Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition – Pictorial Review

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1) Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition:The new body coloured bumper, body coloured door handles and graphics on the body panels makes the alto to look afresh. The utilatrian look of alto is concealed to some extent with the introduction of these features.  But surpisingly inspite of the badge, new alto xcite comes limited edition comes with ‘Xcite’ sticker on the rear and side door. It lookslike a cheap advertisement sticker rather than sign of limited edition.

2) Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition:Get inside the new alto xcite limited edition. You would be shocked, this mileage ka muncher gets sporty dual tone seat covers.

3) Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition: Central locking system makes into the new Alto Xcite limited edition. Really an usable addition to the car. Yet another usable addition in the alto xcite limited edition is the rear parcel tray. Will help you to store your luggage properly.

4) Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition: is priced Rs2,98,775. i.e Rs16000 over the regular alto. New Alto Xcite limited edition will be available till the november end

P.S:Our sincere thanks to Jayakannan, ABT Maruti (, Guindy, Chennai (9994404350).

22 thoughts on “Maruti new Alto Xcite Limited Edition – Pictorial Review”

  1. What a tasteless, classless – edition. We thought Maruti has turned over a leaf after Swift but this alto LE proves that Maruti has still has lot of Govt Babu mindset. It is not all driven by passion for cars.

  2. My querry is not replied whether Alto Xcite will be available in White colour or not ? If it will be coming by November end, how much time it will take for delivery ? Thanks & Regrds, NEETA BHATWADEKAR

  3. hi friends, i want to buy a car within a budget of 3-3.5 lakh. Which would be a better option for me, as my daily running is low. i have shortlisted alto xcite, spark, wagon R, santro & i10. please reply as soon as possible. thanks.

  4. Dont compare Alto and I10, those are in different segemnt.. If you need good car comfartable long drive and city go for I10. the power prodced by I10 is totally different from Alto. if you have money go for I10, new generation vehicle…

  5. wtf…ppl compare alto & i10..thnk GOD they dint include honda city here….n more fuc*ng is the fact..that this ain’t what alto xcite looks like…check out any showrooms…n th price diff is 13k …the best part is wat u get in return is benefits wrth 21k at least.dnt believe me ..just add up the price of body colored bumpers power windows upholstery rear pane demister two tone interiors n such kinda features..very decent buy..prvided u settle with the colors available(only maroon n beige option is there)n of course limitations of alto as a car(after all it’s 796 cc & nt gud enough for highway driving).Though for small town with not so wide roads Alto will be a clear winner considering the price & wats offered trade-off.

  6. Suggest me a compact hatchback car. I am so confused. I want something between 3.5 lac to 4.5 lac. I have short listed Alto, I10, Spark, Aveo-Uva, Gets, Swift, Indica Vista.

  7. alto xcite is too gud yaar…afterall its a mileage ka baap of all cars. it gives an unimaginable mileage of 20. and lols after increasing 16000 rupees maruti suzuki not only included the sticker and dual tone seat covers but also power windows, central locking, body graphics, side mouldings, remote boot opener, rear parcel tray, seat fabric, sporty gear knob etc….all n all its excellent.

  8. Alto Xcite will be the best bet for a small car in city conditions. The colors available – Ecru Beige and Passion Red. 18 new features added in Alto LXi to make it Alto Xcite, the important ones are – front power windows, central locking, body graphics, side mouldings, remote boot opener, rear parcel tray, seat fabric, sporty gear knob, dual tone seat covers. One can’t imagine anything more at this price

  9. its abt time they threw the 800 out and made alto the default starting model. the 800 is a disgrace. also, the cheap decals, the ‘dual tone’ seat cover, and central lock might cost 7-8k at the most. they are over charging for the same. silly.

  10. @Ayan i missed out on the front power windows part, and also the remote boot release – these two options really are worthwhile.

  11. awesome car with eabulous features and passion red is really a beauty at its best …………. so go for alto xite forget i10 the poorest shape car i have ever scene……….poorest model of hyundi

  12. hi friends.alto xcite model is verygood satisfied model.its colour passion red is very smart looking.its low price car but its feeling very costly car.its interior and new function is very impressed to other alto limited edition car is very intresting and impressing car.

  13. As an NRI who left as a child and frequently visit annually, I’d say the Alto is the new 800. It embodies the 800 in every aspect. For those wanting to know my take, I recently drove the Alto LXi which is the top model. It handled well, the power steering was a MUST. I’d say if you are looking for an under 3 lakh car, get the Alto, but the highest model possible. The basic model still does not have AC. While some features are overpriced in the Xcite such as two-tone seats or the sticker, the addition of power windows and remote boot opener and other knick-knacks makes it alright to buy.

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