Vehicle Fancy Number In Jharkhand

Vehicle Fancy Number in Jharkhand

Getting a VIP registration number or any other number of your choice for vehicles in Jharkhand is set to become more expensive with the state government revising the fee and introducing the auction system.

Sources in the state transport department said, "Jharkhand is one of the few states where the registration tax is very low. Recently, a Rs 1.72 crore Lamborghini, owned by a Mumbai-based businessman, was registered in Lohardaga. The owner got the registration number JH-08E-09 by paying a petty sum of Rs 6 lakh. Had he opted for places like Chandigarh or Andhra Pradesh, he would have had to shell out at least Rs 30-40 lakh as VIP numbers there are auctioned."

In line with the system in other states, the transport department has decided to charge a fee of Rs 1 lakh for registration number 1 and Rs 50,000 for any number between 2-10, in addition to other taxes and fees. The fee for 0786, which is in great demand, has also been fixed at Rs 50,000.

In case, there are more than two applications for the same number, it will be auctioned. If the owner wants a number other than the current series, he will have to pay Rs 25000 for a new series. The special registration number fee was a meager Rs 5000 till now.

The department will not return the fee deposited for special number or allow change in the vehicle once the registration number is allotted.

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