Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift – Pictorial Review

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1) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: Following the Suzuki’s Swift style in International market, Maruti Suzuki has given a facelift to swift in order to look afresh. The Swift’s design continues to be fresh and nearly unchallenged. But as beauty peagent contest becomes fierce with the arrival of new comers like Hyundai i10 and Skoda Fabia.

Old swift vs new swift

maruthi suzuki swift 1

2) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: The refreshed swift gets a new redesigned bumper at the front and the new ultra contemporary grille gives attraction to the new swift. Fog lamps inserts also gets a new design.

old swift vs new swift

maruthi suzuki swift 3maruthi suzuki swift 2

3) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: The new wheel cap in the large alloy wheels adds charm to the new swift.

old swift vs new swift

maruthi suzuki swift 4maruthi suzuki swift 5

4) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: In the rear Swift gets a new redesigned bumper and a new clear lens indicator.

maruthi suzuki swift 6

5) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: Hyundai i10 and Getz scores over the swift in one area i.e the interiors. Maruti Suzuki has made an attempt to make swift’s interiors to look nice with fabric lining for seats and door trims. Rear passenger gets head rest in the new swift (VXi and ZXi in petrol swift and VDi in diesel swift)

maruthi suzuki swift 7

6) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: You will feel more comfortable while driving with the new swift. The new swift (ZXi) gets a tilt steering which means you can position the steering wheel as you like. Your eyes will also feels good with the new eye pleasing instrument panel. Gauges gets a chrome lining. Another new in the refreshed swift is the digital clock (VXi and ZXi).

maruthi suzuki swift 8

7) Maruti Suzuki’s new swift: Thumbnail shows the new digial clock, integrated audio system and the neqw instrument panel.

maruthi suzuki swift 9.thumbnailmaruthi suzuki swift 11.thumbnailmaruthi suzuki swift 12.thumbnail

8) Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift: ZXi variant of the new swift gets an integrated audio system the audio controls are mounted on the steering wheel. All the variants gets a double horn which Maruti claims as a new safety feature.

maruthi suzuki swift 10

LXi,VXi and ZXi (low end –> top end) are the swift’s petrol variants and LDi and VDi (low end –> top end) are the swift’s diesel variants. Maruti Suzuki has increased the price in the range of Rs6000 to Rs10000 across all the variants of the swift.

P.S:Our sincere thanks to M.Jayakumar, ABT Maruti (, Guindy, Chennai (9994475222).

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  1. Fas says:

    Hey nice comparission. Keep up the good work Cheers

  2. Mag says:

    This is the first site giving exact details of improvements Swift 2008 has( not even Maruti official site). Great. Was looking forward to it.

  3. insane-hemant says:

    Great…… Yesterday I visited Sai Service, Pune. And the guys were telling me that the zxi varient has got the “Kenwood” music system. ha ha ha ha They also told me that New zxi has got 15″ alloy wheels. Can you confirm this? And thanks for the info.

  4. jasvinder randhawa says:

    it’s a great review. sounds honest and elaborate. Nice pictures too. Cheers!

  5. ANP says:

    yeah I have a doubt on the Audio system as the manager there told me that it is a Kenwood . But when I saw the system it was mentioned “Nippon Audiotronix” . I went through google and noticed that “Nippon Audiotronix” seems to be the sole provider of Kenwood systems in India . So can anyone clarify if nippon audiotronix = kenwood + integrated cricutry of car audio. Thanks in Advance

  6. arun says:

    Yes Kenwood = nippon audiotronix

  7. Manjith says:

    too good a review.. exactly wat i was looking for..

  8. sunil says:

    Nippon Audiotronix imports/ assembles the KENWOOD brand in India. Their products are very good. I have been a satisfied user for many years.

  9. robin says:

    are these all features available in vdi variant

  10. Kishore says:

    superb specs of this new beast…one can get easily trace the enhancements n face lift..gud job buddy.keep on rocking..

  11. Apurva Mirajkar says:

    Have they Tweak around with the engine…The Refresh Swift feels lot more responsive to old version… The old one took its own sweet time to build up speed but the new was more responsive. Any Ideas, Views, Comments on that point…

  12. kkk says:

    Does the Swift VDI has integrated audio system. I know that the audio controls mounted on the steering is available only in ZXI, but does the new Swift VDI still comes with the old ugly looking audio system, isn’t it merged along with the dashboard as shown in the pics above? Please advise.

  13. DK says:

    I am shocked by the knowledge of the Maruti dealers about the components of their own car & also about Nippon Audiotronix. On visiting the Kenwood site I found that Nippon is a local Indian company which is the local distributor of Kenwood for India. Moreover, the Swift audio is in no way a Kenwood product.

  14. Ali says:

    Thanks Buddy !! Excellent work , I was about to book my car tomorrow and will now wait for the new variant to be launched in Mumbai , Thanks again

  15. Chouhan says:

    The new petrol swift has 1200cc engine reduces form a good 1300 cc one.Also the prices have not been reduced that bad thing dont go for a petrol swift now its like paying more and getting low stuff.

  16. Aswin says:

    Hi chouhan even though there is 100 cc difference the power delivered is better compared with earlier one and good mileage too

  17. s ramesh says:

    Hi I own a Swift VXI 1200 cc brought in Dec 2010. Its Silky Silver brought from Sai Services,Vasai West. All Paper work/Pre work was done excellently by Umesh Kadam(Sales Exe). This guy is so unique – Honest to the Core and quite Knowlegeable. The vehicle is quite nice. feel is good. I got the vxi fitted with (Alphine Music System,Company Mag Wheels,Filming,Engine Wax,Body Polish (02 applications),Anti Rust(5 years. Till date driver around 2500 kms. Thanks s ramesh/vasai west/9225136302 / 9029666981.

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