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Electric Bike or Ebike or Electric Scooters cam as an alternative to fossil fuel dominated auto industry to reduce pollution. However, unlike the west, in india, electric two wheeler industry is still at nascent stage. Even the well known auto enthusiast won't be aware of developments in Electric Bike sector in India. Vicky.in helps you by providing the latest information about Electric Bike and Electric Scooter sector in India. You can find the specifications, dealer and price information of all major Electric Bike manufacturers in India including Hero, Yo byke and BSA.Due to highest levels of technological advancement and innovations, electrical vehicles are faster now. These vehicles are really suitable for the middle class people while compared with gasoline motorcycles since ebikes are cost effective and affordable. The main purpose of preferring the Electric Bikes is to reduce the pollution and save our environment. Vicky.in offers the information about the Electric Bikes in India with price details, reviews, pictures and specification. There are 21 Electric Bikes available in India and some of the popular bikes include Enigma Intense, Enigma Muscular, Hero Electric Zion, BPG UNO, Hero Electric Cruz and many more. Find all your favourite Electric Bike details in India. E-bike and Electric Scooter from all popular manufacturers are listed here.

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Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters Price

Since the usage of petrol,and diesel vehicles is high,there are less chances to know about the electric vehicles.There will only a few,who know about the electric-vehices,its usage and its benefits.But now-a-days,there is depletion over the fossil fuel resources,thus there is a hike in price of fuels.This mainly affects the purchasing power of middle class people.considering all these factors into mind,electric vehicles makes its debut int eh Indian market.Electric vehicles inlcudes e-bikes and electric-scooters.They play a key role in making the the surroundings pollution-free,through the elimination of CO2 emissions.Also,they tend to be cost-effective and affordable.So,there is need to get a mt-3 idea about the electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles consists of two kinds.
  • e-bikes
  • electric scooters
Irrespective of the kind,battery gives the new lease of life to the vehicle.Teh vehicle lifespan depends upon the battery charge lasts.So,it is necessary that one has to charge the battery atleast from 6-8 hours for the longevity of the lifespan.


Electric cycles are generally termed as e-bikes.IT is nothing but a bicycle that gets loaded with additional kit that includes battery pack,an electric motor that get itself hinged to the front,rear or bothwheels and controller.Large wheels are most likely to be a support while riding over the hilly terrains and trails.

Driving mode:

1.pedal-assist mode Here,the riders input will act as the throotle signal to make up the e-bike run. 2.Twist and go mode: Here you have to turn the controller on,then the throttle has to be twisted and pulled,thus the throttle will drive the bike similar to that of traditional gas powered scooters.

Storage space:

It has been in provision through the attached saddle bags,bungee cords or other rear carrires.The riders can also wear backpack.Thus proving that thers is not much space for storage.

Security Features:

e-bikes lacks in such features.

Electric scooters:

It is like that of the traditional gas powered scooters that come along with battery pack as an added feature.Unlike e-bike,it possess wheels of small diameter that are maneuverable.

Driving options:

Here there is only option left with the commuters,that is the Twist and go mode,where you have just to turn on the throttle to start your ride.

Storage space:

There is provision of large stroage sapce under the seat that is locakble and water-proff as well.Rear cargo box have also been offered for storage.

Security Features:

Features like built-in alarm and immobilizer which are absent in case of e-bikes are present in these scooters inorder to prevent looting.In addition to this,steer locking is being added.

Pros of Electric Vehicles:

Now one gets an idea about electric vehicle,What are its kinds? How to use it?The next question that you raise is what the use of e-bike?How far it is beneficial to us?Because still some people are there who doesn't know about the advantages it tends to offer in terms of economy,user-friendly and eco-friendly. Here we jot down some points on its advantages.

E-Scooter benefits:

  1. There is no need of license or insurance
  2. Less Expensive than gas powered vehicles
  3. Provision of efficient and affordable parking options.
  4. Creates pollution-free environment
  5. More reliable than gas-powered vehicles
  6. Reduces the global warming thus proves to be eco-friendly
  7. Allowed on bike lanes and commuter rails
  8. Ensures safe riding,since one can ride at low speeds,due to the limations that is being imposed on the speed.
  9. Due to small seat height,one can gain sharp visiblity and cut-through mt-3ance
  10. Protection kits are offered to endure the adverse climatic change

E-bike benefits:

  1. Avoid the need for license and insurance
  2. No plastic panel to damage in case of mishaps
  3. Easily could penerate through the congested traffic.
  4. cycling exercise tends to keep the health fit and healthy
  5. One can gain more concentration over riding through e-bikes
  6. Adheres well with the public trasnportation like buses,cars etc
  7. Gets adapted in a way to make use of locally produced solar or wind power for charging.
  8. Tends to more safe than other vehicles mainly due to teh restriction affixed on speeds especially on high-ways
  9. Ease of service and replacement parts.
  10. Quality and ease of maintainance is good.

Flaws of Electric Vehicles:

Apart from it benefits that is being offered,there are also some flaws found witht this electric vehicles.Inspite of its eco-frinedliness and cost effectiveness,it found to be lack in


Due to the heavy weightedness of th battery,the performance tends to be slow

Driving range-

The distance that we drive mainly depends upon the charge lasts in the battery.So,driving range per charge is poor when compared to that of the milleage that the gas powered vehicles tends to yield.

Practicality and luxury:

The devices and components that are offered in case of gas powered vehicles cant be offered.The main reason is that addition of all such components would lead the battery to drain up very quicky,that would badly affect our driving.

Best mode for Commuting:

The fact is this moped is not suitable for all occassions.But I can assure you that the e-bike is the best mode of transportation for commuting to and from work especially amidst the conjested areas,where you can easily go faster.Moreover you dont have to pay any extra charges for parking. Cheap rate,affordable parking,provision of friendly ambience.All these factors would surely drags a person to move into the electric vehicle segment.So,you would come to a decision of purchasing one.


Now let us know who are all the manufactures of this sector, thus enabling one to get the best product on sale. Ampere,YO Bykes,Hero Electric,Ultra Motors etc are the leading producers of electric vehicles.


It is the Gujarat based company that plays a vital role in the segment of electric vehicles. It introduces many bike models ranging from 200-250watts.When you consider the case of YO-Smart scooter model,it is light weight and compact,yet it has the payload capacity of 75kg.As usual, charging duration ranges from 6 to 8 hours,for which one could get the mileage of driving charge up to 75 km.Even one can ride at the top speed of 25km/hr.

Hero Electric:

It has been one of the leading sellers of electric vehicles.The company brings out product that are rich in power along with extra battery backup, thus capturing the market of electric bikes in India.Maxi,Optima,Esprint and WaveDx are some of the electric scooters produced by Hero Electric.

Ultra Motors:

Ultra Motor Company is globally known for its production of electric vehicles.Some of its popular models are Marathon,A2B Metro and A2B Hybrid.The product named Velociti has been evolved as a result of joint venture between Ultra Motor and Hero Exports Private Ltd, an affiliate of Hero Cycles Ltd.It has been offered with extra power.

Ampere Vehicles:

It is also one of the known manufacturer for electric scooters.Ampere V60,Ampere Abhi,Ampere Adya are some of its products.Ampere V60 has an autonomy of 55km on single charge and top speed of 25km/hr.One thing to be noted is ARAI Certification was attained for this Ampere V60.

Vicky.in- google for electric scooters:

Vicky.in proves to be the source of information on specification,price details of the specified product that you choose.You can also fetch the contact details of nearby dealers in the city where you reside.Further,now-a-days,even the weel-known auto enthusiasts won't be aware of developments in Electric Bike sector in India. With the aid of this site, one can get updated with the latest news on the upcoming electric scooters in India.

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