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EMI: ₹ 17,972

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What we Like it
Sleek and Stylish design
What we don't Like it
Wide price gap between variants and uninspiring handling of the vehicle.

About Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen which is renowned for introducing the products that are rich in best-in class features and safety standard launched the face lifted model of mid-sized Vento. Major changes are done on the engine part that the 1.5 litre TDI unit, the stripped down version of the old 1.6 litre motor has been designed to power up the new Vento. This power train is found to get mated to all new 7-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission unit thus improving the power and fuel efficiency.Cosmetic upgrades have been done at the exterior part that includes new headlamps,bumpers,15”alloy wheels and tail-lights. The interior design looks more impressive mainly due to the piano black finish dashboard that bears the three-spoke steering wheel and controls for the audio and telephony. For the sake of entertainment, following hi-tech features are being added. High end Blaupunkt Infotainment System with GPS navigation, Android powered Bluetooth,7-inch TFT touchscreen color display are such features.Feature packed with all such exciting features, Vento is priced at Rs 7.44 –Rs 10.49 lakhs (ex-showroom,Delhi).

Volkswagen Vento Pictures

Volkswagen Vento Car Models

Volkswagen Vento is available in 15 variants. View below listing of variants based on their fuel type. Upcoming variants of Vento are also listed here.

Volkswagen Vento Petrol Variants

1598 cc,1.6-litre MPI engine

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₹ 8,16,000

1598 cc,1.6-litre MPI engine

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₹ 9,14,000

1598 cc,1.6-litre MPI engine

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₹ 10,00,000

1197 cc,1.2-litre TSI engine

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₹ 10,38,000

1197 cc,1.2-litre TSI engine

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₹ 11,30,000

Volkswagen Vento Diesel Variants

1498 cc,1.5-litre TDI engine

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₹ 9,46,000

1498 cc,1.5-litre TDI engine

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₹ 10,39,000

1498 cc,1.5-litre TDI engine

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₹ 11,36,000

1498 cc,1.5-litre TDI engine

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₹ 11,67,000

1498 cc,1.5-litre TDI engine

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₹ 12,59,000

Volkswagen Vento Competitors

Editorial Test Drive Review of Volkswagen Vento

Updates of Volkswagen Vento

April 8,2011 - Volkswagen, the German luxury car maker launched the Indian Premier League (IPL) variant of its mid-size sedan Vento priced around Rs.7.24 lacs in the ex-showroom,Chennai.It comes with a 1.6 litre petrol engine.It is composed of the state-of-colour art touch screen multimedia player that includes a navigation system, plush leatherette seats, IPL decals (a process of transferring designs from specially prepared paper to the surface of glass or porcelain), specially crafted door sill garnish with an IPL logo.The company offered a free cricket kit as a gift to the buyers of Vento’s IPL edition.

August 12,2010 - Volkswagen announced the price for all the variants of its Vento in India.The company has priced the Volkswagen Vento between Rs 6.99 lakhs and 9.23 lakhs.It also declared that the new sedan will be available from 6th Sepetember 2010.

July 6,2010 - German car-maker Volkswagen unveiled its entry-level sedan, 'Vento', in India.Vento which is available in both petrol and diesel engine versions was specially designed and manufactured in India.It is equipped with 1.6 litre engine and available in two trim levels namely ‘trendline' and ‘highline'. Vento comes with best-in-class safety and luxury features and was specifically designed with the expectations and wants of Indian customers in mind.

Volkswagen Vento Review

Volkswagen Vento has been launched in the aim of giving a direct competition to the market leader Honda City.Vento is available as both petrol and diesel engine options and has five variants namely Vento Trendline M/T (Petrol), Highline M/T (Petrol), Highline A/T (Petrol), Trendline M/T (Diesel) and Highline M/T (Diesel).It features a 1.6 litre engine.Its Highline A/T (Petrol) variant is packed with six speed automatic transmission.The remaining variants of Vento are packed with five speed manual transmission.Let us see in detail below about the features of Vento.

Design and Comfort


Volkswagen Vento is endowed with a simple,handsome design and a stylish luxurious look.The front end of Vento features chrome highlights on the chin, lower grille design and round foglamps and at the rear side it features a huge boot that looks so big.It also holds a bit old-fashioned tail-lamp design.It adopts the Polo’s MacPherson strut front suspension and non-independent trailing arm rear setup which was modified to adjust for the wider track.Its steering has been made heavier than Polo by fine-tuning the software on its electric setup.It features consistent panel gaps but its disappointing feature is that the way the doors shut with an unsatisfying and deep crash and obviously it reflects at the light build of the Vento.


Vento’s interior features a classy and understated cabin.It also holds high quality silver accents but the quality of plastics used is of low standard.The switches present are solid and tactile.The tiny buttons on the console present on the highline variants for the climate control seems to be out of sync with the other chunky looking switchgear. The absence of an external boot release is also an inconvenient factor.The front seats are extremely comfortable with good under-thigh support.The rear seats have lots of legroom and headroom and also has a less swoopy roof line.The Highline variant of Vento in addition possess power mirrors, climate control, 15-inch alloys ABS, front airbags, CD/MP3 player, remote locking and adjustable driver’s seat height.There’s a big cubbyhole in the centre console, one centre armrest and the most useful glovebox .

Engine Capacity and Performance

Volkswagen Vento is available in both petrol and diesel versions.Both the versions are feature a 1.6 litre angine.The Petrol version of Vento has a displacement of 1598cc and generates a power of 105PS at 5250rpm.It produces a maximum torque of 153Nm at 3800rpm.Two of its petrol variants are packed with five speed manual transmission and its Highline A/T (Petrol) variant alone is packed with six speed automatic transmission.

Vento’s diesel variant also has a displacement of 1598cc and churns out a power of 105PS at 4400 rpm.The maximum torque produced by the diesel variants of Vento is 250Nm at 1500-2500rpm.Both of its diesel variants are packed only with five speed manual transmission.Tha amazing feature of the Vento’s diesel engine is its broad torque spread.No doubt,the highly powerful engines of Vento surely plays a vital role in offering great performance.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The petrol variants gives a vento mileage of 15kmpl and Vento’s diesel variants offer a mileage of 20kmpl.It possess a very good fuel economy and has a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres.The fully filled fuel tank makes the car to move up to 830 kilometres.


Volkswagen Vento features cast aluminium alloy wheels and large size tyres.The large sized tyres of Vento greatly helps in controlling the car and also reduce the rate of skidding.Vento’s Trendline variants are fitted with 14 inches steel wheels with full wheel caps and a 14 inches steel spare wheel.Similarly,its diesel variants are fitted with 15 inches alloy wheels along with a 14 inches steel spare wheel.


Volkswagen Vento comes with ventilated disc brakes at the front end wheels and drum brakes at the rear end wheels.The anti-lock brakes are available only in Highline variants.

Ride and Handling

The quality of ride in Vento is not as good as expected.At low speeds,it offers sophisticative rides and also absorbs the bumps well but it will not offer such comfortable rides at high speeds.It is packed with an inconvenient suspension.As like Polo, the Vento’s ride is not as flat or consistent as we would have liked.The electric steering also does not exactly blow up with feel.The longer wheelbase and the wider rear track give stability to the Vento through the corners but it will not offer quick direction changes and on the limit the Vento understeers strongly.It features light steering, soft clutch and easy gearshifts which makes it a pleaure to drive in traffic.

Vento colours

The available Vento colours are Candy White,Flash Red,Terra Beige,Shadow Blue,Reflex Silver and finally Deep Black.

Vento Models

Volkswagen Vento Petrol Trendline

This basic variant comes equipped with 14" steel wheels with full wheel caps, Black exterior door handles & mirrors, Radio preparation with speaker & antenna pre-wiring, 14" steel wheels with full wheel caps, etc.

Volkswagen Vento Petrol Highline

This variant is comprised of all the standard features of Trendline along with some extra features like ABS, Front Airbags for driver and co-driver, Climatronic automatic air conditioning, Radio with CD player MP3 and four speaker including roof Antenna, Fog light, front & rear , 15” Alloy wheels, etc.

Volkswagen Vento Petrol Highline AT

It comes with similar features as Volkswagen Vento Petrol Highline, with the only difference being its automatic transmission gearbox.

Volkswagen Vento Diesel Trendline

It comes with the same features as Volkswagen Vento Petrol Trendline except diesel engine.

Volkswagen Vento Diesel Highline

It comes with the same features as Volkswagen Vento Petrol Highline except diesel engine.

Volkswagen Vento price

The onroad vento prices in the ex-showroom,Delhi as on April 29,2011 are as follows:

Vento Trendline M/T (Petrol) :Rs.7,91,000

Vento Highline M/T (Petrol) :Rs.9,28,000

Vento Highline A/T (Petrol) :Rs.10,37,000

Vento Trendline M/T (Diesel) :Rs.9,01,000

Vento Highline M/T (Diesel) :Rs.10,39,000

Volkswagen Vento Sales Figures and Report

Know the sales figures of Volkswagen Vento sales figure in months of October,September,August,July,June,May,April,March,. The sales statistic shown here reveals how Vento scores against its competitors. You can also compare Vento with its competitors sales chart

No of Volkswagen Vento cars sold in October 2017
Month & Year Sales
September-2017 794
August-2017 876
July-2017 648
June-2017 582
May-2017 530
April-2017 564
March-2017 1432

Volkswagen Vento Ex showroom Price in Top cities

Volkswagen Vento prices were updated on November 21,2017.For on road price of Vento click on the get on price quotation link

Trendline Petrol Highline Petrol AT Trendline Diesel Highline Diesel Highline Petrol Comfortline Diesel AT Comfortline Petrol AT Highline Diesel AT Comfortline Petrol Comfortline Diesel
Bangalore 8.23 L 11.42 L 9.55 L 11.48 L 10.15 L 11.80 L 10.48 L 12.73 L 9.22 L 10.49 L
Chennai 8.23 L 11.42 L 9.55 L 11.48 L 10.15 L 11.80 L 10.48 L 12.73 L 9.22 L 10.49 L
Delhi 8.16 L 11.30 L 9.46 L 11.36 L 10.00 L 11.67 L 10.38 L 12.59 L 9.14 L 10.39 L
Hyderabad 8.31 L 11.50 L 9.63 L 11.56 L 10.23 L 11.87 L 10.56 L 12.81 L 9.30 L 10.57 L
Mumbai 8.33 L 11.55 L 9.66 L 11.61 L 10.27 L 11.93 L 10.60 L 12.88 L 9.33 L 10.61 L

* Prices of Volkswagen Vento car indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of Vento. Price list is subject to change and for the latest Volkswagen Vento India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. Volkswagen Vento mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive and not from Vento review by vicky team.

Volkswagen Vento Mileage And Running Cost

Volkswagen Vento Mileage listed here are company claimed ARAI mileage tested under standard conditions. lists user mileage posted by Vento owners for city and highway driving respectively. The average mileage of these figures would be the perfect fuel efficiency figure you can expect in indian road conditions. Click full mileage detail to know the running cost of Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Vento VariantsArai Mileage
Volkswagen Vento Trendline Petrol16.09 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Comfortline Petrol16.09 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Trendline Diesel20.64 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Petrol16.09 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Comfortline Petrol AT18.19 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Comfortline Diesel20.64 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Petrol AT18.19 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Diesel20.64 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Comfortline Diesel AT21.50 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Diesel AT21.50 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Plus Petrol16.09 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Magnific Special Edition20.34 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Petrol Style15.00 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Highline Plus Diesel20.64 Kmpl
Volkswagen Vento Diesel Style20.00 Kmpl

Volkswagen Vento Specifications

"The prime specs of Volkswagen Vento are listed here. The overall length, width of the car should give you an idea about parking space it require. The ground clearance (lowest part of the car to the ground) will give you the measure of water wading capability and confidence of Vento's capability to run over potholes and speed breakers. However GC (ground clearance) won't tell everything. Other important factors like approach angle, breakover angle and departure angle is required to assess the cars' ability to run in rained indian roads and light off road tracks.Engine specs of Vento are also listed here. With the power (in bhp) and torque (Nm) figures the most important ratios - power to weight ratio of Vento and torque to weight ratio. The displacement (in cc) is the measure of cubic capacity of the engine. Earlier there was a notion, larger engines produce more power and torque however with the invention of advanced technologies this is no longer true."

Prime Dimensions Of Volkswagen Vento

Length 4390 mm
Width 1699 mm
Height 1467 mm
WheelBase 2553 mm
Ground Clearance 163 mm
Boot Space 494
Kerb Weight 1121.00 Kg

Tyre And Wheels Of Volkswagen Vento

Wheel Type Steel wheels
Wheel Size 14 inches
Tyres 175 / 70 R14

Engine Specification Of Volkswagen Vento

Power 103bhp @ 5250rpm
Torque 153Nm @ 3800rpm
Displacement 1598
Power To Weight Ratio 91.88 bhp/ton
Torque to Weight Ratio 136.49 Nm/ton
Specific Output 64.46 bhp/litre

Volkswagen Vento Features

Find your favourite Volkswagen Vento car features list. While power windows, power steering and central locking are considered prime convenience features, the presence of safety features such as abs and airbags will give the necessary safety for the Vento occupants. Alloy wheels is something everyone would love to boast about.

Volkswagen Vento Trendline Petrol Highline Petrol AT Trendline Diesel Highline Diesel Highline Petrol Comfortline Diesel AT Comfortline Petrol AT Highline Diesel AT Comfortline Petrol Comfortline Diesel
Power Windows
Power Steering
Anti Lock Braking
Driver AirBags
Alloy Wheels
Central Locking

Volkswagen Vento Colours

Find below the colour chart of Volkswagen Vento. Some of the colours like green may not be available in all variants. Click Volkswagen Vento Colour Pictures to see the actual pictures of Vento in different colours

  • Night Blue
  • Deep Black Pearl
  • Toffee Brown
  • Reflex Silver
  • Terra Beige
  • Candy White

Volkswagen Vento

If you are done with the expert test drive report on Volkswagen Vento and look for owners opinion before signing the cheque,here they are. The customer reviews posted here are by actual Vento owners who own the car for more than 6 months and ride in and out daily. You can also check out team-bhp and mouthshut for Vento owners service feedback

Problems with Volkswagen Vento

By Jai Prakash

Good: Excellent performance

Bad: Starting trouble

I have faced lot of problems with Volkswagen Vento car. So after experiencing it, I would not suggest anybody to prefer Vento. Its look and style along with comfort is just ok. Talking about the mileage, it is really appreciable. The only drawback of the car is its starting trouble. While starting the vehicle in the morning, it always offers starting trouble which makes me very much irritating. With lot of problems, I am using the vehicle and so please be alert to choose the vehicle before selecting the car.

The Car I like Very Much

By Saroj

Good: Comfortness, Riding and handling is good

Bad: Poor Fuel Efficiency

Volkswagen Vento looks very decent and stylish. An elegantly designed vehicle offers good comfort with its easy suspension on bumpy rides. It is very suited for heavy city traffic roads with its smooth pick up, smooth power transmission which makes great fun to drive. The best features for me includes driving, handling, performance etc. Anyway it needs to improve engine refining, noise from engine. Comparing with Sunny, SX4, City, Verna, Verito Volkswagen Vento is best.

Volkswagen Vento Videos

Video Reviews and Test Drive of Volkswagen Vento from youtube publishers - autocar, overdrive, ndtv and more

Volkswagen Vento User Reviews (5)

Dr.Jay Dr.Jay , chennai says
Hello All, I heard from very popular car service centres that volkwagen vento is very good vehicle but services is very difficult to get if any problem arises. is it true?
Published on 2013-03-18 11:48:10
simar gill simar gill , kaithal haryana says
Published on 2012-08-23 21:11:36
Shanil Venugopal Shanil Venugopal , Malappuram says
This car can be considered to be the best option for who consider to spend 10-11lakhs... best in the segment with better features mileage and price...
Published on 2012-02-16 14:35:58
Intersested in buying a Volksvagen car. Please send me the details. My allocation is aproximately Rs 10,00,000/ Kakkodan Abdulla Ibrahim (968) 92350763
Published on 2011-03-12 15:30:31
manjit puri manjit puri , ludhiana says
i want to buy vento
Published on 2011-03-05 21:01:49
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