Driving Licence In Mizoram

Driving Licence in Mizoram

For getting learner’s licence in Mizoram follow the below steps:

1. Learn the basic traffic rules.
2. Learn the basic signs.
3. Take demo tests of our free test series for learner’s licence. The test consists of 20 questions and you need to get 16 answers (80%) correct for getting learner’s licence.
4. Go to your local RTO office. For more details visit


5. You need to fill all the form with one local address proof,permanent address proof and age proof.
6. If you are minor you require to fill consent form from guardian.
7. After that you need to take learner’s licence test and if you passes the exam you will get learner’s licence.

For getting driving licence in Mizoram follow the below steps:

1. After getting learner’s licence you can learn driving in supervision of a permanent driving licence holder.
2. If you are applying for commercial driving licence you need to learn driving from a certified driving school.
3. After having knowledge of driving and completing 30 days for the date of issue of learner’s licence. You can apply for driving licence. For more details visit


4. You have to bring a vehicle of the type to which the application relates.
5. During the test you need to drive in front of RTO authority.
6. If you pass the exam you will get your driving licence at your residence through post.

For getting International driving licence in Mizoram follow the below steps:

For getting International driving licence yo need to have permanent driving licence and Copies of Passport, Visa ( where applicable) and Air ticket for verification. You need to apply along with prescribed form and fees

Mizoram – renewal driving license

Renew driving license service is provided to user when their license is expire or run in 30 days of grace period. It need form 9 which are provided by the RTO office of transport department of Mizoram state. They can provide all type of renew service to their citizens. User can renew their license, conductor license, learner with process and document proof. Citizens need to check all given service here and apply for renew service any time with their application form 9. Applicant need to read all given details here and apply for license service they want. They can provide online website to help their citizens. Here user needs to check all details about different type of license service. Form license type are with application form is form 2 for leaner, form 1 for physical fitness, form 4 for permanent license and more. In website all content is provided by the concerned department. They can insert here new details and remove old data which is no used by person. But for learner and driving license user can book appointment form sarathi. After book date and time user need to give test. In test applicant need to pass otherwise he is not eligible for license service. Most to user want online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. But here user can check application form which is need at time of submit. After submit form user can check application status. It can provide their application form is pending or not. If it can show status pending, so contact to regional transport office with application number. They can solve all quires of user in short time. Read all given details here and apply for license renews service any time with all documents.

Procedure for renew driving license

Citizens can renew their license within 30 days of expiry without fine and after expiry date within 5 year with fine. Carry you identity proof document at time of apply renew service.

Document requires

1) Form 9 (for renew service)
2) Form 1 A (if applicant age is more than 50 year)
3) Driving license (which need renew)
4) Age proof (pan card, birth certificated, school certificate)
5) Address proof (passport, ration card, voter card and other)
6) Passport size photograph

Other supporting documents
Form 9 is avail here


Enter all mention details here: -

1) Driving license number
2) License authority by which the license was issued
3) License authority by which the license was renew
4) Date of expiry of license to drive, transport vehicles, vehicles other than transport
5) My present address, if want to change new address
6) Enter all other details for renew service.

Where to submit form

Form 9 is submitted with all supporting document to R.T.O office OR place where citizens can apply for driving license.

They can provide date on which license is provided to citizens.

Driving Licence Procedure


Licence Number Check

It is possible to check the status of licence number using the given url


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