Vehicle Owner Search In Sikkim

Vehicle Owner Search in Sikkim

Want to know Vehicle location in Sikkim?


What so reason, It is now possible to determie the vehicle registered area. By knowing vehicle Registration number, we can determine the RTO ( Regional Transport Office) location. This will some how helpful to identify the vehicle owner. Further realtime Vehicle location is possible only if you have GPS device installed in that vehicle. So this service will not provide you any realtime location.

Please note that, this website is updated regularly and we are taking maximum effort to provide correct information.

Following are the some codes belongs to this region

SK01, SK02, SK03, SK04, SK05

List of Regional Transport Office(RTO) locations in Sikkim


Vehicle Owner Search

To find the details of any registered vehicle one should have the vehicle number. In India, the Vehicle registration details could be known in two methods – offline and online.

As we have suggested, an Indian number plate is essential to know your vehicle registration. The first thing you need to know is that the initial two letters of this number consists of 2 alphabet letters which are the abbreviation of the state in which it is registered.

To represent the RTO code for Sikkim state, use 'SK'.

Offline Method

The first way of knowing vehicle registration details is to do it in person at the RTO office. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. First find in which state the vehicle is registered from the two letters by using the above mentioned list of abbreviation.

2. Next find out in which RTO office of that particular state the vehicle is registered in.

3. The third step is to visit the RTO office and get in touch with a local agent who may help you in obtaining FOP (Form of Particulars) which contains the information sheet of the owner of the vehicle.

Online Method

Likewise, the registration details of a vehicle can be obtained through some sites too if you don't have time to go to the RTO office which are:

1.Mobile number track

Go to this website and enter the vehicle number. Then click on trace vehicle to obtain the information.


2. Codes India

This website also provides the vehicle registration details in the same way. Enter the vehicle number and then click on Go.

3. Find and trace

This website helps you to track the vehicle location, RTO information and other relevant details. It also provides a list of the number of RTO offices in every state of India.


4. Tech Dreams

The registration details of vehicles such as cars, bikes, etc; can be obtained through this site. Enter the vehicle number and then click on locate.


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