Vehicle Fancy Number In Lakshadweep

Vehicle Fancy Number in Lakshadweep

Public Notice

Applications are invited from the interested parties for the allotment of Advance Reservation of Fancy Registration No.LD 01-8000.

Interested parties can apply for allotment of fancy number by remitting an amount of Rs.2,000/- only by means of Demand Draft in favour of the Director (Road Transport)/RTO.

If more than one application is received for the allotment of fancy number, the number will be allotted by public auction.


1) In case more than one application is received, public auction will be conducted in the chamber of Director (RT) in the presence of applicants/representatives.

2) The highest bidder will be allotted the fancy number on remittance of bid amount by deducting the amount of Rs.2000/- remitted by DD.

3) If the highest bidder fails to pay difference amount by next working day, the amoutn of Rs.2000/- remitted by DD by him will be forefeited to Govt. account and the number will be allotted to the next highest bidder.

4) The Allottee of the Fancy Number should apply for registration of the vehicle within 30 days on allotment of Fancy Number by producing vehicle before the Registering Authority.

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