Vehicle Fancy Number In Telangana

Vehicle Fancy Number in Telangana

After a lukewarm response to fancy vehicle registration numbers in the month of June, the transport department of Telangana government is observing a sudden spurt in demand as the Khairatabad Regional Transport Office (RTO) collected around `8,80,000 through auction of the fancy numbers on a single day, August 1.

Of all the numbers that were auctioned on the day, TS 09 EB 0009 generated the highest amount. It was auctioned at `2,05,000. Next to it, TS 09 EB 0007 was sold at `1,28,000 and TS 09 EB 0001 at `1,10,000.

Officials of the department said that usually there is increased demand for numbers belonging to 9 series like 0009,0099,0999 and 9999 and the demand is observed especially at Khairatabad RTO when compared to other divisions. Earlier, officials also said that the demand for fancy numbers came down in the month of June as state government reserved most sought-after numbers in the 1,6,9 series.

When asked for the reason for the increased demand now, an official said that it is because the numbers under EA series is completed and they introduced EB series. With this, numbers like 0099, 0999, 5555 etc are up for auction again. The department allots numbers from 0001 to 9999 under each series like EA, EB, EC. “With this, some more money will be generated for other numbers like TS 09 EB 6666 and so on”, said the official.

The craze for fancy numbers is also observed in case of ascending number series like 3456, 2345 etc., “Till the number series 6000 we can see ascending numbers like 5678, 6789. So usually more money is generated till number series 6000 is sold. There after, from 7000, we observe downfall,” said the official.

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