Electric Bike in India

Electric Bike or Ebike or Electric Scooters cam as an alternative to fossil fuel dominated auto industry to reduce pollution. However, unlike the west, in india, electric two wheeler industry is still at nascent stage. Even the well known auto enthusiast won't be aware of developments in Electric Bike sector in India. Vicky.in helps you by providing the latest information about Electric Bike and Electric Scooter sector in India. You can find the specifications, dealer and price information of all major Electric Bike manufacturers in India including Hero, Yo byke and BSA. Due to highest levels of technological advancement and innovations, electrical vehicles are faster now. These vehicles are really suitable for the middle class people while compared with gasoline motorcycles since ebikes are cost effective and affordable. The main purpose of preferring the Electric Bikes is to reduce the pollution and save our environment. Vicky.in offers the information about the Electric Bikes in India with price details, reviews, pictures and specification. There are 21 Electric Bikes available in India and some of the popular bikes include Enigma Intense, Enigma Muscular, Hero Electric Zion, BPG UNO, Hero Electric Cruz and many more. Find all your favourite Electric Bike details in India. E-bike and Electric Scooter from all popular manufacturers are listed here.

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