Rescue First Road Assitance Pro displays all the information regarding Rescue First car roadside assistance Pro details. Rescue First Pro includes emergency breakdown assistance, towing vehicle in regular tow trucks and cab assistance. People can avail best-in-class facilities with the Pro of Rescue First car roadside assistance.

Rescue First
Package Price : ₹ 2,250

Terms And Conditions:

Pro Plan includes

1) Flat tyre assistance
2) Puncture Fixing
3) Delivery of Emergency Fuel
4) Minor Roadside Repairs
5) Towing Assistance - Flatbed Towing upto 30 kms once a year
6) Taxi Service
7) Key Recovery Assistance Once a year
8) Medical Info Assistance
9) Rescue Assist Services
10) SMS Relay Services
11) No Use Discout
12) Member Offers
13) Membership Transfer
14) No. of Assistances - unlimited

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