Honda CR-V 2.4L AWD AT in Himalayas

A user review on Honda CR-V.Written By Bharat Shahane on 12 September, 2019

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1. Comfortable, spacious. 2. Beautiful motor. 3. Smooth ride. 4. Reliable. 5. Excellent on level roa

1. Poor mileage. 2. Low clearance. 3. Large turning radius. 4. Power/weight ratio unfavourable for h

Used in Ladakh and Sikkim Himalayas upto height 4500m as if it were an ordinary Mahindra Jeep, not a so called upmarket SUV. Comments confined to only issues I think are important: 1. Weight/Power ration skewed. A 2.7 or better a 3L motor reqd on typically steep Sikkim roads, but manageable in Ladakh. 2. Poor turning radius. 3. Relatively lower ground clearance for a AWD SUV risks scraping the undercarriage. 4. A SWB version with higher clearance and a 2.7L motor would have done far better. 5. The A column or post to right and slightly in front of driver blocks critical viewing angle 30-45 degrees to the right making it difficult to see roads that turn right or traffic coming from there. 6. Other than all above, a darn fine vehicle! Almost at par with the Lexus RX300/Toyota Harrier RX300 (not to be confused with Tata Harrier!)

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