Yamaha Cygnus Alpha Review

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Large underseat storage space. Stylish instrument cluster.Comfortable seat
Absence of disc brake at the front which would add utility value along with styling.
Rs. 49336
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Yamaha Cygnus Alpha Review

Yamaha makes its debut in the scooter segment with the launch of Yamaha Ray, which is bounded to the feminine gender. Later, Yamaha introduced the RayZ to woo the youngsters. And now, there has been a talk that though Yamaha make its late entry in to the scooter segment among the major manufacturers, it seems to be the latest in bringing out the new model named Cygnus Alpha that claims to be the family scooter in a way that get appealed to both the gender. Let’s see, whether it is true if so, how far it is?


Yamaha Alpha gets such a trendy, up-market and stylish look, that makes it entirely different from of its Indian scooter rivals .It underpins its base onto the Ray platform. Alpha gets curvy lines and creases rather than sharp and lean body.The saddle height measures up to 775mm.Alpha is a light weighted scooter with the kerb weight of 104kg.Presence of broader headlamps at the handle level. Instrument cluster said to comprise of all such essential prerequisites like speedometer, odometer and fuel-gauge .The console is very clear to read and has a very nice design. Switches gives a nice feel to touch thus high quality scooter, good vision is attained with the mirrors that can be adjusted in a solid manner. Handling grips and nice-control levers gives us plush feeling. Switch gear quality is average but that doesn’t come up to one’s expectations from Yamaha. One thing that is to be worried is the lack of rear brake locking clamp and the storage cubbies under the handlebar, however there is lockable under-seat storage bay that is spacious enough .Flat and nicely textured footboard has been provided so that the riders can place their feet easily on it. Alpha that is being built with best-in-class quality gives a premium feel.

Engine and Performance:

The engine which tends to power up the Ray that is 113cc,single-cylinder,four-stroke and force air-cooled engine is set to power up the Cygnus Alpha.The engine has been built in such a manner to provide convenience while getting through the congested traffic and crowded areas. This button started, carburetor-fed, long stroke engine gets mated to the CVT-type transmission. Maximum of 7.1PS of power at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.1Nm of torque at 5000 rpm is being driven from the the engine. Thumbing at the start button, one can accelerate at the smooth power delivery thus getting a good throttle response. But while riding at high speeds, one can feel the vibrations that are embarrassing. One can ride at the top speed of 85kmph.Alpha engine too inherits its family heritage of reliability and refreshness that can be felt in each and every move.

Riding and Handling:

The suspension system is good that gets the telescopic forks at the front and a single monoshock suspension united to the engine at the rear end.Riding dynamics are good as like that of its sibling Ray,since both share the same wheelbase. The seat has good riding posture,well positioned handlebars,well paddled saddle and well cushioned. The grab rails are nicely contoured and comfortable enough to handle for the pillion riders. Handling is light in case of Alpha irrespective of the condition of the Indian roads. Stability is gained through the means of grippy,MRF-made tyres. It rides on 10-inch pressed steel rims front and rear.It would be better,if alpha comes with alloy rims and front disc brake as a paid option. The highlighting feature comes with the 130mm drum brakes, with which one can immediately halt the scooter even while riding at high speeds with nice progressive feel at the layers. The scooter feels stiff while negotiating broken roads and tends to bottom out over bumps with a well built pillion on board. Mileage would come up with the range of 40-45kpl.


As a good package that is an expert in terms of handling dynamics,peppy engine and comfortable ergonomics, it arrives at Rs 47,395(ex-showroom,Delhi).thus offered as a good value-for-money. Even its rivals won’t able to compete either with its good suspension system or good quality feel. Thus there prevails a hope that Yamaha will soon earn its reputation in the Indian scooter market.

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha User Reviews

My experience on test ride

By naterpal
In a mindset to purchase a scooter I went to the showroom,the flashy appearance with a variety of colors to choose,Alpha attracted me.I booked it for a test ride of about 1000kms.In a mixed riding conditions,I got nearly 44kmpl.Riding experience is really nice.NVH levels have been improved.Hope the mileage would get increase by t he first service.Now I feel happy to buy this scooter

have a safe family ride

By Guruprasad
This scooter is very suitable for a whole family.Comfortable large seats to have a long ride.Suitable for shopping incase of large storage space.Due to telescopic and firm suspension,the safe and security is guarenteed while riding.

Decent performer

By Kun
Very suitable for street and city ride.Handling is easy with the lightweightedness of the scooter.Moreover there is enough storage space under the seat that is spacious enough to store the helmet

Good Mileage

By Mahammad hasham
It has been 3 weeks I bought this scooter.Even before the first service I am getting nearly 50kmpl.I am sure I will get more than this after the service.It is a good performer.I am satisfied with it.

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