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Vicky.in offers complete information on car tyre upsizing which not only improves the performance of the car but also provides a decent look. Users can just select the tread width, aspect ratio, wheel diameter and get the suggestion as per their requirements for both existed and new tyre/wheel. The tool helps to get the exact tyre upsize for cars and replace the tyre. Vicky.in is the best place for the Indian customers who need all details regarding car tyre upsize.

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The impact of tyres on car affect its performance and comfort to a greater extent.So,inorder to enhance the performance ,it is necessary to upsize the tyre.

What is meant by up-sizing?

It is nothing but choosing the wider tyre and or a larger wheel than stock.

Why up-sizing?

  • To make the car look pleasing
  • To enhance the performance

Working of up-sizing concept:

As the wheel gets larger in diameter, the size of the tire’s sidewall must shrink to maintain the tire’s overall diameter. As the wheel-and-tire packages get larger and heavier, acceleration and fuel economy suffer. So it is fairly important to upsize the tyre in a proportionate manner, such that the overall diameter should not change much beyond 3 percent of the original. This can be achieved by using a tyre with a shorter sidewall, you can gain quickness in steering response and better lateral stability.

Benefits of up-sizing:

  • Improved response to direction changes
  • Greater contact area with the ground
  • Increased traction
  • Greater overall control and handling
  • A sleeker and more modern appearance

Methods of up-sizing:

It can be done in two-ways
  • You can retain your car’s original wheels/alloys and install a wider tyre.
  • You can opt for larger wheels and wider tyres.
Despite of the method that you choose,it is advisable to put on larger wheels up to 18”,that will have positive affect on cornering grip, braking performance, ride comfort and steering feel.

Flaws of up-sizing:

  • Increase in rim size will make the car lose its profile
  • Reduces fuel-efficiency
  • Degrade in performance
  • Wider tyres will make the steering heavier due to the larger contact patch.

Upsizing is a calculated practice which should be done according to the needs of the car and driving practices more than just aesthetic appeal. One can benefit largely from right upsizing.

Upsizing.To do so, get suggestions from our site. Just by entering the current wheel tyre and new wheel tyre that you to upsize,our site will let you know whether it is recommended for upsizing or not. Before that certain things have to be known regarding tyre size.For eg,let us take an value 185/65 R/15

185 — Refers to the width of the tread on the tyre i.e the portion which comes in contact with the road. This is measured in millimeters; in this case the tyre is 185mm wide.

65 — Refers to the height of the sidewall and is measured in percentages. In this example, the sidewall is 65 percent of the tread width. This is also known as aspect ratio.

R — Refers to radial construction. Almost all passenger cars and SUVs now come equipped with radial tyres.

15 — Refers to the size of the rim on which this tyre is designed to fit, in other words the diameter of the wheel. This is measured in inches.

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