Driving Licence In Lakshadweep

Driving Licence in Lakshadweep

Issue of Learners license/renewal of learners licence

Application for the grant or renewal of learners license shall be made in form 2 and shall be accompanied by:-

a) Medical certificate application form in form 1
b) Medical certificate form in form 1A
c) Appropriate fee specified in Rule 32

On receipt of application for learners license as mentioned above the licensing authority will scrutinise the application, if the application is in order the applicant will be intimated to appear before the licencing authority on such date, place and time as the licensing authority appoint for a test. After satisfying the licensing authority that the applicant possesses adequate knowledge and understanding of the following matters namely:-

a) The traffic signs, traffic signals and the rules of the road regulations made under section 118.
b)The duties of the driver when his vehicle is involved in accident.
c) Precausions to be taken while crossing and manned railway crossing.
d) The documents he should carry with him while driving a motor vehicle.

If the applicant has answered the question atleast 60% of the question then the applicant can consider for the issue of learners license. On answering the questions the licensing authority will issue the learners licence in form 3. All the above process will complete in a week.

Issue of Driving License and renewal of Driving License

Application for a driving licence shall be made in Form 4 and shall be accompanied by:-

a) An effective learners licence to drive the vehicle of the type to which the application relates,
b) Appropriate fee specified in rule 32 for the test of competence to drive and issue licence.
c) Three copies of the applicant's recent passport size photographs
d) A driving certificate in Form 5 issued by the school or establishment from where the applicant received instructions if any. On receipt of the application as specified above, the licensing authority will issue a test order to the applicant to appear for the driving licence test. The driving test is in three parts ie. (1) Ground test (2) Road test and (3) Oral test. The candidate those who have applied for the driving licence test should know the following:-

a) Adjust the rear view mirror
b) Take suitable precautions before starting the engine
c) Move away safely and smoothly straight ahead at an angle, while at the same time engaging all gears until the top gear is reached.
d) To change to the lower gears quickly from the top gear when the traffic conditions warrant such change.
e) Change quickly to lower gears when downhill
f) Stop and restart the vehicle on a steep upward incline making proper use of the hand break or of the throttle and the foot break.
g) Overtake allow to be overtaken meet or cover the path of other vehicles safely and take an appropriate course of the road with proper caution giving appropriate signals.
h) Give appropriate traffic signals at the appropriate time, in clear and unmistakable manner by hand or by electrical indicator fitted to the vehicle.
i) Change lanes with proper signals and with due care
j) Stop the vehicle in an emergency or otherwise, and in the latter case, bring it to rest at an appropriate course on the road safely, giving appropriate signals.
k)In the case of vehicle having a reverse gear, driving the vehicle backwards, reverse it into a limited opening either to the right or left under control and with reasonable accuracy.
l) Cause the vehicle to face in the opposite direction by means of forward and reverse gears.
m) Take correct and prompt action on the signals given by traffic signs, traffic lights traffic controllers, policemen and take appropriate action on signs given by other road users.
n) Act correctly at pedestrian crossing, which are not regulated by traffic lights or traffic police, by giving preference to persons crossing the roads.
o) Keep well to the left in normal driving
p) Regulate speed to suit varying road and traffic conditions
q) Demonstrate general control of the vehicle by confident steering and smooth gear changing and braking as and when necessary
r) Make proper use of the rear-view mirror before signaling beginning maneuvering moving away, altering the course to overtake, turning right turning left and at junction of the road.
s) Make proper use of accelerator, clutch, gears breaks, steering and horn.
t) anticipate the actions of pedestrians, drivers of other vehicles and cyclists
u) take precautions at cross roads and road junctions with regard to:

i) adjust of speed on approach
ii) proper use rear view mirror
iii) correct positioning of the vehicle before and after turning to the right, left.
iv) avoidance of cutting right hand corners
v)looking right left and right again before crossing or emerging.

Applicants those who have passed driving test will issue the license within 7 days on proper acknowledgement.

Renewal of Driving license

Application for the renewal driving licence shall be made in Form 9 and shall be accompanied by:-

a) Application Cum Declaration as to physical fitness
b) Medical certificate
c) Four copies of recent passport photograph
d) Appropriate fee specified in Rule 32

On receipt of application for renewal of driving license as mentioned above licensing authority will scrutinise the application, if the application is in order the applicant will be intimated to receive the license after 7 days.

Furnishing of details of Motor Vehicles registered to Ministry/Administration

The details of the registered motor vehicles shall be furnished to the Ministry/Administration before 30th of April in each year.

Furnishing of details of driving license issued

The details of driving licence will be intimated to the Ministry and Administration before 30th of April in each year.

Licence Number Check

It is possible to check the status of licence number using the given url https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrportal/sarathi/DlDetRequest.jsp


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