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As you read it first at few weeks back, Maruti will launch its “eco-friendly car” called EECO at the Auto Expo. Here are the exclusive pictures of EECO. EECO will replace the versa and is powered by an 1.2L engine. Maruti claims the fuel efficiency / mileage of EECO as 15kmpl.

You read about EECO scoop here

Pictures of EECO

courtesy: kushan mitra

Prices of Maruti Eeco

* Eeco Non AC 7 seater – Rs2.78 lakhs
* Eeco AC 5 seater – Rs3.40 lakhs
* Eeco AC 7 seater – Rs3.45 lakhs

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  1. congrats, but same 1.2 will be underpowered, why not sx4 engine 1.6 tthats an muv not a hatchbac, any way scope for improvement, , once again congrats

  2. Another MPV like versa with the same kind of petrol engine. Even if it gives the claimed mileage, it is far more expensive than a diesel, say fiat 1.3 multijet engine. Maruti should bring it with the diesel engine, not petrol. Committing the same old mistake?

  3. Old wine in new bottle with a new name and may be a lower price tag!…. to make up for the lost opportunity of good volumes for Versa ! Versa put on ventilator is Eeco !!

  4. this is a very good opportunity for big size families with lots of space and a/c and an attractive price tag this will also help for fleet owners also and this should be promoted in a good manner

  5. Ridiculous Modelling(if they did one) exact replica of versa but a bit bigger… Maruti is going to eat dust this time as they did with A-star & Ritz.. pathetic design and dosnt want to say about the build quality as everyone knows about the body strength…

  6. looks much the same, but is a much safer alternative to the omni, however its going to to make ppl confuse wether to buy a practical ugly vehicle like this or a better efficient stylish and impractical A Star which is more expensive…. i have an a star and the build quality shows for its price. maruti however feels selfish to give some space when it gives good looks, and when it gives some space like in the estilo and wagon r then it compromises on quality and engine refinement. also maruti tends to make the interiors too similar looking (like the ac vents. door panels and much more in astar, swift, sx4, vitara) whereas baleno, alto, wagon r had almost identical interiors…not a hyundai fan but i appreciate that they dont repeat anything.

  7. Someone said underpowered? I don’t think so. the Omni was hardly 37 odd Bhp that carried 6 people w/o hickups. I’ve seen even 10 people inside the Omni. Few of the reasons due to which Omni never had an AC 1. Engine under Driver’s sear 2. Under Powered Engine 3. Vast area to Cover. Now, the Engine goes to Front so that #1 is taken care, the power is raised by double, so that #2 & #3 are taken care adequately adding larger Aircon. People bought Omni’s for around 2.5L. Why not this one for around 4L. There is no people mover that comes with Aircon and some power @ this cost. We are all worried only about the looks. Get into the vehicle and forget how it looks outside. Save your 1.5 to 2 Lakhs that you may need to spend on a Sumo (which should be the cheapest Diesel / AC MUV)for your fuel for next 3-4 years ! And if the LPG variant is available @ this cost, the above said cost could extend to 5 years definitely ! And moreover Maruti’s spares are adequately available and cheaper than other cars. No Noise / No pollution, Enjoy!

  8. The picture story tells us that Eeco is nothing but the same old Versa, but I think Maruti has not been able to positioned this vehical properly, in order to make this vehical more attractive for urabn masses the company should launch the CNG version to make the traveling much cheaper. In one way, Maruti can strongly project this car as economical because this vehical can carry 7 people and the cost of the car is half of what other 7 seater holds in the market today. I think its a good buy for people with extended families and at cheaper price

  9. I would rather invest those 4lacs in a good stock during market fall and then multiply my money when the markets go up again. If I could even get a 6.5lacs, I guess I can chip in some more to get the Tata Sumo Grande MKII. This car has awesome power for the price, good interiors and above sll an awesome look. It is also a spacious MUV/SUV. This way I will save myself from being embarassed by owning a Maruti Eeco.

  10. Old Wine In New Bottle is best to suit this new eeco. its nothing but a refurbished versa. and if they want to compete with bolero and equivalent it has to be diesel. eeco sucks. it will meet the fate of versa.

  11. At this low price we have no other option of a bigger capacity car in the market today, so it will be a hit in the middle income group families of 4-5 adults and 2 children. I will definately buy one when it will be launched.

  12. this is a very good opportunity for big size families with lots of space and a/c and an attractive price tag this will also help for fleet owners also and this should be promoted in a good manner.i like this van very much

  13. I just took a test drive today at Bangalore.It has no power steering no collapsible steering, no crupmle zone in front, no stabiliser bar ,no rolling window at rear , no rpm meter cheap looking lcd fuel gauge and some warning lamps.DS gear box is a big nuisance try it to believe it.1.2Ltr engine is solely under powered for 1.5 tonner metal junk added 4x 65Kg passenger and 50 kgs of load at rear equals almost a Tata safari with 1200cc engine imagine. Suzuki well known for making and selling old unsold junks with new badges less frills and new prices , just bthe way they sold Suzuki esteem vxi, estillo with new head lamps not to forget Zen (Old) 2door called carbon (Unsold stock from UK ) Yes it may be better than omni some passengers may survive in case of head on compared to Omni where none may survive

  14. yes me too have seen eeco from interiors .Surprisingly all the safety norms are thrown happily by suzuki R&D boffins by keeping the engine under the seat ,and suzuki R&D may be fiding it beyond their capabilities to much copied Fiat multijet to put it for rear wheel drive arrangement of eeco hence to carry over the remains of versa they have found its too big a project to place engine in front,since no one in india bothers about frontal safety and suzuki able to sell anything they make is a big plus point for them.Just take a close look at Ritz C pillar and compare it with Punto,Indica and even Alto its very very week in structure a small rear collision with truck or a Sumo is enough to finish the rear passenger.Recently as my friend was survived in a similar collision in a tATA vista AND HE IS HAPPY THAT HE DIDNOT BUY A SUZUKI

  15. True, it is the old wine in new bottle THIS IS INDIA guys.. This is the car for middle class joint family with a budget of 3 lakhs Maruti is the only company that has model for various range and wide option THis can be a better alternative for OMNI, u cannot use this for style Eeco is a good car for family of 7, perfect alternative for the OMNI, is comfortable and competitively priced, It is the only 7 seater car in India in the range of 3 to 4 lakhs and that’s a very good option for the average middle family. Maruti should introduce a diesel option or LPG It can be popular as private taxis Boss, itne paise mein 7 seater MUV..:)))

  16. I just took delivery 15 days ago.My sincere request to all the prospective buyers is DONT EVER BUY THIS VEHICLE its all crap.If at all you have booked please cancell and pay little more and buy a TATA Vista. This EECO gives 5KMS-7kms without A/C .Very poor road holding.Doesnot accelerate for the capacity of 1.2litres.A/c is not good either.Ride it over hums and it just drops leaving a heavy thud noise.I also tried driving a freinds vehicle and its all the same.No power steering is OK but turn the vehicle 180 degrees at 20KM steering remains as it is and dampner just doesnot obey.Ask the service they say that its a big vehicle its bound to behave like that. You will wonder why two level floors between mid seat area and boot.Stepney housed below the body .I thindk Osamu suzuki has lost his nerves in designing or copying similar vehicles made in Japan.Whole vehicles moves nervously at 60kmph ,DSA gear box is a hoodwink its nothing doesnot behave the way its been told.Open the eeco manual doesnot have any details of what is DSA gear box.Most of all just look at how they cheated the customers-1.Advertised vehivle at 2.88lacs ex show room got bookings much more than they can produce.They got blessing from Mr.Chidambaram with excise increase .They didnot deliver the vehicle at quoted price kept buyers witing for 3 months now they delivering the vehicles at 22000 rs higher that is atleast 12000 more than increase in vehicle price increase due to levies.And dealers are diverting the vehicles to the people who pay still higher. Suzuki is master con company after Honda.Even I am driving the vehicle I sincerely request people to stay away from this vehicle. More actual reports I shall put forward once the running in period is over

  17. Its 30 days now owing this vehicle.I just noticed and even service technicians agreed with me that this vehicle was produced in total negligence and in ahurry to fulfil the increasing demand from Omni and taxi operators. All the glass beeding are of poor rubber quality one can see lot of impure dust in it .no beeding retainer .Suspension worse or as good as my old Jeep behaves like dsamperless Leaf springs attached. Steering is vague doesnot retain back its position,Clutch and gear box still same Mileage around 7-8kms without A/C

  18. its a better option compared to omni in this price band. who will give you a seven seater in this price band. the style may be not ok but not too bad. and also its economical and envt friendly.

  19. guys i have a question: can i shift, in the five seater, the three middle seats to the back and get in two bucket seats in the middle? also i have heard all the bad things about the vehicle…guys arent there good things about it? the vehicle looks quite safe to me….question is, would it be good for a 500 km drive with senior folks in it? would it be okay to travel the hills? i am not an expert with vehicles but i need to know as the space of the eeco impresses me and i think its quite comfortable…now do let me know the technicalities folks…thanks

  20. boss all u indian peoples wants juz luks in car you are not seeing what maruti is offering u in under 4 lacs…think again maruti spare parts n there servicing of car is cheaper than other n who has more service staions almost eveywhere in india only maruti has…n also u juz check it n e time when ur other brand cars get stuck in middle of ur way the mechanic’s are not skilled to repair other brands but if it is maruti u’l always be happy owner…..yeahh off course there some tings 2 be changed in eco but its quit ok to bring it home as it has came.

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