Kawasaki Bajaj Ninja 650 Bike Features

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Damped Handlebars
Rubber damped handlebars ensure that uneven road conditions do not result in tired arms. Stay on the bike as long as you want. Slightly wider handlebar (10 mm each side) offers larger riders a little more room.

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Easier-to-read instrument panel design
New instrumentation features an analogue-style tachometer and multi-purpose LCD. Convenient new features keep riders fully informed of operating conditions.

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DRL with Hazard Lights
Day running lights ensure visibility. Hazard lights enable added visibility when required. The sculpted shape of the multi-reflector headlamp’s bulb hoods is an example of the attention given to detail on this model.

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Triple Petal Disc Brake
Triple petal disc brakes look great and deliver plenty of stopping power. New front brake pads for non-ABS models offer increased braking force.

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Rider-friendly Ergonomics
The riding position was specially designed to inspire rider confidence. An ideal relationship between the handlebars, seat and footpegs results in a comfortable and natural position suitable for a wide range of riders.

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Quick-revving 649 cm3 liquid-cooled,4-stroke Parallel Twin Engine
The 2012 engine offers more low-mid range torque for more fun and greater usability in everyday riding situations, while maintaining the smooth, high-revving character of its predecessor.

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Signature Mono Suspension
Trademark single-shock rear suspension joins the frame and swingarm, creating a line that flows smoothly from steering head to rear axle.

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Under-engine muffler
Muffler located under the engine lowers the Ninja 650's centre of gravity and contributes to the bike's highly focused appearance. Its steeper angle complements the bike's aggressive, lightweight image.