What is road tax of Audi A8 L car?

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Q : What is road tax of Audi A8 L car?
A : The Road Tax for Audi A8 L is ₹ 7,020
S.No Road Tax Gross Weight Range(in Kg)
1) ₹ 4,880 400 kg - 1500 kg
2) ₹ 7,020 1500 kg - 2000 kg
3) ₹ 13,590 2000 kg - 10000 kg

A tax levied on an individual or business for the use of an vehicle on roads located within the city, state or municipality is meant by the term Road Tax. It is also called as vehicle excise duty. It is an annual tax on the ownership of road vehicles, frequently referred to as "car tax" although it applies equally to vans, lorries and motorcycles. The duty is administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Owners of vehicles who have paid the duty are issued with a "tax disc", which must be displayed prominently on the vehicle. Vehicle Excise Duty would increase by inflation only and that VED would again be frozen for road hauliers.

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