Vehicle Fancy Number In Goa

Vehicle Fancy Number in Goa

Registration Mark:

An applicant can ask for a registration mark of his choice which shall be issued to him, provided it is available, on payment of fees prescribed under Rule 310 of Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991.

Fees Structure:

1. Assignment of registration mark within identical numerical. Two, three and four wheelers

(i) In 2 digits Rs.1000/-Rs.3000/-
(ii) In 3 digits Rs.2000/-Rs. 5000/-
(iii) In 4 digits Rs.3000/-Rs.10000/-

2. Assignment of registration mark in form of any combination Rs.2000/- Rs.4000/-

3. Assignment of registration mark in consecutive ascending order of 3 or more digits Rs.1500/-Rs.3000/-

4. Assignment of Rs.1500/-Rs.3000/- No. 786

R.C. Book can be either personally collected from the Registering Authority or received by post. A self addressed stamped envelope should be given alongwith papers for registration of vehicles.

All transport vehicles shall be produced before the Motor Vehicle Inspectors for fitness check. Only therefore, application for issue of permit will be entertained.

Goa RTO Fancy Number booking

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