Vehicle Owner Search In Delhi

Vehicle Owner Search in Delhi

SMS Services for Vehicle Owner Search in Delhi

SMS Number : 9811452220

This service gives the details of one/more than one Pending Notice/s which has/have been issued for violation committed by a particular vehicle registration number.

SMS Format : N

e.g. In order to find out the pending notices for the registration number DL4CD 2562 just send SMS as

N DL4CS2153

Output will be : 1 Notice pending in Notice Branch. 2 Notices are pending in Court


Information about vehicle Ownership detail (Authentic Service for Police only)

This service provides the information regarding vehicle ownership.

SMS Format : W (one space) (one space)

Example :- If the information about vehicle number DL4CD2562 is to be sought when, a SMS in following manner is to be prepared and send the same to 9811452220.

W DL4CS 2153

Output will be : Vehicle Regn. Number, Owner Name, Address, Maker Model, Colour, Engine Number, Chasis Number.


Check Vehicle Registration Details Online

If you are planning to buy a new vehicle from some unknown dealer or just wish to verify your vehicle details, here’s a tool available online to display the vehicle registration details.

You need to keep two things handy:

i) Vehicle number
ii) Chassis number

Tool is available at

By looking at the portal, it looks as if it is available for all vehicles in India but by domain name it looks to be available only for Delhi vehicles.

I tried it for a Delhi vehicle and it looked good. You can try out for vehicles from other states and do let us know if that works okay for you.



Tracing Owner Address from Car Registration Number

Step - 1 (Finding State in which Vehicle is Registered)

If Sending SMS to Vahan does not work - You have to have complete registration number in order to trace the owner

First Step is to find in which state is the vehicle registered. For Delhi State Use the code DL.

Step - 2 Trace RTO Office Details where Car is Registered

After knowing the State in which the vehicle is registered

Next Step is to know - in which local RTO Office of that State / UT is the vehicle registered at (For Instance - Delhi has multiple RTO Offices - Janakpuri, Sarai Kale Khan, Rohini, Mayur Vihar, Raja Garden etc) or Say Mumbai has in Tardeo, Ghatkopar, Andheri - so next step is to know the RTO Office in which the vehicle is registered

Moving an Inch Closer to a Person basis Car Registration Number

After State Registration Mark - next number digit indicate Code Assigned to RTO Offices.

Step -3 Generate FOP (Form of Particulars) for Address of Owner

Visit that RTO - Get in touch with a local agent and he may probably assist you in getting FOP (Form of Particulars)

FOP is like an information sheet about Car Owner of Registered Vehicle in RTO. It has details like - Engine Number, Chassis Number, Owner Name, Address, Loan Hypothecation - Printed on a Piece of Paper. Banks do take this practice to to generate FOP - where they do not have RC - but have registration number.

You may also try and seek assistance from agent to extract FOP basis car registration number. Is not an expensive thing - can be done basis negotiation power - estimated to be Rs 200 - 250.

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