Vehicle Owner Search In Goa

Vehicle Owner Search in Goa

Trace the Status of the Vehicle Using Registration Number

In order to find the status of the vehicle using the registration number, just follow the steps.

Step 1 - The first step is to select the vehicle type. The vehicle type may be either Transport or Non Transport.

Step 2 - Next to that, just select the RTO office in the drop down.

Step 3 - Finally, enter the Registration No in the prescribed format 'GA-01-T-8589'

Step 4 - Click Submit button and get the details.


Trace Vehicle GA-01- address

Enter Indian vehicle registration number to track the location

Use the url for tracing vehicle information.

Search Vehicle Number Location GA-01-

Trace Vehicle GA-01- North Goa district RTO & Registration owner name and address info


Knowing Owner Name and Vehicle Details:

You can trace in Owner Name, Vehicle Registered in RTO with Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle

Have to send SMS in Format:- VAHAN{SPACE}VEHICLE NUMBER to 77382 99899


For Instance - if vehicle registration number is DL6CA0001 then send sms as :- VAHAN DL6CA001 and sms to 7738299899. In around 5 minutes - you will get a SMS from DZ-VAAHAN stating

» Owner Name as per RTO Records

» Ownership Serial Number : 1 as for First Owner, 2 for Second Owner, 3 for Third Owner

» RTO Office in which Vehicle Registered,

» Fitness Certificate Expiry Date of Vehicle as per Registration Date

Important - do not have any gap in vehicle registration number while sending SMS and leave a blank space after typing VAHAN. All in Capital

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