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Find below the Chevrolet Sail mileage. Average mileage of Chevrolet Sail is the sum up of fuel efficiency figures in city and highway divided by 2.

Chevrolet Sail VariantsArai Mileage
Chevrolet Sail 1.2 Base22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.3 Base22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.2 LT ABS22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.2 LS ABS22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.3 LT ABS22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.3 LS ABS22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.3 LS22.00 Kmpl
Chevrolet Sail 1.2 LS22.00 Kmpl
User Variant Mileage
1.2 LS 15 17
1.3 LS 17 19
1.3 LT ABS 16 18
1.2 LS ABS 17 19
1.2 LT ABS 18 20
1.3 Base 16 18
(East Delhi)
1.2 Base 15 17
1.3 LS ABS 15 17

* Mileage of Chevrolet Sail mentioned here is the Standard mileage. Standard mileage is calculated under standard test conditions. Real time mileage of Chevrolet Sail will be lesser than the quoted figure. Mileage of Truck doesn't vary with variants but with engine options like petrol - Chevrolet Sail.

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Aakash , says
I read this review about the Sail U-VA praising the ABS technology installed in it…Not a lot of cars come with it in this class..! Found more info here
Published on 2012-10-29 17:01:56