Vehicle Fancy Number In Tamil Nadu

Vehicle Fancy Number in Tamil Nadu

Govt Fancy No Advance Number Allotted by Government

1) For the first four series, that is, current series and next three series - 40,000/-
2) From 5th series to 8th series - 60,000/-
3) For 9th series and 10th series - 1,00,000/-
4) For 11th series and 12th series 2,00,000/-

For allotment of advance registration numbers by the registering authority 1) Motorcycles not exceeding 50cc - 1000/-
2)Exceeding 50cc and three wheelers including auto-rickshaw - 2,000/-
3) For imported cars and also vehicles made in India whose cost value exceeds 4 lakhs - 16,000/-
4) Below 4 lakhs - 10,000/-
5) Above 4 lakhs - 16,000/-

Charges for Getting a Fancy Number for Vehicles

The charge for getting a fancy number for 2-wheelers is Rs. 2000/-. For 4-wheelers, it is Rs. 10,000 if the car price is up to Rs. 4 Lakhs. If the car price exceeds Rs. 4 Lakhs, the charge for getting a fancy number will be Rs. 16000/-.

There are totally 96 fancy numbers.

In alphabetical order, for the letters A, B, C, & D, the charge will be Rs. 40000/-.

For the next serial letters, the charge may be from Rs. 60000/- to Rs. 100000/-.

If no one had asked for these 98 fancy numbers, these will be added to the register and allotted as per serial order.

Government Alloted Special Numbers in all Series


Application for Advance Registration Number


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