Vehicle Transfer In Meghalaya

Vehicle Transfer in Meghalaya

Transfer Of Ownership

Transfer of ownership of a vehicle can be applied in the concerned DTO office where the vehicle was registered. The documents to be submitted are:


1) Form No.29 duly filled up
2) Form No.30 duly filled up
3) Registration Certificate
4) Valid insurance
5) Address proof
6) NOC from the financer if the vehicle is under HPA
7) Form 28 which is the NOC for vehicle coming from other states.
8) Transfer Fee is to be duly paid.

Other State Vehicle Registration:

A vehicle which has already been registered in another state should have a valid NOC from the respective Transport office before it can be considered to be registered in Meghalaya.
Registration Fee and Hypothecation fee (if loan taken from a Bank) are to be paid.
Road tax payment is dependent on the Sale amount and the Age of the vehicle. If the age of the vehicle is less that one year, then 10 years tax is to be paid. If the age is 4 years, then tax of 6 years is to be paid. If the age is however, 10 yrs or more, a minimum road tax of 1 year is anyway realized.
Fitness validity is 15 years from the date of first registration.


1) Old Registration Certificate is to be produced in original.
2) Form 28: NOC in duplicate
3) Form 34: Duly signed by the owner and the Financer
4) Address Proof: Electric bill or letter from Headman or phone bill or EPIC
5) Valid Insurance Certificate
6) National Crime Record Bureau clearance is required which is done by the Transport Department.
7) Approval is to be obtained from the Registering Authority (DTO) for new registration of a vehicle by producing all the above mentioned documents.
8) Fee and Tax for the vehicle is then to be paid at the cash counter and receipt for the same will be given.
9) The applicant is to approach the HA with the receipt for ASSIGNMENT of Registration number.
10) High Security Registration Plate ( HSRP) Fee is also to be paid at the office. The HSRP will be fixed to the vehicle at Commissioner’s office, Sawlad.
11) After a few days of fixing the HSRP, the applicant can then collect the Registration Certificate and Fitness Certificate (in case of commercial vehicle) from the dealing assistant.

No Objection Certificate

Objection certificate for removal of motor vehicle to the jurisdiction of the registering authority of another state, may be granted on application.


1) Form No.28 duly filled up.
2) Police report stating that the vehicle is not involved in any theft case.
3) Evidence of tax payment for Transport vehicles.
4) NOC from permit issuing authority for Transport vehicles.
5) Registration Certificate
6) NOC fee of Rs.20/- is to be duly paid.

Change in Address

For change in address in the Registration Certificate the documents required are:

1) Form No.33 duly filled up
2) Registration Certificate
3) Valid insurance
4) Address proof
5) NOC from the financer if the vehicle is under HPA
6) Valid tax payment proof
7) Fee of Rs.50/- is to be duly paid.

No Objection Certificate For An Auctioned Vehicle

No Objection Certificate, for the removal of a motor vehicle to the jurisdiction of another authority may be granted on application made in Form 28. An application for issue of NOC shall be made in Form 28 (in triplicate) to the Registration Authority by which the vehicle was previously registered. The documents required are:

1) Registration Certificate
2) Certificate of Insurance
3) Pollution Under Control Certificateo

Cancellation of NOC

Even though NOC has been issued to remove the Motor Vehicle to another state, the NOC can be cancelled within a certain period if approved by the Registering Authority. Documents required are:


1) NOC slip which has been issued.
2) NOC cancellation fee of Rs.20/- is to be duly paid













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