Vehicle Transfer In Sikkim

Vehicle Transfer in Sikkim

Transfer Of Ownership

1. When the ownership of a vehicle changes, the original owner (transfer) must inform the R.A with whom the vehicle was registered, within 14 days.
2. In case the new owner resides or has a place of business in the jurisdiction of any other R.A, such an R.A will also have to be informed by the transferor.
3. If the R.A in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is being transferor in another stage, then the transferor must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from his R.A and forward it to the RTO/R.A in whose jurisdiction the new owner stays. And application for NOC must be accompanied by :

A certified copy of certificate of registration.
A certified copy of insurance certificate.
Evidence of payment of all taxes up-to- date.
The new owner (transferor) must inform his RTO/R.A within 30 days and send the certificate of registration for the endorsement of ownership his name.
The certificate of registration must be accompanied by valid insurance, evidence of tax payment, proof of address and NOC if required.

Changes Of Address

1. If the owner of a motor vehicle changes his residence or place of business, he must inform the R.A of his new address within 30 days. (In case the new address falls in the juridistriction of another R.A (but in the same state) both RTOs must be informed).
2. In the event of a temporary move to another state, if the stay is likely to exceed one year, a new registration number must be obtained, from the new R.A (If the stay Is likely to be less than one year but more than 3 months, theR.A in whose jurisdiction yhe vehicle has moved must be intimated within one month of such a move).

Temporary Registration

A temporary registration is granted for a period of one month for the purpose of body building in cases where only a chassis has been provided by the manufacturer. If the vehicle is detained further in the workshop for completion of the work, further extensions (S) may be granted by the R.A as required.

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