Vehicle Fancy Number In Andaman - Nicobar

Vehicle Fancy Number in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Islands RTO Fancy Number booking

To book a fancy number for a vehicle, visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands transport department official website.

The Fancy Number allotment module was incorporated in the Vahan software with the help of the NIC Vahan team in Chennai in coordination with the Directorate of Transport and NIC, Andaman as per the requirements and the amendment made to the A & N Motor Vehicle Rules by the Directorate of Transport.

The details of the application submitted by the user for fancy number booking are captured through the Vahan. In case of multiple applications for a particular number in a day, the booking is made by receiving bids along with the payment in the form a Demand Draft in a closed envelop, in a box. The bids are opened in front of the applicants, and the registration numbers are allotted to the highest bidder.

In the case of the successful bidder, the bid amount of the DD is be taken into account by Vahan and an official receipt issued for the reservation fee and for the bid amount.

The number applied for is reserved in the name of the highest bidder by issuing an Order. The temporary receipt issued earlier to the applicants are destroyed. The process of Fancy Number Booking and Allotment System is streamlined and has been successfully implemented at RTO, Port Blair.

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