Vehicle Owner Search In Rajasthan

Vehicle Owner Search in Rajasthan

Trace Owner Information Online

In order to check the registration details of your vehicles online, just use the url given below.

In the above url, the user should login the website to search registration details.


To get full registration information of the vehicle owner, use the below url

Step 1 - Enter your registration number. If Vehicle No. is RJ 14 CA 1234 then enter "RJ14-CA" in first box and "1234" in second box

Step 2 - Enter the chassis number. If chassis No. is DFFBJC22641 then enter complete numeric and character "DFFBJC22641" and click "Submit" Button

Step 3 - Click submit button to get the registration details. If we want to edit the data, just click the clear and edit it.


Search Vehicle Information

In order to search the vehicle information, refer the url given below,

By entering the vehicle no like RJ24SF2914 without any space and clicking search vehicle data button displays the status of the vehicle.

It shows the information such as registration date, maker, model, color etc.


Vehicle Registration

India is now hub of Automobiles with been as 5th largest passenger car market in the world.

In Most of the States and UT - RTO Offices has decentralized the Punching of Records at Car Dealer Level. Dealers have access to RTO Login ID and Password - in which they can issue a number basis Series running and can punch in the details online of Owner for RTO Records. Customer is not even required to visit even once to RTO Office for registering his vehicle.

Tracing Owner Name from Car Registration Number (OFFLINE MODE - SMS to VAHAN)

Knowing Owner Name and Vehicle Details:

You can trace in Owner Name, Vehicle Registered in RTO with Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle

Have to send SMS in Format:- VAHAN{SPACE}VEHICLE NUMBER to 77382 99899


For Instance - if vehicle registration number is DL6CA0001 then send sms as :- VAHAN DL6CA001 and sms to 7738299899. In around 5 minutes - you will get a SMS from DZ-VAAHAN stating

» Owner Name as per RTO Records

» Ownership Serial Number : 1 as for First Owner, 2 for Second Owner, 3 for Third Owner

» RTO Office in which Vehicle Registered,

» Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle as per Registration Date

Important - do not have any gap in vehicle registration number while sending SMS and leave a blank space after typing VAHAN. All in Capital

Tracing Owner Address from Car Registration Number

Step - 1 (Finding State in which Vehicle is Registered)

If Sending SMS to Vahan does not work - You have to have complete registration number in order to trace the owner

First Step is to find in which state is the vehicle registered. For Rajasthan State Use the code RJ.

Step - 2 Trace RTO Office Details where Car is Registered

After knowing the State in which the vehicle is registered

Next Step is to know - in which local RTO Office of that State / UT is the vehicle registered at (For Instance - Delhi has multiple RTO Offices - Janakpuri, Sarai Kale Khan, Rohini, Mayur Vihar, Raja Garden etc) or Say Mumbai has in Tardeo, Ghatkopar, Andheri - so next step is to know the RTO Office in which the vehicle is registered

Moving an Inch Closer to a Person basis Car Registration Number

After State Registration Mark - next number digit indicate Code Assigned to RTO Offices.

Step -3 Generate FOP (Form of Particulars) for Address of Owner

Visit that RTO - Get in touch with a local agent and he may probably assist you in getting FOP (Form of Particulars)

FOP is like an information sheet about Car Owner of Registered Vehicle in RTO. It has details like - Engine Number, Chassis Number, Owner Name, Address, Loan Hypothecation - Printed on a Piece of Paper. Banks do take this practice to to generate FOP - where they do not have RC - but have registration number.

You may also try and seek assistance from agent to extract FOP basis car registration number. Is not an expensive thing - can be done basis negotiation power - estimated to be Rs 200 - 250.

Another Way for Tracing Vehicle in Rajasthan

Enter vehicle registration number to track the location
Use the url for tracing vehicle information.



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