Driving Licence In Uttar Pradesh

Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh

Guidelines For Obtaining Your Smart Card Driving Licence (SCDL)

This page has been developed as a platform to give the discerning citizen clear guidelines through which he / she can apply for, and obtain Smart Card Driving License (SCDL) without the need to depend on any outside agency. Please follow the following steps and approach the concerned office with all requisite documents to obtain your SCDL quickly and hassle-free.

Please note that:

For your Learner License, please approach the RTO / ARTO office of only that city under whose jurisdiction your place of residence is located, and for where your address proof is being submitted with your DL application form.

For issuance of Permanent DL / renewal of expired DL / issuance of IDP / Conversion of valid DL into SCDL please apply only to the RTO / ARTO office from where the original Learner License / Permanent Driving License was previously issued.

For conversion of your valid DL into SCDL please come to the office from where it was issued, submit an application, attach your valid DL, pay the fees and have your biometrics captured.

STEP ONE: Download the required application form / instruction by clicking on the link below

1. Application form for grant of Learner’s License
Form 2 / Instructions in Hindi / English

2. Application Form for Permanent Driving License
Form 4 / Instructions in Hindi / English

3. Application Form for International Driving Permit
Form 4 A

4. Application Form for renewal of Driving License
Form 9 + (Form of Medical Fitness also has to be attached)

5. Form of Medical declaration / Medical certificate, to be attached, as required.
Forms 1 & 1A

STEP TWO: Know your documents which need to be attached with your application form

1. Proof of Age (any one from out of the following)
i. Voter ID Card
ii. LIC Policy
iii. School certificate
iv. Passport
v. Birth Certificate
vi. Certificate granted by RMP, not below rank of Civil Surgeon

Please remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies are enclosed.

2. Proof of Residence (any one from out of the following)
i. Life Insurance Policy
ii. Pass Port
iii. Voter ID Card
iv. Pay slip issued by any office in the Central/State or a local body
v. Pension Pass Book
vi. Arms License
vii. ID card issued by Central / State govt

Please remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies are enclosed.

3. Certificate issued by any approved Driver Training School from where driving training has been received.
i. (Necessary in case of DL for Transport vehicles)
ii. (Optional in case of DL for Non-transport vehicles. This may provide you exemption from driving test)

STEP THREE: Know the amount of fees to be paid

1. Grant of Learner’s License for each class of vehicle (on paper) - Rs 30.00
2. Permanent Driving License on Smart Card - Rs 200.00
3. International Driving Permit (on paper) - Rs 500.00
4. Renewal of Driving License on Smart Card - Rs 250.00
5. Driving test for each class of vehicle - Rs 50.00
6. Endorsement of new class of vehicle on Smart Card DL - Rs 200.00
7. Renewal of DL on Smart Card after expiry of grace period - Rs 200.00 + penalty @ Rs 50 per year or part thereof

STEP FOUR: Come personally to the concerned RTO / ARTO office

Please come to the RTO / ARTO office personally where you wish to apply, since the issue of SCDL involves the capture of your bio-metrics and photograph. In case you have booked a time slot, please come at the pre-appointed time. You should have the following documents when you come:

1) Complete application form
2) Proof of residence
3) Proof of age
4) Certificate from Driver Training School, if mandatory. (List of approved Driver Training Schools).
5) Photographs pasted on the form wherever required.
6) A self-addressed stamped registered / speed post envelop in which your DL will be sent to you by post.

At the office, you will have to undergo the following procedure:

1) Get your documents checked
2) Pay the fees at the fee counter
3) Go on to the biometrics counter where your fingerprints, photograph and personal details will be recorded in the database. While your details are being fed in, you can also cross check them in the dual monitor, and specify corrections if required.
4) Appear for the driver test (may be exempted in case you have a certificate from an approved Driver Training School. See list).
5) After these processes are complete, you are free to go home. Your DL will be sent to your address by post. However, if you don't receive your DL in the post within 7-10 days, please intimate the concerned office.
6) Please note that in case you are applying for renewal or replacement of DL, remember to ask for an in lieu Authorization Certificate from the office, for use as proof that your DL is under preparation.

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