Maruti Suzuki’s new dzire

Maruti Suzuki’s new swift Dzire which will replace the esteem will hit the market in March. Maruti Suzuki’s swift dzire (not dezire) a three box version of swift comes in a G-series 1.3-litre petrol and a 1.3 litre DDiS multijet diesel engine versions. To give a different appeal visually, Maruti Suzuki has given the new swift dezire a new grille, new fog lamp insert and the tail lights with horizontal turn indicators. But what is going to make the swift dzire functionally different from the swift hatch is the spaciousness. Cramped interiors (especially the rear seats) is the only sore point with the swift hatchback. Maruti Suzuki has improved the interiors without making any change in wheelbase. Maruti has increased the shoulder room and head room at the rear. Also, Swift dzire’s new notchback style boot enables it to offer 400litres of boot space. The top end variant of swift Dzire will also come with class leading luxury features like Auto Temperature Control, new integrated DIN Stereo and an all new 6 spoke alloy wheels. Similar to the recently launched refreshed swift, audio controls is mounted on the steering wheel and Maruti will offer height adjustable steering wheel in the new swift dzire. Swift dzire will also come with ABS and twin airbags.
Swift Dzire which may not qualify small car tax sop but will come at an aggressive price to bring back the Maruti Suzuki’s dominance in the entry level sedan segment. Swift Dzire might be prices in the range of Rs4.7lakhs to Rs6lakhs. Maruti is targeting sales of at least 3,000 units of the swift Dzire per month. Seems like Maruti Suzuki is getting ready for an another blockbuster with the new swift.

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  1. Some new pics and If somebody has pricing details, please post it here.

  2. Hi! You are right about most things you have mentioned here, but from what i have been reading, Swift Dzire is not being launched as a replacement to esteem. It is much more feature loaded and sportier than the esteem.

  3. Saw the new dzire at one of Maruti’s bangalore car dealer godown. Looks cool. Width is same as swift. If you sit inside, you won’t know whether it is swift or dzire. Dzire will be rolled out in 3 variants in petrol Lxi, Vxi and Zxi. And 3 variants in diesel Ldi, Vdi, Zdi. (Zdi not available in swift). Boot space is really big. Somehow swift looks more cute than the sedan version. Overall a good car

  4. Dzire looks good .. boot is good.. tail lamp is diff. lot of leg room at rear. I think – I will be amomg first to buy..

  5. it looks good and the boot space is really very large.this car breaks all the records of sales specially the diesel variants.

  6. Swift Dzire looks absolutely dzirable. A jounalist friend of mine recently told me that the car will come with attractive features and will be priced above 6 lacs.

  7. Hi to all the car lovers…. i think the name should only be a DZire & not Swift Dzire as Swift is a different car altogether. This indicates that Dzire is another variant of Swift or better to day that Dzire is a sedan variant of Swift…..

  8. swift is good externarly, company can spend some of it’s profit on providing necessarily excellant interiors,present interiors must compared atleast with those of palio stile, i 10 interiors and features are far above of those of swift.sorry suzuki!

  9. Dear Uday……. i fully agree with u…if u ask me to choose only one negative in the swift, its the poor black interiors. i don’t know how the company is not able to think what we can…..Even the much cheaper Zen Estilo has got better interiors than Swift…. Estilo has Beige….Swift has dull….

  10. I think, maruti has worked on the interiors for swift DZire. It has twin tone Interiors and uses a plush fabric for seats. Take a look at the interior shots available at It is looking nice.

  11. Hey guys I visited the DZire website today to see if anything new is happeing. The countdown has already begun. Maruti will have an exclusive launch webcast on 26th for all those who register at

  12. Hi Guys! The opinion on this forum appears rather skewed. Everywhere else the opinions about the looks are largely positive. People are calling this a chris bangle inspired design with all the qualities of a winner.

  13. Maruthi used to be a king in giving cars with better mileage, but for some reason recent release of Maruthi are poor in mileage compared to the other peer cars in the market. For eg., logan gives a great mileage, but dizire gives lower than logan. I was looking for a car exactly like dzire, becaues I am a fan of maruthi, but after hearing that the mileage is 11kmpl, i am afraid to take it. With the hike in fuel price, it makes the running cost of this car toooo high. I would wish maruthi come up with a good mileage car. but since all the new editions has come up now, its just a dream for me :-)

  14. Hi raj, The mileage is not 11. You have wrong information. The mileage of swift DZire is 15-16 for petrol version and 20-22 for diesel version.

  15. The interiors as mentioned above are very poor and plasticky, the person at the maruti store said this was done to keep it reflection free and low maintenance and apparently what helps keep the price down, but all said it is remarkably poor quality interiors. Though still plan to get one as overall it is still incomparable in value for money terms. Bunty

  16. I saw the car. The interiors looked good to me. Infact with dashboard area was very impressive.Not at all plasticky.

  17. hai any body can tell me regaurding zdi diesel on road prise and the waiting period car looks good, more spaceous

  18. From what I saw, the interiors are very smart and upmarket. The excuse given by the sales guy is very foolish.

  19. I took a test drive of diesel version. Quite liked it. Especially the noise levels- it is so silent, that does not seem like diesel car

  20. Garika, The waiting period is around 4 months as of now… So hurry if u want to..The demand is too good:-) I have alredy placed an order..

  21. I have booked Midnight Black Vxi- Onroad is 5.2L Waiting time is too high. [1-3 months] Only con is mileage-It gives only 10- that’s what the Chennai Khivraj dealer told me. Still because I am not a frequent user, its ok for me.

  22. Waiting time is more because it is a great car and has received good response. Worth a wait. The mileage figure you have is not right. I have heard that it is somewhere around 15.

  23. Waiting period is high because MSIL is not geared up for production. Dzire is just marketing trick to keep customers glued. Demand is much more than anticipated – kind of statements are crap.

  24. Will Maruti indicate the delivery schedule of the Dzire atleast for the persons who booked it. Maruti is drawing criticism and brewing rescentment by keeping the customers in dark.

  25. Hello, I have already booked for a DZire ZDi. Already one month elapsed. At the time of booking, they said it would take 25 days for delivery. Now they say that I have to wait for another 3 months. “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, and to be inconsistent is to be man”-(Emerson). I think Maruti and its dealers are consistently inconsistent about the words that they deliver. Jayakrishnan V.G. ( Kollam, Kerala)

  26. The demand is much more than what maruti can handle at this time. Therefore the delay is happening. But I am hopeful that the situation will improve soon.

  27. Taken the test drive with 4 different Dzire , found that after a speed above 80 while moving the stearing suddenly the car is totaly imbalanced ,it touches both ( left & right ) corners of the road . The feeling is that the wheels are floating on the road. Kindly check, if found defective by the Maruti experts kindly rectify it before it damages anyone.

  28. can anyone please tell me which car to buy in diesel version, either swift or swift dezire or ford fiesta. I have heard maintainance is difficult in ford fiesta after 1 year.

  29. You are right, ford fiesta is an expensive car to maintain. Amongst swift and Dzire, you will have to analyse your requirements. If you need a sedan then DZire it is.

  30. Hi All, Iheared that there are some issue at rare side of the vehicle thats why its taking long time to deliver the vehicle, please let us know if anyone find any information in this regard.

  31. Hi I got delivery of Dzire last week, it is realy fun to drive and also the rear seat is much spacious then swift, nothing to complaint about it, but lets keep our fingers crossed to see it in long run. So guys if you have decided to go for Dzire go ahead , it is great.

  32. dzire is really a heart car ………… this is the only car in indian market in this range with a big bunch of classy features………… it will definitely give ashock to indigo,accent,ford ikon & logan……….

  33. i booked the zdi dzire last week……………i love this car………dezire is great……….but the waiting period is 10 month……long waiting period……..maruti have to increase there production………

  34. as per the requirement maruti has increased its production of swift and swift dezire.but the problem lies with supply of engines fronm spil.spil has already increased its production.very soon the need ll be fulfilled.

  35. DZire diesel ….I own and love to drive it 1 week in drive I have observed only gives 13kmpl anyone owning diesel VDI dzire can tell me what milage u are getting please.

  36. I have booked a Maruti Dzire Vdi ( matallic clear Beize ) in April first week and i m going to get delivery in september. If anyone interested in buying Dzire VDI then you can call me Rohit Delhi 9891181188

  37. I heard about diesel car that after three to four years there will be a more maintenance problem. Ple help me will I buy swift dezire petrol model or diesel model?

  38. I have SWIFT DZire VDI Diesel purchased in April 2008. The car is really running very well. Even at top speed of 160KMPH it in full control and just adheres to road as if bonded with adhesive. I am a fast driver but still the fuel efficiency I am getting now is 17 KMPL (in 2/3rd WITH AC 1/3 without AC conditions). I am really happy with the performance to date having made a good choice. MB

  39. I own a silver ZDI and the mileage i get is 13-14 kmpl. I did speak to the dealer about it and they now say that only after 4-5k kms I will get better mileage. All hogwash! Car is good, comfortable and very responsive but you have to be slow on bumpy and bad roads. It does not feel happy then. Turbo kicks in after 1500 rpm and then its an awesome drive. For the price they are charging for the zdi, they could have easily provided rear/ parking sensors, electrically operated OVRM’s, etc., It disappoints in these areas. In general, a good car. Arup

  40. Hey Guys The word is “M A U R T I” NOT Maruthi. A Person named Raj is writing it Maruthi like other south indians. Please Read it form cars atleast before launching your own new Model. Its after all Name of a Company. why you tempering with that. Please advise other South Indian brothers as well. Nothing Personal preet

  41. hi i was booked for vdi i want some information about that plz provide me how much milage it will be……….. n how the performance of the deZire on high way etc

  42. I owned swift dezire vdi in nov. Good awesone handsome car i proud of it n loving it good milege of 22. Rally based hard suspension. Bull power n cheeta like pickup. But not efficient brake. For any query cal me any time 9602029597

  43. Rumors that Fiat has taken maruti to court as the quadrajet engine given by fiat was to be used only for the swift and not the dezire…and maruti has without permission used it on the latter…..have any of you guys heard anything…..planning to buy adezire…so thot of checking up


  45. I came to know that Maruti Suzuki swift dzire vdi is increasing prices in new year. Is it true??? If yes, do we get some additional features with that ?? Kindly reply.

  46. The interior of the car is also very impressive with undefined with class apart style and aura. Maruti Swift Dzire carries sophistication where ever it goes with its unmatched interiors. The roomy and spacious interior of the car makes you more comfortable even in long distance journey. The fabric upholstery merges very well with the ambience of the car.

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