marketing data.These data play a crucial role in determining the reliability of the product as well as pave a way for plan regarding future modifications.

Extended warranty:

Just now,we have an gist over the way how the company handles the breach of warranty.As like adding a spicy flavor to the dish,to make it tasty,apart from the reason why the company is offering the warranty,let you know the way that the company increasing the customer's satisfaction and confidence about the product to a greater extent,thus you can get a mt-3 cut view about the warranty that you used to while purchasing a car/bike.The terms like service agrrement,a service contract or a maintenance agreement are synonymous to the single term"extended warranty". It is a a prolonged warranty offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty on newly bought car/bike.This is by how the company honors the warranty.However,they cost extra and for a percentage of the item's retail price,also possesses terms and conditions that are restricted to be applicable for certain kind of flaws,alike original terms and conditions.For example,only for mechanical defects that happened due to the daily usage would only be covered within this extended warranty. Moreover,these warranties may exclude parts that normally wear out such as tires and lubrication on a vehicle .Accidental damages will also come under this hood.

Terms and conditions:

Despite the warranty that is being offered by the company,without being carried away with the time that has been granted as warranty period,one should be cautious about the terms and conditions offered at the point of sale.In general,newly purchased cars would come with a warranty covering repairs for a certain period of time say 2-3 years.Besides,the warranty depends upon the performance factor too,that if the car has covered say 45,000kms,then it is eligible for service consideration.The terms and conditions of warranty varies in accordance with the each make.Let's have a review over the terms and conditions of certain carmakers,that will help you make yourself aware of all those thing s regarding warranty and at the end of this discussion,you would come to know the warrany and its usage to a certain extent when compared with the knowledge you have before reading this description.

Honda :

The world's largest car maker as well as the top selling car maker,the Honda believes that the provision of warranty tend to play a key role in the success of the launched products,also,it tend to prove to be an boosting factor in increasing the confidence of the customers they have on their products that are trustworthy.So,at the time of sale of any Honda car,the HCIL company comes forward to offer a standard warranty for its models for a guaranteed period of 2 years.When it comes with the performance factor,the warranty is valid once the car crosses the distance of 40,000kms.Beyond this,they also feel pleasure in providing extra warranty of one year or two years,that too free of cost thus giving the consumer with an unbounded happiness.Under this warranty period specifically under the extended warranty, he dealer will repair or replace any part which proves to be defective within the limits of warranty at no charges to the customer for parts and labor.Thus all these provisions are granted in the form of warranty.


When you consider the case of Skoda company,one of the renowned car manufacturing company,it tend to offer the warranty for the period of 2 years from the date of sale of the newly purchased vehicle.The advantage that one gets with the Skoda products over the Honda cars is the performance factor.It is pleasing to hear that there is no restrictions laid on mileage ,that is there is no mileage limits. However,to enhance the quality of service,the method repair shall always be decided by the authorized ?SKODA dealer taking in to account of economic factors and recommended manufacturer technologies.Also,it adheres to strict principles regarding the terms and conditions specified in the warranty.Hereby,we jot down the terms and conditions that are to be followed before giving the car to the service centre,for future reference.

  • The buyer, despite being requested, did not straight away provide the opportunity for the remedial action
  • A major consequential damage occurred because a defect was not fixed
  • The sale item has been improperly treated or overused, for example in motorsport competitions
  • The sale item has been improperly repaired or serviced by an unauthorized workshop
  • Parts have been fitted to the sale item, the use of which was not approved by SKODA Auto India Pvt. Ltd.
  • The sale item has been altered in a way not authorised by SKODA Auto India Pvt. Ltd. (e.g. tuning)
  • The buyer failed to observe the recommendations for the treatment, servicing and maintenance of the sale item (e.g. owner's manual or service schedule)
  • The purchased item became damaged due to acts of war, internal unrest
  • Damage caused by the environment, earthquakes or other acts of force majeure
  • The sale item doesn't correspond to the country-specific requirements and is permanently operated there
  • Indirect damage, such as loss of income, is not reimbursed
  • Normal wear
  • The cost of parts consumables and labour involved in any scheduled maintenance
  • Damage or malfunctions due to misuse, negligence, alteration accident

Proper use of requirement as set forth in ?SKODA owners manual & service schedule booklet,will end up satisfactory benefits.while the failure in following recommended maintenance and service schedule would definitely result in the serious consequences over the purchased product.

Volkswagen cars:

Considering the terms and conditions for the Volkswagen,they set the following policies that include both the extended and base warranty.

WarrantyTime factorPerformance factor
Corrosion of main steel body structure12unlimited
Accessories fitted on vehicle at time of delivery3unlimited

All the above mentioned warranties start from the day of delivery of the newly purchased Volkswagen car.It is the sole responsibility of the selling Dealer to report the correct delivery date into the Volkswagen systems to start the warranty.

Bike Warranty:

Regarding the bike makers,the provision of warranty remains the same that is the dependency factor.

  • Time Factor
  • Performance Factor

Once the purchased bike covers the kilometers specified by the particular brand,where you have purchased the bike is suitable for the taking into servicing the bike.When it comes with the time factor,within the specified period mentioned by a particular make where you are supposed to purchase the bike,if any flaw is to be found within the product,the company guarantee the durability on the lifetime of the bike.Usually the warranty would be offered for the period say 2-years,usually the largest bike manufacturers say Bajaj ,TVS they tend to offer an warranty period of 2-years.While for the first time the Hero-MotorCorp entered into the provision of warranty period of nearly 5-years,which is really greater than the warranty period of other manufacturers,it is really amazing right?But one thing you have to consider is that the higher warranty doesn't necessarily equate to the bike being better but it does show how confident the company is about its products.Also,when you consider the performance factor claimed to be fixed up by each companies is as follows.

ManufacturerPerformance Factor(in kms)
Bajaj Auto30,000

Now,you have acquired some knowledge about the warranty,extended warranty,its terms and conditions that varies in accordance with each make and type of vehicle that you're about to purchase.Here we provide you with information on terms and conditions of certain car and bike only.With the aid of our site, you could get the details on warranty provided with each make by category.Rather than going to the specified site each time and reading the warranty conditions.We gathered all those information and provide it on our site at a stretch.