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Legend with proven reliability
Phased out from major cities
₹ 2.10 Lac

Maruti 800 Test Drive Pictures

Maruti 800 Review

Maruti, India’s leading car maker launched its new Maruti 800 with awesome specifications and features which would be a tough competitor to its similar other cars such as Tata Nano, Ford Figo etc. The Maruti 800 comes with the price tag of around 2.35 lakh. The car is believed to be very worthy with its nice features. The car is available in only petrol version and there is no diesel version for the Maruti 800.

Maruti 800 Car Models and Prices

The Maruti 800 models are really impressive but only drawback is that it does not have the diesel version. The petrol models of the car along with the price details are explained below.

1) Maruti 800 Std BSIII – Rs.2,12,885
2) Maruti 800 AC BSIII – Rs.2,35,469

The price details may changes according to the regions in which it is better to contact the nearest dealer for more details.

Colours of Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 comes in various attractive colour options which would be liked by the car enthusiasts. The colours available for all variants includes

1) Crystal Gold
2) Icy Blue
3) Carribean Blue
4) Silky Silver
5) Bright Red
6) Superior White

Engine, Mileage and Acceleration

The engine of the Maruti 800 is powered by a 0.8 litre SOHC engine with a displacement of about 796 cc which churns out the maximum power of about 37 BHP @ 5000 RPM and maximum torque of about 59 NM @ 2500 RPM respectively. The Multi-point Fuel Injection engine comes with a four speed standard gearbox delivering excellent performance. This MPFI 32-bit electronic control module is an advanced design of the Maruti 800. Maruti 800 is well known for its best mileage, fuel efficiency and acceleration. The car would generates a healthy mileage of about 13.1 kmpl on urban roads and 16.1 kmpl on highways. The car has rack and pinion steering which gives a decent maneuvering control. The car can cross 0-100 kmph in just 21 seconds with the maximum speed of nearly 144 kmph respectively. The fuel tank capacity of the car is about 28 litres offering comfortable journey without any trouble. The engine of the Maruti 800 is well suited for Indian road conditions.

Design and Engineering


The Maruti 800 is a comfortable car in which five members can take their seat and the interior features are also too good. It is a perfect combination of simplicity, luxury and exquisite appeal. Maruti 800 interiors are evident with the simple air conditioning system with minimal options and this won’t make any confusion to the passengers instead of a cluster of options. People can able to feel very easy while driving and the air conditioning is the only prime gadget. The dashboard of the car is also very decent with the music system, inbuilt rack in the dash and a lockable dash under it. People can feel comfy with the adjustable interior seats which is very helpful to both driver and passengers for longer journey. The rear seats of the car offers an enough legroom and headroom and there is lot of storage space. Actually the kerb weight of the car is measured as 683k kgs whereas the gross weight is nearly 1000 kgs. In addition, it has ash tray and some other features are also available.

Maruti 800 Exteriors

The Maruti 800 comes with decent exteriors which gives a fresh feel and it satisfies what the customer need. The car won’t have any fancy features but it has all standard features with its own style. The car is very simple in which the front part consists of a headlamp cluster, a large grille and indicators. The front grille of the car boasts a rigid structure offering basic design and a visual texture which shows well about the car. The front edges are a little bit blended in each other and the bonnet extends to the front along with company logo affixed on it. An indicator lamps and a number plate location is placed in between the front bumper of the car which is not in a black matte finish. The air intake is provided under the front grille of the Maruti 800. The side profile of the hatchback is also really impressive in which the outline of the side profile follows like a simple straight line on the roof and it has a steep structure near the windshield. Further a steepened design comes near the bonnet and the simple straight line defines the front grille and bumper zone of the car. Some of the features are not so luxurious but it would have the basic features such as nice door handles of chrome type, simple door knob etc. Maruti 800 comes with 12 inch wheels with radial tyres of size 145/70 R12 and it does not have any alloy wheels. The minimum turning radius of the car is measured as 4.4 m which is good. This 12 inch wheels comprises a powerful shock absorbers which minimizes the impact on car during drives and enhance the comfort level to the passengers.

Braking, Handling and Safety Features

The Maruti 800 is well designed with good and efficient braking, handling and safety features. The car has a McPherson strut front suspension with coil spring and rear suspension gets a coil spring as well as gas filled shock abosorbers. The front wheels of the car comes with disc brake and the rear wheels comes with drum brakes. The Anti Lock Braking System is present in recent models of the car but ABS and airbags are absent in previous models. The car has an intelligent computerized anti theft system prevents from steal. In order to avoid any collision, the car has a side impact beams and laminated windshield. Overall, Maruti 800 is considered to be ‘India’s first people’s car’.

Maruti 800 User Reviews


Maruti 800 Owner Review

My 800 has been around since 2002. It is a simple transportation vehicle. It has not given any big problems as the service people have. Any complaint that you give to the service station will not be looked into and they will neglect your car till the day before the delivery. If only the service was good my 800 would have lived longer. I shun from making regular service in the last year mainly due to the service provided.


Maruti 800 Owner Review

I own a Maruti 800 for the past 3 years. When I bought the car I knew that I was not to expect anything extraordinary with the car. Owning the car is a different experience, at highways you get pushed along by passing automobiles. In the city however you can drive and park easily. Service is not provided in the best possible manner. Sometimes it improves the car and sometimes it doesn’t.


Maruti 800 Owner Review

Maruti 800 is a car that has stood the test of time. I sold it some 6 years ago for half its current price. It served me well and as a basic transport it is very reliable. The service was good which I came to know after frequent visits to the service station for one too many problems. But now the car has been completely outclassed, outmodelled and outsold.


Maruti 800 Owner Review

I own 5 cars in my garage and the 800 is my least favorite of the lot. It does not match any of my other cars in speed, personality or comfort. But there is one thing about the 800 that never fails to impress me. After all this years it is damn cheap to maintain and thanks to Maruti’s success easy to service. I can confidently say that this is the car that cost me the lowest so far.

* Maruti 800 review and 800 test drive report listed here are done by experts. However advises users to check the Maruti 800 variants personally and decide as per their liking. Mileage figures quoted in the Maruti 800 review are test data and mileage in actual conditions may vary. We test drive Maruti 800 car provided by Maruti.

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