Mericar Road Assitance Hot Deal-3 displays all the information regarding Mericar car roadside assistance Hot Deal-3 details. Mericar Hot Deal-3 includes emergency breakdown assistance, towing vehicle in regular tow trucks and cab assistance. People can avail best-in-class facilities with the Hot Deal-3 of Mericar car roadside assistance.

Package Price : ₹ 2,000

Terms And Conditions:

This deal includes
1. Windshield free of cracks
2. Body panel colors match
3. Magnet adheres to all steel body panels
4. Fresh paint job
5. The trunk and hood close are properly aligned
6. Doors and fenders meet are properly aligned
7. body scratches
8. body dents
9. Windshields wipers and blades fully functional
10.Headlights and directional lights intact and fully functional
1. Tyres are a reputable brand
2. Tyres are all of the same make
3. Tyres are of free of cuts, bubbles or cracks
4. Uneven wear and suspension problems
5. Spare tyre, jack and lug wrench on car
Spare Tyre Inflated Engine
1. Free of fluid or oil leaks
2. Oil filler neck not coated with thick
3. Battery terminals free of corrosion
4. Oil dip stick free of dark, black oil
5. Free of odors while engine is running
6. Exhaust pipe emissions are neither blue or black
1. Vehicle rests levelly
2. Check creaking noises when bouncing the cars corner
3. All corners respond the same when bouncing
1. Seats unworn and free of cracks
2. All doors open and close freely
3. Trunk opens and closes freely
4. Lacks a heavy scent of air freshener
5. All gauges work
6. Dashboard warning lights
7. Stereo works
8. Heater works
9. Air conditioner works
10.Windshield wipers work
11.Windshield wiper fluid dispenses properly
12.All seats equipped with functional seat belts
13.All seats adjust properly
14.Power windows operate properly
15.Sunroof opens and closes properly
16.Car alarm works
17.Trunk and driver-side door lock
18.Hazard lights function properly
19.Headlights, including brights, work properly
1. Chassis is neither bent nor cracked
2. Signs of crumpling or straightening inside the trunk
3. Frame holes inside outer edge clean and free of scratches
Automatic Transmission
1. Transmission fluid looks clean, not dirty or gritty
2. Transmission neither slips nor delays when driving
1. Each gear shifts smoothly
2. No grinding noises when in reverse
1. Vehicle steers
2. Parking brake engages and disengages freely
3. No grinding noises when applying brakes
4. Wheels do not lock when applying antilock brakes
1. Vehicle does not drift to one side without prodding
2. Vehicle is stable; no shaking or vibrating
3. No resistance in the steering wheel when turning
4. No clicking or clunking when turning
1. Inspection of car is NOT evaluation. It is just inspection to know about Car Health
2. Customer (used car buyer) will arrange inspection of car at MeriCAR Selected Workshops.
3. MeriCAR team or mechanic will not talk or communicate with seller . It is entirely customers responsibility to arrange inspection at service station.
4. Membership will be issued to members . Not transferable.
5. One car can be inspected in this package all across New Delhi/NCR
6. Prior booking for any service is must. (1 day before inspection)
7. Report of assessment/inspection will take 1 day, given in printed form (hardcopy and email)
8. MeriCAR team and mechanic have no responsibility if seller do not agree selling car.
9. Seller has to be present while inspection, sign and allow inspection of his car.

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