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EMI: ₹ 18,721

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What we Like it
New brand with peppy styling and true SUV features
What we don't Like it
Conservative and Quirky styling. Basic interiors with improper 3rd row seats.

About Renault Duster

Renault Duster has been specifically designed to tackle all types of roads and tracks all over the world. The exterior styling reflects its rough and rugged nature.Also the chrome grille and sump guard indicate 4*4 credentials of Duster.For safety concerns,ABS,EBD,traction control and parking sensors have been added. The engine option are available in both diesel and petrol along with driving options of two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. As the Renault Duster SUV continues to thrive in India, the company went a step forward and launched AWD variant in two trim levels RXL and RXZ .The AWD features out three driving modes-2wd,lock and Auto. One can switch between these modes on the fly by pressing the button that is located on the center console beneath the AC knob.The 1.5L, K9K turbo charged diesel power train that churns out a maximum power of 108.5bhp and peak torque of 240Nm used to power up both the existing and newly added variants.The mill gets mated to the 6-speed manual transmission gearbox.These variants get engaged to the i-Drive technology that helps in driving out unmatched performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. There is provision of ECO mode as an additional feature that greatly helps in reducing the fuel consumption by 10%.

Renault Duster Pictures

Renault Duster Car Models

Renault Duster is available in 21 variants. View below listing of variants based on their fuel type. Upcoming variants of Duster are also listed here.

Renault Duster Petrol Variants

1598 cc,1.6L K4M petrol engine

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₹ 8,50,000

1598 cc,1.6L K4M petrol engine

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₹ 9,30,000

1498 cc,1.5L H4K petrol engine

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₹ 10,32,000

Renault Duster Diesel Variants

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K HP Diesel engine

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₹ 9,45,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K HP Diesel engine

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₹ 9,65,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K HP Diesel engine

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₹ 10,46,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 10,75,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 11,17,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K HP Diesel engine

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₹ 11,67,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 11,77,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 12,48,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 13,08,000

1461 cc,1.5 dCI K9K THP Diesel engine

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₹ 13,79,000

Renault Duster Competitors

Editorial Test Drive Review of Renault Duster

2016 New Renault Duster Vs Old Renault Duster

Renault has recently showcased its new facelift of Duster at the Auto Expo Event 2016 held at Greater Noida. From the beginning itself, Duster looks very old and now it looks even more old compared to its similar other vehicles in its segment. So, Renault worked a lot in the old Duster and brought its facelift at the event which might help to reach even better because competition has been increased with the arrival of many SUV’s into Indian roads.

Exterior Upgrades

At the event, Renault unveiled its facelift in new Cayenne Orange Color looking very attractive. While seeing from the front, the headlamps seems to have same shape like the old Duster but the elements inside the car has been changed along with the absence of circles inside. Next to that, the vehicle gets a revised radiator grille from three thinner slats to two thick slats which could improve the size of the Renault logo. Moving to the side profile of the Renault Duster facelift, the changes has been performed on the rims, roof rail as well as Outside Rear View Mirror. The facelift gets proper position for the electrically foldable ORVM controls and they are not kept below the handbrake. Its ORVMs along with an integrated blinkers and a carbon fibre finish enhances the appearance of the new Duster. It is to be proved that the vehicle enters into the market with better sense having neutral silver treatments. A new jumbo size roof rails with Duster branding adds more sportiveness to the car. The rear appearance of the Renault Duster 2016 is well incorporated with a very different tail lamps of same size seen on the old car but having waterfall LED strip, a fresh bumper, a larger skid plate and two parking sensors. But the old Duster has three reverse parking sensors but now it gets modified.

Interior Upgrades

When it is talking about its interior section, the new Duster 2016 gets a dashboard with little changes mainly at the center fascia. The old steering has been improved with silver on all three spokes in various choice of color options as per the requirements. It gives a neat look with the name Duster stamped on the left hand side at the front and the center fascia comes with a piano black finishing which seems to be really superb. The hazard light and central locking switches inside the cabin are positioned properly and the air vents are decorated in a dark pink ring. Among the other changes, the new Duster has more neutral chrome rings with the touch screen in action and its head unit boasts a reversing camera with guidelines is awesome. This vehicle has a revised recirculation slider knob and climate control option also enters into the car. It is to be noted that only the 2WD is at the 12 o’clock position l.e. ‘auto’ moved down on the right. The new Renault Duster 2016 will soon be available with an Automatic transmission option but it would not be a torque converter. Manual Mode will also be available and the center console of the car is provided in silver color looking very decent. In this new facelift, the driver is offered with an armrest especially for himself and there is no big door handle on the rear door pads. The new Duster has the boot storage capacity like the old vehicle but now it is possible to keep the spare wheel inside the car which would definitely be more convenient. In addition to all, the facelifted Duster is offered with an upgraded ‘T4 Electrical and Electronics’ architecture along with a new ‘CM010’ engine compartment. Soon, the new Renault Duster will be on sale satisfying the requirements of the people.


Review on Renault Duster AWD launched in 2014


For a short time, Duster has made the Renault to revolve around  as the best selling SUV in the country. However it lacks a little bit in terms of hardware that is much needed to tackle the rough stuff.AWD thus bridges the gap. Also the debut of Duster AWD as the four wheel drive is entirely a new production in its SUV lineup.

Exterior Styling:

There are no much changes that are  made at the exterior portion. Then what makes it unique from its predecessor? The answer lies in the "AWD badging" and the 4*4 moniker at the back. Apart from this   AWD gets the darkened headlamps clusters, matte black B-pillars found on the RxZ trim and the ash colored alloy wheels. Further it gives a rough and rugged look that further enhances the appearance of SUV.

Interior Design:

When it comes with the interior design ,it is built with the sense of premium and standard quality.Dual toned black and grey dashboard that is being built with the soft touch plastics is set to comprise of three-spoke steering wheel and three-pod instrument cluster. The cluster features instantaneous fuel consumption as well. The seats are dual tone grey and red. Moreover, front seats are more comfortable and the boot space is spacious enough to accomodate more luggage. Thus comforts will be felt especially over the long trips. There is a provision of ECO mode, with which one can reduce the fuel consumption by 10%. Concerning  the safety features, ABS and EBD and brake assist are being provided. The implementation of   i- Drive technology brings in many class leading features that will lead to unmatched performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Ride and Handling:

With the new electronically controlled 4*4 system, and independent suspension at all four corners are the prominent features of Duster AWD. Further, apparent changes are made with the clutch that is set to be lighter from that of the standard, thus found to be ease while changing the gear level. Also, the gear ratios has been shortened to 4*4,thus you can notice a great difference that even at the first gear you would go at the speed of 30kph.At the same time, whenever there is a need to downshift from third to second, that can tackled easily with the third leave itself. This system even suits the off-road trail in a such a way that helps you to crawl easily down the steeper slopes. With the aid of traction control, one can drive through the slippery areas without getting panic. Even with the areas that held with the tight traffic can be easily endured with the Duster 4*4. Lets now concentrate on the AWD, that is all wheel drive. Actually there are three modes on the AWD selector knob-2WD,Auto and Lock.2WD focus only on the permanent front-wheel driven.In case if there is loss of traction found at the front wheels, then Auto comes in to picture by supplying power to the rear wheels. Lock mode keeps the hardware in 4*4 mode to be maintained around 60kmph.Once this level is reached, the mode gets shifted back to the Auto mode. With the high ground clearance that measures up to 205 mm,is really experienced while driving through the rough stuff.Overall,the Duster 4*4 can handle all such soft,slippery,wet climatic conditions situations,thus it is worth to be called as a "rock-crawler".As mentioned before,the independent suspension at the four ends,tends to improve the riding quality best-in-class


With such an excellent ride quality,it costs at Rs 11,89,499 for RxL variant and Rs 12,99,499 for the RxZ variant(Delhi,ex-showroom).And for adventurous folks,this SUV will suit the best. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Renault Duster Review 2012-Present

Renault Duster is a Sport Utility Vehicle which looks so aggressive and powerful. Duster is the first compact SUV developed by Dacia, Romanian Automaker and it is designed on logan platform. The car is expected to be little costly and it is available in both petrol and diesel options.

Renault Duster Models

There are two models available for the petrol version of the Duster. They are 1) Renault Duster Petrol RxE 2) Renault Duster Petrol RxL Likewise the diesel models of the car includes 1) Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxE 2) Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxL 3) Renault Duster 110PS Diesel RxL 4) Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxL Pack 5) Renault Duster 85PS Diesel RxL Optional With Nav 6) Renault Duster 110PS Diesel RxZ 7) Renault Duster 110PS Diesel RxZ Plus 8) Renault Duster 110PS Diesel RxZ Optional With Nav

Renault Duster Color Options

Renault Duster comes in various vibrant colours which would definitely attracts the youths. The colours are listed below 1) Metallic Graphite Grey 2) Metallic Woodland Brown 3) Pearl Supreme White 4) Metallic Moonlight Silver 5) Metallic Fiery Red 6) Pearl Galaxy Black

Renault Duster Engine Details

The Duster is available in both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol version of the car is powered by a 1.6L DOHC petrol engine with a displacement of 1598 cc producing maximum power of 100.5 BHP @ 5850 RPM and torque of 145 NM @ 3750 RPM along with two wheel drive option. On the other hand, the diesel version of the car comes with 1.5 dCi engine gives the displacement of 1461 cc. The diesel engine is coupled with a five speed manual gearbox in variant such as RxE, 84BHP RxL and six speed manual gearbox in 108.5BHP RxL and RxZ. These engines offers two power outputs namely 83.8 BHP and 108.5 BHP and two torque outputs such as 200 NM and 248 NM.

Acceleration, Mileage and Fuel Economy

The acceleration of the car is too decent and it offers a butter smooth drive experience. Renault Duster can be able to generate mileage of about 20.46 kmpl for diesel engine and 19.01 kmpl for the petrol engine. While comparing, the diesel engine of the Duster is claimed to offer high mileage than the petrol engine.

Design and Comfort

Interiors of Renault Duster

Renault Duster is developed on the basis of Logan and some features may be very similar but quite good and impressive. It comes with a decent front dashboard which is curvy and sporty with AC vents on shiny brown central console and the dashboard can be closed completely on either sides. The Duster is a five seating car with three spoke steering holding Renault logo which is electrically powered but heavy on turns. The interiors are very roomy and spacious in which the rear seat passengers have an individual AC vents outlined with shiny brown colour. It has a beautiful instrument panel with large dials illuminated in red and the dials are of chrome polished along with a digital display in the centre. The materials used for the interiors are of premium quality and looks neat. The dash comes with an integrated audio system with Bluetooth and Aux input functions. Some of the interior features borrowed from Logan includes power windows, glove box, gear lever, front seats, door handles etc. The seating arrangements are too good in which it provides a cushion effect in the SUV. The car comes with enough headroom, legroom, shoulderroom, kneeroom etc even the tallest person can be able to take their seat comfortably. The vehicle provides a lot of storage spaces with the boot capacity of 1636 litres. This car is ideal for long drives and touring.

Renault Duster Exteriors

Not only Duster borrows the interiors but also the exteriors from the Logan which is quite outstanding. The external dimensions includes the length of 4.315 m, width of 1.822m and height of 1695 mm. Even though the dimensions are very compact, Renault Duster comes with a big wheel arches, roof rails, chrome wide grille, antenna etc. The big wheel arches and the wheel of the vehicle gives better ground clearance and it is measured as 205 mm. The front comes with a three slat grille with a large Renault emblem at the centre. The plastic cladding has been fitted in order to protects the body of the car. The wide horizontal grille is connected with a pair of double optics headlamps which looks so gorgeous. The fog lamps are also fitted in the car which is really impressive. There is a nudge bar at the centre for placing the number plate. The bonnet is flat without any curves and the tinted large windshield yields to the high roof. The roof antenna is also placed for minimizing the wind noise and turbulence. The side profile of the car is also too good with lot of features such sharp belt-line, body coloured door handles, wing mirrors and fuel lid. Additionally, the rear part holds skid plate, tail lamps with D-Shaped curve alongside, high mount stop lamp, hexagonal windshield with a rear viper etc. Renault Duster is fully incorporated with large wheels of 16 inch alloy/steel wheels for better road grip and stability of the car. The size of the tire is measured as 215/65 R16 and it is of tubeless tyres with the wheelbase of 2673 mm. The alloy wheels nut cover comes with an anti-theft key which is really good.

Braking, Handling and Safety Features

Renault has performed an upper hand to the braking, handling and safety features. The car comes with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. On the other hand, the front suspension is of independent McPherson strut with coil springs and anti-roll suspension. And the rear suspension is of deflected torsion beam axle with coil springs and anti-roll bar. The petrol models of the Duster is available with a hydraulic power assisted steering where as the diesel models comes with electro hydraulic power assisted steering. The braking and suspension system ensures better performance and handling of the car. Moving to the safety features, the Duster comes with an advanced braking system of ABS with EBD, a stability control module, impact sensing door unlock and engine protective under guard. For better visibility, it has front fog lamps and rear de-fogger helpful under bad weather conditions. The car gets a dual airbags and three point seat belt pre-tensioners for some variants. With all these features altogether, Duster is one of the safest car.

Renault Duster Sales Figures and Report

Know the sales figures of Renault Duster sales figure in months of August,July,June,May,April,March,February,January,. The sales statistic shown here reveals how Duster scores against its competitors. You can also compare Duster with its competitors sales chart

No of Renault Duster cars sold in August 2017
Month & Year Sales
July-2017 1210
June-2017 1233
May-2017 1437
April-2017 1303
March-2017 1566
February-2017 1153
January-2017 1279

Renault Duster Ex showroom Price in Top cities

Renault Duster prices were updated on September 24,2017.For on road price of Duster click on the get on price quotation link

RxE Petrol 110 PS RxZ 4x4 MT 85 PS RxE 4x2 MT 110 PS RxL 4x2 MT 110 PS RxZ 4x2 MT 85 PS RxL 4x2 MT RxL Petrol 110 PS RxL 4X2 AMT 110 PS RxZ 4X2 AMT 85 PS Base 4x2 MT 85 PS RXS 4x2 MT 85 PS RXZ 4x2 MT RxS CVT
Bangalore 8.64 L 12.61 L 9.64 L 11.24 L 12.44 L 10.44 L 9.44 L 11.84 L 13.04 L 9.44 L 10.94 L 11.64 L
Chennai 8.66 L 12.72 L 9.66 L 11.26 L 12.46 L 10.46 L 9.46 L 11.86 L 13.06 L 9.46 L 10.96 L 11.66 L
Delhi 8.50 L 13.79 L 9.65 L 11.17 L 12.48 L 10.46 L 9.30 L 11.77 L 13.08 L 9.45 L 10.75 L 11.67 L 10.32 L
Hyderabad 8.68 L 12.64 L 9.68 L 11.28 L 12.48 L 10.48 L 9.48 L 11.88 L 13.08 L 9.48 L 10.98 L 11.68 L
Mumbai 8.75 L 12.50 L 9.75 L 11.35 L 12.55 L 10.55 L 9.55 L 11.95 L 13.15 L 9.55 L 11.05 L 11.75 L

* Prices of Renault Duster car indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of Duster. Price list is subject to change and for the latest Renault Duster India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. Renault Duster mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive and not from Duster review by vicky team.

Renault Duster Mileage And Running Cost

Renault Duster Mileage listed here are company claimed ARAI mileage tested under standard conditions. lists user mileage posted by Duster owners for city and highway driving respectively. The average mileage of these figures would be the perfect fuel efficiency figure you can expect in indian road conditions. Click full mileage detail to know the running cost of Renault Duster

Renault Duster VariantsArai Mileage
Renault Duster RxE Petrol13.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster RxL Petrol13.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS Base 4x2 MT19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RxE 4x2 MT19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster RxS CVT14.99 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RxL 4x2 MT19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RXS 4x2 MT19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxL 4x2 MT19.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RXZ 4x2 MT19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxL 4X2 AMT19.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxZ 4x2 MT19.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxZ 4X2 AMT19.60 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxZ 4x4 MT19.72 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RxL Explore LE19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RxL Diesel Plus19.87 Kmpl
Renault Duster 85 PS RxL Diesel (Opt)13.00 Kmpl
Renault Duster Easy R AMT19.64 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxL Explore LE19.64 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxL AWD Diesel19.72 Kmpl
Renault Duster 4*419.01 Kmpl
Renault Duster 110 PS RxZ AWD Diesel19.72 Kmpl

Renault Duster Specifications

"The prime specs of Renault Duster are listed here. The overall length, width of the car should give you an idea about parking space it require. The ground clearance (lowest part of the car to the ground) will give you the measure of water wading capability and confidence of Duster's capability to run over potholes and speed breakers. However GC (ground clearance) won't tell everything. Other important factors like approach angle, breakover angle and departure angle is required to assess the cars' ability to run in rained indian roads and light off road tracks.Engine specs of Duster are also listed here. With the power (in bhp) and torque (Nm) figures the most important ratios - power to weight ratio of Duster and torque to weight ratio. The displacement (in cc) is the measure of cubic capacity of the engine. Earlier there was a notion, larger engines produce more power and torque however with the invention of advanced technologies this is no longer true."

Prime Dimensions Of Renault Duster

Length 4315 mm
Width 1822 mm
Height 1695 mm
WheelBase 2673 mm
Ground Clearance 205 mm
Boot Space 475
Kerb Weight 1160.00 Kg

Tyre And Wheels Of Renault Duster

Wheel Type Steel wheels
Wheel Size 16 inches
Tyres 215 / 65 R16

Engine Specification Of Renault Duster

Power 102bhp @ 5850rpm
Torque 145Nm @ 3750rpm
Displacement 1598
Power To Weight Ratio 87.93 bhp/ton
Torque to Weight Ratio 125 Nm/ton
Specific Output 63.83 bhp/litre

Renault Duster Features

Find your favourite Renault Duster car features list. While power windows, power steering and central locking are considered prime convenience features, the presence of safety features such as abs and airbags will give the necessary safety for the Duster occupants. Alloy wheels is something everyone would love to boast about.

Renault Duster RxE Petrol 110 PS RxZ 4x4 MT 85 PS RxE 4x2 MT 110 PS RxL 4x2 MT 110 PS RxZ 4x2 MT 85 PS RxL 4x2 MT RxL Petrol 110 PS RxL 4X2 AMT 110 PS RxZ 4X2 AMT 85 PS Base 4x2 MT 85 PS RXS 4x2 MT 85 PS RXZ 4x2 MT RxS CVT
Power Windows
Power Steering
Anti Lock Braking
Driver AirBags
Alloy Wheels
Central Locking

Renault Duster Colours

Find below the colour chart of Renault Duster. Some of the colours like green may not be available in all variants. Click Renault Duster Colour Pictures to see the actual pictures of Duster in different colours

  • Pearl Galaxy Black
  • Metallic Graphite Grey
  • Metallic Woodland Brown
  • Metallic Moonlight Silver
  • Metallic Fiery Red
  • Pearl Supreme White

Renault Duster

If you are done with the expert test drive report on Renault Duster and look for owners opinion before signing the cheque,here they are. The customer reviews posted here are by actual Duster owners who own the car for more than 6 months and ride in and out daily. You can also check out team-bhp and mouthshut for Duster owners service feedback

My test drive experience

By gopik

Good: Better Road grips

Bad: Fit and finish not good

I went for a test drive.The performance is really a mind-blowing one,the steering is so smooth to handle with which one acquire the confidence over the drive.Good road grip too.Initially the gearbox is too hard to take the gear shifts but later on,it is very easy.But when it comes with the interior the fit and finish is not so good also the quality of the plastic that is being used is very poor

Better choice for off-roading capabilities

By ravi khadsondnai

Good: Good handling

Bad: Simple interior

The mileage that I got upto 100kms is about 11kmpl regardless of the driving areas.I hope it will be increased after the next two services.The driving experience is really amazing and enjoyable.But the interiors design is so simple that doesnot suit the SUV like this,it could be improved to a greater extent.

Renault Duster Videos

Video Reviews and Test Drive of Renault Duster from youtube publishers - autocar, overdrive, ndtv and more

Renault Duster User Reviews (54)

Mudster Romania Mudster Romania , Bucharest says
At Mudster Romania you can find : modifications for Renault Duster, tuning and offroad. Also, many products available in shop Mudster such as : limited slip differential for Renault Duster, winch for Renault Duster, tyres for Renault Duster, protection shields, rear metal bumper, Snorkel for Renault Duster, Ironman4x4 Suspension Kit, DLR Headlights etc. Contact us at : 40760554307 or shop
Published on 2015-03-05 17:33:46
abhishek abhishek , ranchi(jharkhand) says
any dealer in ranchi for buy car duster
Published on 2013-06-24 00:00:47
Ashutosh Tyagi Ashutosh Tyagi , delhi says
Can anybody tell the exact mileage of duster 84 BHP in city condition and on Highway.
Published on 2013-06-19 12:02:29
This SUV is good,i would like to buy This SUV..
Published on 2013-06-13 18:56:29
Gopal Gopal , hassan says
pls...Send contact no. and address of dealers who are nearer to hassan... and send some specification or brouchers..... Thank U
Published on 2013-04-11 14:19:17
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