What is the solution for starting problem in Honda CB Unicorn 160?

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Q : What is the solution for starting problem in Honda CB Unicorn 160?
A : 1) Check petrol flow to the carburetor
2) Apply choke and then try to start
3) Check spark plug for good spark
4) Don't raise the engine once the bike starts for few seconds. It losses fuel and thereby mileage. Keep the engine at idle for two minutes and then start riding
5) Check whether the headlamp or any other electrical is switched on. Switch it off and then try
6) If your bike is featured with electric start, check the battery is in charged state. Try the kick start too
7) Switch off the bike, then kick start it for 3-4 times, then switch on the engine and give a kick

How to push-start your bike/scooter

If your bike refuses to start despite checking all the necessary items. Push start your bike through bump-starting. Slot the bike in 1st gear, engage the clutch, get the bike to a speed of 5kmph (by pushing).Release the clutch and start the engine simulatenously.

Method 1: You can push start the bike on your own as shown in the picture below. Go downhill so you don't need much effort

Method 2: You can take the help of a pedestrian to push your bike

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