Vehicle Transfer In Pondicherry

Vehicle Transfer in Pondicherry

Transfer of Ownership

1. Applicant shall apply in 29, 30 Forms.

2. Form 29 should be in duplicate.

3. If the vehicle is under Hire Purchase Agreement /Hypothecation, shall submit with consent of the financier in form 30 in duplicate.

4. Shall enclose R.C. with current tax, I.C., chassis pencil print 2 Nos., specimen signatures 2 Nos. of the transferee.

5. In the case of vehicle brought from other state shall enclose N.O.C. issued by the concerned authority.

6. Fees are detailed below.

i) Motor –cycle - Rs.30/-
ii) Invalid carriage. - Rs.60/-
iii) L.M.V. - Rs.100/-
iv) M.M.V. - Rs.200/-
v) H.M.V. or H.P.V - Rs.500/-
vi) Imported motor vehicle - Rs.400/-
vii) Imported motor – cycle - Rs.100/-
viii) Any other vehicle not mentioned above is Rs.150/-

Vehicle Transfer from Pondicherry to Other State

1. Take the NOC from the RTO where the car is presently registered.
2. Submit the change of ownership forms along duly signed by the existing owner and the new owner along with the NOC, address proof, insurance papers and other required documentation at the new RTO where you want to register the car.

Letter Format for Vehicle Transfer in Pondicherry





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