Tata Sumo Grande Interiors – Pictorial Review

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More than the exteriors, Tata’s objective of building a family MUV can be felt once you get inside the Sumo Grande. Space, space and space is the one word which describes the new Sumo Grande. Plenty of headroom,shoulder room, knee room and storage spaces for all passengers inside the car. This is all possible because of the increased wheelbase (up by 150mm). But similar to the exteriors which has few design flaws, interiors too have some fair bits. Let’s start with that.

1) Tata Sumo Grande: The large four spoke steering wheel, rectangular glove box and generation old gear knob dominates the dash. Dashboard is more upmarket but every thing is squarely placed which makes it look like a pick-up dash. Cubbyholes in the blocky central console provides lots of storage space. Faux wood on central console and on the doors feels good. Cup holders inside the glovebox is a nice touch. The use of poor quality plastics spoils the rich feel.


2) Tata Sumo Grande: Getting behind the large steering wheel is not a boring one. The rake adjustable steering wheel and height adjustable seats makes the driving a pleasant one. Both the driver and passenger seats features lumbar adjust. Controls are easily reachable except for the gear knob which we find it hard to hold on. Instrumentation is simple and the dials are easily readable.


3) Tata Sumo Grande: There are plenty of space under the front seats adding to it is the new reclining second row seats. Roof mounted air conditioner is really a nice feature. Even a third row passenger can adjust the air con vents according to his requirements. Foldable arm rest and head rest gives a luxury feel to the grande. Chat or hear music, the cabin is well insulated from external noise. Best thing you can do in the new sumo grande is occupy the second row seats, recline it, stretch your legs and start dreaming. Seats are comfy and provide good support.


4) Tata Sumo Grande: Similar to other cars in this segment getting into the third row is a muscle burning exercise. But unlike other MUVs, where third row seats are meant only for children three adults can sit comfortably inside the grande. I believe this is the only car available in India to feature full sized third row seats. Butterfly type windows at the rear provides good ventilation for the third row passenger. Second and third row seats can be folded to provide more space. Only few storage spaces are provided at the rear door and the rear door can be opened horizontally.

photo: sitting comfortably in the third row boys chill out


photos: rear door/ butterfly type rear window, roof mounted air-con vents


5) Tata Sumo Grande: Fit and finish has never been the Tata’s strongest selling point, sumo grande is no exception. The flimsy plastics and panel gaps spoils the overall rich nature of the car. Hand grips and plastics at the rear door


6) Tata Sumo Grande: Top of the line of the line Gx variant features rake adjustable steering wheel,powered mirrors,remote locking,rear wipers and integrated CD player. The Sumo Grande is available in 3 variants – Lx, Ex and Gx — all of which have two seating configurations – 6+1 and 7+1. On the road, the top of the line Sumo Grande Gx 8 seater variant comes at Rs8,36,717 (Chennai).



Sumo in its grande avatar comes with attractive design and sets a new standard in comfort and convenience. The new DICOR is also much more refined and its performance is commendable. But it is not without any flaw, it suffers from the decade old chassis and suspension set up. Also, it is devoid of ABS and airbags similar to the earlier sumos. Pricing is where Tata scores full. This whole package comes at a very attractive price nearly 2lakh rupees less than its rivals which easily makes the sumo grande an attractive buying option.

3 thoughts on “Tata Sumo Grande Interiors – Pictorial Review”

  1. I checked this car out. The interiors are really inferior quality. The fit and finish is bad. The biggest drop back – Its a family car meant to carry people, but doesn’t have any storage place to keep ur luggage. Atleast the third row seat should have been a split seat. With third row seat up, there is no place to keep anything. Tatas should have thought about.

  2. hello friends this time i come up with test drive results of sumo grande. well to start with, first of all with exteriors. well i am sure any SUV/MUV lover will be atonce attractred towards this beast. its a beauty from outside. the mood collapse when u enter it. the plastic quality is cheap. one expect a good finish who pays 7.5 lacs for an SUV. second major flaw… tilt the steering wheel down and its gonna struck and tightened your left thigh. that means only medium height people can drive it with down steering wheel. for tall people, kindly raise the steering wheel or u’ll end up with a tight steering, struck with ur left thigh. give the ignition and u’ll feel the power of 120ps. its a good power package for indian roads. driving, overtaking and cruising is easy. can’t comment on the fuel economy but they say its near 14-15 on the road. tata has introduced power assissted SVM .. however, its like using a chinese mobile phone. sometimes work, sometimes fail. BAD ON THE PART OF TATA MOTORS.

  3. dear frnds , wel its a fact .sumo grande is for taxi ,very cheep plastic work,u will become frndly with service center since u will most of u r time there.and for the owners who hve already bought sumo grande,there is a lot of pain,and now they have stoped manufacture of sumo grande ,so no spares and its once again a pain,atleast if the tata’s give a chance for the sumo grande owners to upgrande from sumo grande to some other vehical that would be really gr8.atleaset apart from taxi people other class of guys would invest on that vehical

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