Renault Captur Mileage In India

Find below the Renault Captur mileage. Average mileage of Renault Captur is the sum up of fuel efficiency figures in city and highway divided by 2.

Petrol Variants

Renault Captur VariantsArai Mileage
Renault Captur RXE Petrol13.87 Kmpl
Renault Captur RXL Petrol13.87 Kmpl
Renault Captur RXT Petrol13.87 Kmpl

Diesel Variants

Renault Captur VariantsArai Mileage
Renault Captur RXE Diesel20.37 Kmpl
Renault Captur RXL Diesel20.37 Kmpl
Renault Captur RXT Diesel20.37 Kmpl
Renault Captur Platine Diesel20.37 Kmpl

Running Cost for Renault Captur

Distance driven per day
Running Cost will be Platine Diesel for 20 kms/day is Rs.1902/month
variant Distance driven per day(KM) Running Cost (Per month)
Platine Diesel 50 ₹ 4,980
RXE Diesel 50 ₹ 4,980
RXE Petrol 50 ₹ 8,070
RXL Diesel 50 ₹ 4,980
RXL Petrol 50 ₹ 8,070
RXT Diesel 50 ₹ 4,980
RXT Petrol 50 ₹ 8,070

User Mileage for Renault Captur

User variant Mileage
(City )
RXL Petrol 10 15
RXE Petrol 9 13
RXE Diesel 15 18
RXE Petrol 14 19
RXE Petrol 10 14
RXT Diesel 13 18
(West Delhi)
RXE Diesel 14 17
(Mani Majra)
RXE Petrol 14 17
RXL Diesel 14 19
RXT Petrol 13 17

* Mileage of Renault Captur mentioned here is the Standard mileage. Standard mileage is calculated under standard test conditions. Real time mileage of Renault Captur will be lesser than the quoted figure. Mileage of Truck doesn't vary with variants but with engine options like petrol - Renault Captur.

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Renault Captur Mileage

Renault Captur Mileage- 13.87 KMPL