Vehicle Transfer In Tamil Nadu

Vehicle Transfer in Tamil Nadu

Transfer of Ownership of the Vehicle from Other States

1. Who can apply for transfer of owner ship of the vehicle?
Owner of the vehicle should apply

2. What are the documents to be given?
1. Notice of transfer in Form-29 (in Duplicate).
2. Application in Form-30 in Duplicate, if it is HP.
3. PAN or GIR or Form-60/61 of I.T. Department (other than two wheelers).
4. Registration Certificate
5. Insurance Certificate
6. Proof of address (any one of the following):
(a) Ration Card
(b) Electoral Roll
(c) LIC Policy
(d) Passport size photo
(e) Pay slip issued by Govt. Office or a Local Body
(f) School Certificate
(g) Birth Certificate
(h) Affidavit sworn by the applicant before an Executive or First Class Judicial Magistrate or Notary public.
7. No objection certificate from the Financier if the vehicle held with Hire Purchase
8. Valid Tax

3.What is the amount of Fees payable?
i. Invalid Carriage Rs.10/-
ii. Motor Cycle Rs.30/-
iii. LMV
(a) Non Transport Vehicle Rs.100/-
(b) Commercial Vehicle Rs.150/-
iv. M.G.V - Rs.200/-
v. M.P.M.V. - Rs.200/-
vi. H.G.V. – Rs.300/-
vii. H.P.M.V. – Rs.300/-
viii. Imported Motor Vehicle – Rs.400/-
ix. Imported Motor Cycle – Rs.100/-
x. Any other vehicle not mentioned above Rs.150/-
xi. Compounding Fee for belated application

Up to 30 days Rs.40/-
Up to 60 days Rs.75/-
Above 60 days Rs.100/- + Service charges Rs.25/-

4.To whom should one apply?
Regional Transport Officer (or) Motor Vehicle Inspector, Grade-I / II.

5.Time limit for service to be rendered.
3 Days

Vehicle Transfer from Tamil Nadu to Other State

However if you are planning to move for few months (less than 11 months) only, then you may not have to register in the new state but you will have to pay the Road tax for that state – paying a road tax does not require NoC. However some cops still demand for that – so you may want to get it before leaving the state. But this would also mean that you may have to register your bike once again when you come back – cannot find any authoritative reference on this – If you can, please do comment.

Ideally, and as per the rules, You have to pay the road tax for a state within 1 month of entering that state (this does not need NoC) and you have to register your vehicle in that state within 1 year (this needs NoC).

Getting the N.O.C

The N.O.C or the No Objection Certificate is issued by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) of a specific region/state. This confirms that there are no dues on the vehicle and no criminal records registered against it in NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau).

Let me now describe the process for getting a NOC based on my own experience and accounts of some of my friends. I will try to be generic but the info here will be more helpful for folks who are trying to get their vehicle transferred from Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to other states. Below process refers to the transfer of vehicle and not the transfer of ownership. So you too, are moving with the vehicle.

There are 4 Steps Involved:

Step 1. The Documents

Make sure you have these documents – Driving License, Certificate of Registration (RC Book/ RC Card), Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy, Local Address proof, Clearance letter from the Financier (only in case you had bought your vehicle on loan).

Step 2. Police/Crime Records Bureau clearance.

Visit the Asst. Commissioner of Police’s office in you city and ask for a clearance. Most places give you an Enquiry form which you fill in with your personal particulars, vehicle number, Chassis no, engine no. etc. – All details will be present in your RC Card. In some cities you might have to request through a written application letter (handwritten or printed on plain paper). Following documents need to be submitted here:

Requisition/Request letter addressed to AC, CRB (Only if required)
Completed Enquiry form (will be provided to you there)
Copy of RC book/card.
Copy of Vehicle Insurance (valid)
Copy of Driving Licence of the RC owner
Copy of Local Residential proof (Ration card/DL/Passport/Letter from HR (original)/Bank Pass book).
Copy of Vehicle purchase Invoice (not mandatory)
Clearance letter from the Financier (only in case you had bought your vehicle on loan)

Important: Make sure you carry an original of all these documents for verification. If HR Letter is provided as address proof, original will need to submitted (also carry your company ID card, just in case). After all these documents are submitted, they will provide you with a receipt and you would be asked to visit the next day (or as directed) to collect your clearance certificate (Vehicle Enquiry report). The Current address need not be same as the one in RC – just need to be in the same city/state.

Step 3. PUC Certificate

Meanwhile, Get a PUC Certificate (Pollution under control) This is usually issued at major petrol pumps in the city after inspecting the vehicle (won’t take long). If not, you can probably find some small garages with desktops near RTO offices providing this service. This will be a computer generated receipt showing that your vehicle emissions are under control (usually they will be).

Step 4. The RTO Office

The moment of truth has finally arrived. Visit the RTO office where your bike is registered. Make sure you go to the right one as some cities have more than one – check your RC book/card.

Get a Form 28 – either from vendors near RTO or you can download it for free from the internet here or here. Printout/copies of the form 28 are accepted. Fill up the Form 28 – It’s a 2-page form (you can print both sides) where you provide the name of the Registering authority you are moving to – basically the name of city and state you’re moving to, and other particulars most of which you can get from the RC book/card. You need to make three copies of this form and fill up all three of them. Affix a Rs 5 Court fee stamp in one of the filled Forms (can get this from people who sell forms).

Also make a pencil trace of the Chassis number on all the three forms (For bikes this is embossed on the neck of the chassis just below the handle). You can take the trace on any corner of the form – not necessarily on the specified blank – or take the trace on a separate strip of paper and paste it on the form somewhere.

Following documents are required:

Completed Form 28 in triplicate with one of them having a court Fee stamp and Chassis pencil print on all three.
Vehicle enquiry report (Clearance from CRB – the one you got from Step 2).
Copy of RC book/card.
Copy of Vehicle Insurance (Expiry date will be checked)
Original RC book/card (Yes you need to submit this – will be returned when you collect the NoC grant)
Copy of the PUC Certificate ( from step 3)
Reason for moving to another state (not mandatory, depends on RTO) (ridiculous as it may sound, some RTO’s are asking for this now – like transfer letter from company HR etc. or just a simple application addressing the RT Officer)
After verification and submission at RTO office, Pay the fee and collect a receipt and visit the RTO again after a week or as directed by them.

In my case, the bike was registered at the Thiruvanmiyur R.T.O (Also known as RTO South Chennai). The forms and Court fee stamp are sold by some street vendors next to the RTO compound. Go to the help desk when you reach there and check with them if you have the right documents. After this staple all the copies together, attach your RC Card securely (get a plastic pouch for RC at the photocopy shop near RTO – you never know how badly your documents will be treated inside) and go to the Assistant to the RTO for verfication. After this he/she will ask you to go to the counter where you pay the fee (Rs. 50), submit your form and collect the receipt.

The fee asked for above processes is not high (Rs 20 at CRB office, Rs 50 for PUC and Rs 50 at RTO – this is for Apr 2013) and i suggest you do this without taking help of agents – they would over-charge you and it would be just as tedious. Make sure you carry all the right documents so you dont have to run around the offices.

Ideally it will take 2 trips to CRB and 2 trips to RTO and your work is done.

They usually don’t inspect the physical presence of bike at any point but you will just need it for the PUC and Chassis pencil trace.

Letter Format for Vehicle Transfer in Tamil Nadu






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