Vehicle Transfer In Gujarat

Vehicle Transfer in Gujarat

Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle

1) Application for change in ownership is required to be made in Form-29 and 30 along with a print of chassis number with pencil.
2) For change of ownership through inheritance Form 31 and in case of change of ownership due to public auction, application in Form 32 should be made.
3) Along with the application original R.C. Book, Insurance Certificate, P.U.C. Certificate, proof of identity and address should be attached.
4) A fee of Rs.30/- in case of two wheelers and Rs.100/- in case of motor car is required to be paid as transfer fee.
5) A lump sum tax @ 15% of original lump sum tax should be paid as transfer tax, however, if, vehicle is more than 8 years old, then, tax @ 1% or Rs.100/- whichever is higher is required to be paid.

NOC (No objection Certificate) for the Vehicle

1) Application Form 28 with Chassis print should be made in triplicate.
2) A certificate from Police, N.O.C. from Financer, original R.C. Book, proof of address of purchaser, Certificate of Insurance, P.U.C. are required to be attached along with the application.

Registration of Vehicle brought from the other state

1) An application in Form-FT and Form No. 27 with Chassis print along with original R.C. Book and N.O.C. in Form 28 is required to be attached.
2) Along with application, original R.C. Book, N.O.C. in Form 28, proof of address, insurance certificate, P.U.C. Certificate should be submitted.
3) For change in ownership and address, relevant Form No. 29 and 30 or 33 should be submitted.
4) If a vehicle is brought in the State permanently, then the declaration in Form F.T. should be made within a period of 7 days.
5) The vehicle is required to be produced compulsorily for inspection.

Change of Address in RC book

An application in Form 33 along with chassis print should be made for change in address. In case vehicle has been purchased through loan or hypothecation, then N.O.C. of Financer should also be attached.
Original R.C. Book, Insurance Certificate, P.U.C. Certificate and proof of address should also be attached with the application and fee of Rs.20/- should be paid.

Change in Vehicle

1) Application should be made in Form B.T.I. and original R.C. Book, Insurance Certificate, P.U.C. Certificate should be attached.
2) A pending D.A. case is required to be cleared before change is registered.
3) A fee of Rs.150/- should be paid for this purpose, and vehicle should be produced for inspection within 14 days of such approval being given.

Letter Format for Vehicle Transfer in Gujarat




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