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₹ 4.15 Lac - ₹ 5.21 Lac

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EMI: ₹ 9,140

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What we Like it
Competent Interiors, Practical Design
What we don't Like it
Upright Rear and smaller boot

About Maruti WagonR

Maruti Suzuki new Wagon R, launched on April 23rd, 2010 has 1.0 litre engine that also powers the Maruti Suzuki A Star. With the K series engine taking care of mileage without compromising performance, the exteriors with larger, clear lens headlamps, new trendy front grille with aggressive stance, clear lens tail lamps, attractive side looks and the interiors with Swift steering, legible instrument panels, trendy central console.

Maruti WagonR Pictures

Maruti WagonR Car Models

Maruti WagonR is available in 17 variants. View below listing of variants based on their fuel type. Upcoming variants of WagonR are also listed here.

Maruti WagonR Petrol Variants

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,15,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,40,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,48,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,70,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,73,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,88,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 5,21,000

Maruti WagonR Diesel Variants

900 cc,1.3-litre multijet diesel engine

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₹ 5,35,000 (Estimated Price)
Coming Soon

Maruti WagonR CNG Variants

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,69,000

998 cc,All alluminium light weight K10B engine

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₹ 4,88,000

Maruti WagonR LPG Variants

Maruti WagonR Competitors

Editorial Test Drive Review of Maruti WagonR

February 18,2011 - Maruti introduced the LPG version of new WagonR named the Maruti WagonR Duo.It is available in 7 variant colours and it provides a mileage of 14.4 km per liter.It is priced around Rs.4,01,165 in the ex-showroom in Delhi which is Rs.33,000 more than its petrol variant. August 1,2010 - Maruti Suzuki India,the country's largest car-maker has restarted selling the old version of the LPG WagonR.The company had stopped the production of the 'Duo' variant of the old WagonR after launching the new generation WagonR in the month of April.The Duo variant had both petrol and LPG options.Of the total WagonR sales,Duo had contributed about 20-22 percent.The LPG variant of the WagonR was priced at Rs.3.68 lakhs in the ex-showroom,Delhi. June 19,2010 - Maruti Suzuki India had planned to launch the CNG variant of the WagonR hatchback within three months.Maruti Suzuki worked on at least five models across different segments for launching the CNG variants, which came as dual mode with petrol, and was launched during the next quarter.WagonR was the first among the models that was launched with the CNG version.

Maruti WagonR review

Maruti WagonR also named "the Blue eyed boy" features an eye catching design with dynamic exteriors and impressive interiors.The various models of WagonR are LX DUO BSIII,LXI DUO BSIII,LX BS IV,LXI BS IV,VXI BS IV,VXI BS IV with ABS,LXI CNG.


Maruti WagonR possess a 1.0L KB10 petrol engine with 5 speed manual transmission displacing 998cc.The light weight KB 10 engine of WagonR delivers a power of 68 PS at 6200 rpm and produces a torque of about 90 Nm at 3200 rpm.The KB 10 engine well known for its fuel efficiency is also qualified for the BS IV emission.The Vxi variant with CNG fuel is powered by Intelligent Gas Port Injection (i-GPI) bi-fuel technology which provides an intelligent riding.Its engine delivers a power of 59.3 PS at 6200 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 77 Nm at 3500 rpm.

Design and Comfort


Maruti WagonR is well known for its pretentious exterior look that makes it more demandful.It features a peppy outer look and a glossy curvier body which makes it more attractive.It is sported with body colored side door handles,chrome finish back door garnish which gives extra touch to the finishing of the car.Its impressive features are its side body moulding and moon rock silver roof rails.Its new chrome accentuated front grille is defined with blue tinted headlights.It also holds alloy wheels,body colored outside mirrors with indicators and body colored door handles which all makes the car favoured by many people.


Maruti WagonR has a hatchback body-style and is packed with roomy and spacious interiors that makes everyone to feel open even in very busy traffic disorders.It provides a very comfortable driving due to the presence of fantastically designed seats and gear knobs.Its interiors also features phone holders,super-slim door pockets and small air-con vents.Its some other fantastic interior features are Luggage Parcel tray,Sun visor with ticket holder only on driver seat,adjustable stylish front and rear seat head rests, speakers for surrounding sound effect and vanity mirror in Sun visor for front seat passenger.The air conditioner with heater & rotary AC controls present in the car controls the temperature present inside and also provides a very convenient driving.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The high powerful engine of Maruti Wagon R is well known for its very good fuel efficiency and the manual gearbox present in it guarantees good performance and endeavours an impressive wagonr mileage of 14 kmpl in the city and 18 kmpl on the highways.Similarly,its Vxi CNG variant,offers a mileage of 15 km/kg in city roads and 20 kg/km on highways. The fuel tank capacity of the car is 35 litres for petrol and 60 litres for CNG water.

Safety and special features

Maruti WagonR is built with both active and passive high technology safety features.Some of the advanced features in Maruti WagonR are Dual SRS Airbag which offers great help in the time of accidents and collision.It provides a cushioning effect in collision. The ABS (Anti lock Braking System) helps in preventing wheel locking in case of abrupt braking.The collapsible steering column is also one of the best safeguard feature against collision.In order to avoid the bad weather condition,the front and rear fog lamps are provided.Some other safety measures are driver seatbelt warning lamps, rear wipers, washer and de-fogger, unique high mount stop lamp and child proof rear door locks to drive safely when children are seated.

Wagon R colours

Maruti WagonR is available in the following various colours namely Silky Silver,Glistening Grey,Superior White,Midnight Black,Breeze Blue,Firebrick Red,Bakers Chocolate.

Maruti Wagon R price

The wagonr prices in the ex-showroom,Delhi are as follows: Maruti Wagon R LX BS4 :Rs.338716.84 Maruti Wagon R LXI BS4 :Rs.368276.49 Maruti Wagon R LXI CNG BS4 :Rs.421276.22 Maruti Wagon R LXI LPG BS4 :Rs.402265.94 Maruti Wagon R VXI BS4 :Rs.393214.82 Maruti Wagon R VXI BS4 WITH ABS :Rs.423961.87


Maruti Wagon R LX DUO BSIII

This is the base model of the Maruti Wagon R.It features 1.1L petrol engine with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. It is packed with LPG kit.

Maruti Wagon R LX DUO BSIV

This variant is also packed with LPG kit. It offers some additional features when compared with the previous one namely door trim fabric,chrome finishing in instrumental panel, silver finishing in door handles present inside,electronic power steering, front power windows,driver seat belt warning lamp, etc.

Maruti Wagon R LX BS IV

This is the base model for the new Wagon R which is packed with 1.0L petrol engine and 5 Speed manual transmission gearbox along with many comfort features.

Maruti Wagon R LXI BS IV

This is the upgraded version of Wagon R LX with extra features like door trim fabric, chrome finish in instrumental panel, silver finish in inside door handles, electronic power steering, front power windows, driver seatbelt warning lamp, etc as same as LXI DUO BSIII.

Maruti Wagon R VXI BS IV

This is the top most model with additional features like tilted steering, rear power windows, electrical ORVM, front passenger under seat tray, keyless entry, dual srs airbag (optional), ABS (optional), security system, body colored outside door handles, etc.

Maruti Wagon R VXI BS IV with ABS

This variant offers same features as "Maruti Wagon R BS IV" but has the additional features as airbags and ABS.

Maruti Wagon R LXI CNG

This CNG fuel system variant of Wagon R not only performs better but also saves money for every kilometer it runs. Except the CNG kit system, the variant has all the same specifications.


The following are the awards won by Maruti WagonR in the past years: . J.D. Power Asia Pacific India Vehicle Dependabilit (2009) . TNS TCS study (2008) . TNS TCS study (2008) . TNS TCS study (2005) . TNS TCS study (2003) . J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2006 India Automotive Perf (2006) . J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2005 India Automotive Perf (2005) . J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2003 India Initial Quality (2004) . J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2004 India Automotive Per (2003)

Maruti WagonR Sales Figures and Report

Know the sales figures of Maruti WagonR sales figure in months of September,August,July,June,May,April,March,February,. The sales statistic shown here reveals how WagonR scores against its competitors. You can also compare WagonR with its competitors sales chart

No of Maruti WagonR cars sold in September 2017
Month & Year Sales
August-2017 13907
July-2017 16301
June-2017 10668
May-2017 15471
April-2017 16348
March-2017 12105
February-2017 13555

Maruti WagonR Ex showroom Price in Top cities

Maruti WagonR prices were updated on October 19,2017.For on road price of WagonR click on the get on price quotation link

Bangalore 4.32 L 4.57 L 4.87 L 4.91 L 4.65 L 5.04 L 5.07 L 5.39 L
Chennai 4.31 L 4.52 L 4.86 L 4.86 L 4.64 L 5.01 L 5.06 L 5.34 L
Delhi 4.15 L 4.40 L 4.69 L 4.73 L 4.48 L 4.88 L 4.88 L 5.21 L 4.70 L
Hyderabad 4.31 L 4.57 L 4.87 L 4.91 L 4.65 L 5.05 L 5.06 L 5.39 L
Mumbai 4.39 L 4.66 L 4.97 L 5.01 L 4.74 L 5.16 L 5.17 L 5.51 L

* Prices of Maruti WagonR car indicated here are ex-showroom price not the on road price of WagonR. Price list is subject to change and for the latest Maruti WagonR India prices, submit your details at the booking form available at the top, so that our sales team will get back to you. Maruti WagonR mileage mentioned here is based on ARAI test drive and not from WagonR review by vicky team.

Maruti WagonR Mileage And Running Cost

Maruti WagonR Mileage listed here are company claimed ARAI mileage tested under standard conditions. lists user mileage posted by WagonR owners for city and highway driving respectively. The average mileage of these figures would be the perfect fuel efficiency figure you can expect in indian road conditions. Click full mileage detail to know the running cost of Maruti WagonR

Maruti WagonR VariantsArai Mileage
Maruti WagonR LXi20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR VXi20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi ABS20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi CNG20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR VXi+20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR VXi ABS20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR VXi AMT20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi CNG (O)20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR VXi AMT (O)20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LX19.00 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR Krest19.00 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi LPG26.60 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi Avance LE20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR AMT0.00 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR Pro Limited Edition20.50 Kmpl
Maruti WagonR LXi CNG Avance LE20.50 Kmpl

Maruti WagonR Specifications

"The prime specs of Maruti WagonR are listed here. The overall length, width of the car should give you an idea about parking space it require. The ground clearance (lowest part of the car to the ground) will give you the measure of water wading capability and confidence of WagonR's capability to run over potholes and speed breakers. However GC (ground clearance) won't tell everything. Other important factors like approach angle, breakover angle and departure angle is required to assess the cars' ability to run in rained indian roads and light off road tracks.Engine specs of WagonR are also listed here. With the power (in bhp) and torque (Nm) figures the most important ratios - power to weight ratio of WagonR and torque to weight ratio. The displacement (in cc) is the measure of cubic capacity of the engine. Earlier there was a notion, larger engines produce more power and torque however with the invention of advanced technologies this is no longer true."

Prime Dimensions Of Maruti WagonR

Length 3595 mm
Width 1490 mm
Height 1670 mm
WheelBase 2400 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm
Kerb Weight 860.00 Kg

Tyre And Wheels Of Maruti WagonR

Wheel Type NA
Wheel Size 13 ”
Tyres 145/80 R 13

Engine Specification Of Maruti WagonR

Power 67.1bhp @ 6200rpm
Torque 90Nm @ 3500rpm
Displacement 998
Power To Weight Ratio 78.02 bhp/ton
Torque to Weight Ratio 104.65 Nm/ton
Specific Output 67.23 bhp/litre

Maruti WagonR Features

Find your favourite Maruti WagonR car features list. While power windows, power steering and central locking are considered prime convenience features, the presence of safety features such as abs and airbags will give the necessary safety for the WagonR occupants. Alloy wheels is something everyone would love to boast about.

Maruti WagonR LXi VXi LXi CNG VXi ABS LXi ABS VXi AMT LXi CNG (O) VXi AMT (O) VXi+
Power Windows
Power Steering
Anti Lock Braking
Driver AirBags
Alloy Wheels
Central Locking

Maruti WagonR

If you are done with the expert test drive report on Maruti WagonR and look for owners opinion before signing the cheque,here they are. The customer reviews posted here are by actual WagonR owners who own the car for more than 6 months and ride in and out daily. You can also check out team-bhp and mouthshut for WagonR owners service feedback

Buy a truevaluecar

By Aejaz

Good: 2 lakh to 3 lakhs


Hidden problems in Maruti WagonR


Good: Fresh design

Bad: tyre size and engine power

Actually, Maruti WagonR is one of the superb model resembling like a soap case. But the tyres in the lower end models are very thin which seems to be bad for wet road driving. The plastic quality used in the interiors are not good and the tyre size is not suited for the vehicle. So, the ride quality of the car is not so satisfactory and overall, it is not a suitable car for a middle class family and better not to choose the vehicle.

Maruti WagonR Videos

Video Reviews and Test Drive of Maruti WagonR from youtube publishers - autocar, overdrive, ndtv and more

Maruti WagonR Awards

  • J.D. Power Asia Pacific India Vehicle Dependabilit (2009)
  • TNS TCS study (2008)
  • TNS TCS study (2008)
  • TNS TCS study (2005)
  • TNS TCS study (2003)
  • J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2006 India Automotive Perf (2006)
  • J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2005 India Automotive Perf (2005)
  • J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2003 India Initial Quality (2004)
  • J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2004 India Automotive Per (2003)

Maruti WagonR User Reviews (19)

recently i bought wagonr vxi. looks very good inside and outside as well. full space inside makes very easier to family and comfortable for all types of people. make for money car. it gives me satisfactory performance, features and comfort.
Published on 2015-09-04 11:17:58
Manish Chavda Manish Chavda , Gujarat says
Wagan R is viry good car of The Family car
Published on 2013-08-18 09:34:42
Altaf butt Altaf butt , srinagar says
i would like to buy a new waganor fully loaded what is the down payment of this car
Published on 2013-07-25 11:21:53
Debjyoti Debjyoti , Kolkata,W.B. says
I bought WagonR vxi on December and gaot proper comfort and satisfactory performence.But only one thing, a manufacturing problems i.e. spot on the router roof looks uneasy, otherwise all is well.
Published on 2013-05-28 14:57:54
Vishal zende Vishal zende , Kalyan , maharastra says
Nice car good milage and good performance
Published on 2013-05-20 13:38:59
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