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Auto Rickshaw Ride

Auto Rickshaw is also referred as a “three wheeler”, “auto”, “tempo”, “tricycle”, “baby taxi” and many more. It is actually a common form of urban transport both as a vehicle for private usage and for hire. Entering into the Indian road and sticking out your hand with the expectation of a taxi and what do you get immediately?? Only you get a metal shell with three wheels fitted with a motor similar to a scooter with three wheels giving sound like a western lawn mower! i.e. The Auto Rickshaw. Auto Rickshaw Ride is very cheaper compared with the cost of hiring taxi and also very easy to find anywhere.

Auto Rickshaw is actually a three wheeled cab enclosed with a tight metal cabin on all areas except for the doors which helps to enter into and exit from the vehicle. The areas where the doors are empty is offered sometimes with a roll down shower curtain type cover in order to keep out rain during rainy days. The vehicle could be able to hold three passengers and one driver comfortably but nowadays it is not like that more than five passengers are supposed to be travelling in that small cabin.

Like car, the auto does not have any safety measures like seat belts, air bags etc. In India, the rickshaws are colored in black with bold yellow borders and in some cities like Delhi, it is available in green color. The important thing to be noted is that the vehicle have a very low turning radius because it is steered with a handlebar as well as it could be turned in circles at the same spot which makes them very maneuverable. This auto rickshaw could be easily handled even in heavy traffic areas.

According to the city guidelines, all rickshaws are supposed to have meters calibration and some autos don’t have that. It would deliver the top speed of around 50kmph with zig zag move and weave through heavy traffic areas.

Auto Rickshaw Benefits

The Auto Rickshaw has been designed for various purposes which are described below.

  1. Used as a personal vehicle and a hire vehicle
  2. Quite cost effective
  3. Quite good for intra city travel
  4. Safe if not driven rashly

Why Choosing Auto Services?

Auto Rickshaw is quite good to use and hire at any time at your door step round the clock. It helps to reach the destination without any hassles and if we are in any emergency situation such as catching flight, bus, train, going to hospital, schools, banks etc., auto rickshaw is the best choice. Nowadays, technology has been improved a lot and it is easily to book auto online with the help of auto booking apps. People can access the service through Call, SMS and WhatsApp with some special packages and get the benefits. With the help of these Auto Services, people can plan their journey by budget.

Auto Operators

In India, there are many auto rickshaw operators who had started their services across many metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.. and their service satisfies the demands of each and every passengers. Some of the popular auto rickshaw operators are listed below.

  1. Auto Wale
  2. Auto Raja
  3. Namma Auto
  4. Mgaadi
  5. Auto Savari
  6. Call Zila
  7. Ola Auto
  8. Book My Call Auto
  9. G Auto

G Auto, one of the auto operators offers safe and reliable service to the commuters and it helps to solve the problem of Refusal, Accessibility, Transparency and Safety for the users. It has nearly a network of 15000 auto rickshaw drivers across Ahmedabad, Delhi and many more. It has been inaugurated in 2009 in Ahmedabad and now with strength of 15000 drivers. Likewise, all other operators are also in the focus of satisfying the commuters. – Best Companion helps to access auto rickshaw at your doorstep without convincing and asking 10 autos to take you to your destination. It also paves the way to save time and effort giving a carefree transport option. Though some persons are not aware of services regarding the auto charges, special packages, hourly packages, online booking etc., this site takes you to be aware of information on quickest auto services available in India, their contact details, fares per km and per hour and all other details at a single click. In addition, you can also make auto booking online in an easy way and just check out the Auto Wale service at a glance.

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