Vehicle Fancy Number In Bihar

Vehicle Fancy Number in Bihar

Bihar RTO Fancy Number booking

To book a fancy number for a vehicle, visit Bihar transport department official website.

What's in a number? A lot! Ask those who have been making a beeline for getting a choice registration number for their vehicles and are ready to pay a hefty sum for it. While numerology or 'good luck' are cited as the most common reason for this, there are people who feel it makes it easier for the people to recognize their vehicles. The Patna district transport office generates more than Rs25 lakh annually by allotting choice numbers to vehicles.

Patna district transport officer (DTO) Dinesh Kumar Rai said the government had a policy regarding "fancy numbers". He said the number '0001' is the costliest in the state and one has to shell Rs25,000 for that. The price tag is Rs15,000 for numbers from '0002' to '0011', the DTO said. One has to shell our Rs10,000 for getting numbers between '0011' to '0100', he told TOI.

The DTO said there was also a provision to bypass the running queue and get a registration number out of turn. The process requires Rs5,000. Elaborating it, he said if the registration number 8860 is available as per the computer generated current queue and one wishes to get 8878, he has an option either to wait for the number to be available as per the standard operating procedure and allow others to register their vehicles or jump the queue by paying Rs5,000 as fee and get the number straight away. That apart, for the case of requirement of repetitive digits for registration plates, the DTO said they are available for a payment of Rs10,000.

It is not just flaunting a 'VIP' number; rather people have started following religiously the numerological advice, said a transport department official who did not wish to be quoted. He said there is no dearth of people who want fancy numbers on their registration plates. One such number is '8055' which when written in a typical font resembles the word 'BOSS'. Confirming his notion, Sonu, a salesman working in a private showroom in the state capital, said several people consult numerologists or astrologers while selecting a registration number for their new vehicles.

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