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Affordable MUV
No safety
₹ 2.88 Lac

Maruti Omni Test Drive Pictures

Maruti Omni Review

One of the leading automobile manufacturers Maruti brought its new vehicle which is completely a van known as Maruti Omni with a price range between Rs.2.41 lakhs to Rs.2.47 lakhs respectively. The new vehicle has played the roles of people mover, courier delivery, ambulance and some other purposes. It is available in different variants with different attractive colors.

Maruti Omni Colors

The colors available for all the variants of Maruti Omni involves

1) Fantasy Black
2) Metallic Pearl Blue Blaze
3) Metallic Silky Silver
4) Superior White

Maruti Omni Variants

The Maruti Omni has three variants which are displayed below.

1) Maruti Omni LPG BS-III – Rs.2,33,592
2) Maruti Omni 5 Str BS-IV – Rs.2,47,000
3) Maruti Omni E 8 Str BS-IV – Rs.2,48,000

Maruti Omni Dimensions

The Maruti Omni comes with excellent external dimensions in terms of length, width and height represented below.

1) Length – 3370 mm
2) Width – 1410 mm
3) Height – 1640 mm

The Omni provides the larger wheelbase of around 1840 mm and ground clearance of 165 mm respectively. The total kerb weight of the car is found to be 785 kg.

Maruti Omni Engine Details

The Maruti Omni is powered by a 4 stroke cycle, water cooled engine producing the displacement very close to 796cc. The engine of the Maruti Omni LPG BS-III delivers the maximum power output of 38 ps at 5000 rpm in combination with the maximum torque output of 59 Nm at 3000 rpm which is mated to the four speed gearbox with manual transmission for smooth gear shifts. Similarly, other two variants produces the peak power of 38 ps at 5000 rpm and peak torque of 59 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Acceleration and Fuel Economy

The Maruti Omni is expected to offer good acceleration, pick up and fuel economy in which the mid and top end variant can be able to deliver the healthy mileage of 17.9 kmpl on highway roads and 12.7 kmpl in heavy city traffic roads. The overall average mileage offered by the Maruti Omni is around 13.7 kmpl which is quite outstanding. The car comes with only petrol variant with the fuel tank capacity of 36 liters respectively. It can be able to accelerate from 0-60 kmph in just 10 seconds with the maximum speed of about 126 kmph.

Style and Engineering

Maruti Omni Exteriors

Maruti Omni is totally a van with two rear sliding doors, rear hatch tail gate and it has box shaped body with some cosmetic changes. The front looks decent with clear lens headlamps surrounded by a black plastic. The front indicator of the van is integrated into the front bumpers of thermoplastic. It has a rear windscreen with clear lens tail lamp which is quite good for driving at night time. The vehicle looks similar to the Maruti Eeco with a large bumper and 13 inch tyres as well as body graphics. The Omni is fitted with a stylish outside rear view mirror at the right helps to view the rear happenings of the road. Both front and rear wheels of the van features a mud flaps which is really useful. The body graphics of the Omni is very exciting. It has been designed with good external dimensions in terms of length, width and height. The Maruti Omni is 3370 mm long, 1410 mm broad and 1640 mm high and it provides the wheelbase of around 1840 mm. The van is well equipped with a 145R12 LT 6PR radial tyres which is good for well balancing. Since the car is very compact and light weight, the smaller wheels offer better gripness to the car with the road. The radial tyre of the vehicle allows instant braking at a shorter distance and enhances the stability.

Maruti Omni Interiors

Not only is the exteriors, the interiors of the vehicle also awesome in which the Maruti Omni comes with a dual tone theme looks very decent. It is incorporated with a old styled instrument panel enables the driver to be updated with the vital information of the vehicle. The car has been designed to be seated upto 8 passengers in a comfortable manner. It has reclining front seats, floor carpets, dashboard with cup holder along with the some utility space to keep some things around the cabin. Eventhough it is a low cost car, Omni offers the perfect transport solutions. The Omni has some important features such as old school meters, mediocre quality glove box and a simple dashboard. There is no Air conditioning which is one of the drawback of the van. It has an additional feature like CD player supporting an auxiliary port, 4 speakers and fresh seat covers.

Brakes and Suspensions

The Maruti Omni comes with basic braking system with booster assisted disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. There is no other electronic assistance for enhancing the braking system of the Maruti Omni. While moving at a high level of speed, the driver is able to feel a little shaky and nervous. On the other hand, the front suspension comes with a McPherson Strut while the rear suspension has a leaf spring with shock absorbers which makes easy to handle the car at any situation.

Maruti Omni Safety Features

In order to assure more safety and security, the Omni is provided with seat belts for all its passenger. The ELR seat belts enables the passengers to have a free movement even wearing the belt and in times of any emergency, the retractors lock and helps in keeping the passenger in a safe manner. The rear seats feature static seat belts and the vehicle is fitted with side impact beams. All these features ensures better safety.


The Maruti Omni is one of the cheapest van compared to other vehicles and it is perfectly suited to the taxi market. Eventhough the vehicle is small and compact, it is possible to hold 5-8 members and it offers a healthy mileage. But the safety features of the car is not upto the satisfactory level and there is lacking in comfort features.

Maruti Omni User Reviews


Maruti Omni Owner Review

The Maruti Omni is the car that simplifies car making. The design optimally utilizes the space above the wheels. The doors are large for easy entry and exit. It can seat a traditional Indian family easily. In the process the car has become very unstable in high winds and has no safety features whatsoever. Maruti still manages to sell quite a few cars for commercial purposes mainly.


Maruti Omni Owner Review

The Maruti Omni is a car that you will see it anywhere you go to India. Personally I think the car is unworthy of its road presence. If not for its ability to hold unreasonable number of people and the decent fuel efficiency the car would have rested in peace long before. It has no safety features whatsoever except for the seatbelts which is useless considering how the driver is seated.


Maruti Omni Owner Review

This car should be banned in India. It throws into wind any inhibition about safety or aesthetics. It may have been practical at its time but now with better cars in the market it might as well retire. The Omni is a testimony that people may still neglect safety over economics. It has stuck to taxis mainly for its customers.


Maruti Omni Owner Review

There is a reason why the Omni is favored by tourist taxis. The car has lots of space although not comfortable. It is also very easy to drive in the city despite being very unsafe. Having owned it for a shot while I know that it will run 13 kilometer on the liter in the city. It can get messy in humid conditions and the air conditioners are not the best in the class.

* Maruti Omni review and Omni test drive report listed here are done by experts. However advises users to check the Maruti Omni variants personally and decide as per their liking. Mileage figures quoted in the Maruti Omni review are test data and mileage in actual conditions may vary. We test drive Maruti Omni car provided by Maruti.

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