Mericar Road Assitance Hot Deal-1 displays all the information regarding Mericar car roadside assistance Hot Deal-1 details. Mericar Hot Deal-1 includes emergency breakdown assistance, towing vehicle in regular tow trucks and cab assistance. People can avail best-in-class facilities with the Hot Deal-1 of Mericar car roadside assistance.

Package Price : ₹ 1,699

Terms And Conditions:

This deal includes
1. FREE Paid Service .(Labour charges only, oil filter and consumable to be paid) (Worth Rs. 1000)
2. FREE 24x7 PROMPT On road car breakdown Emergency services. (Worth Rs.850)
3. FREE Wheel alignment & Wheel balancing. (Worth Rs. 300)
4. FREE Car check up.
5. FREE 3 Complete Car Wash at workshop. (every 3 months) (Worth Rs. 350x3 = Rs.1050)
6. 50% Discount on Car Dry-cleaning or Polishing at your doorstep. (Worth Rs. 1000 - 1500 depending upon car segment)
7. FREE Assistance For: - (*Save your time & effort).
- Buy Car accessories
-Car Insurance
8. Discount on all paid car services
1. Members will receive total 8 coupons through Email.
2. Only ONE CAR will registered to one membership.
3. Prior Booking for any service is must.
4. Total 3 car wash coupons.
5. You can avail coupon at selected MeriCAR workshops.
Please ask for nearest MeriCAR workshop member.
6. 24x7 Car breakdown services can be used using same Membership ID.Click to more
7. This offer is NOT applicable in the following cases
7.1. customer buy spare parts from outside & ask for installation.
7.2. Home Services (when your car is at home) should not be consider under 24x7 On-Road EMERGENCY SERVICE. NOTE: We can send car mechanic from nearest workshop.
7.3. Unmaintained and Old Used (over 10 years) Car bought WITHOUT inspection and have frequent car breakdown on the road.

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