Mahindra Scorpio m-Hawk

Since eagle(brand name) is already registered, Mahindra and Mahindra will brand the scorpio with eagle engine as Mahindra scorpio m-Hawk when launched. The high speed direct injection, Common Rail m-Hawk engine develops 120 HP @ 4000 rpm. Mahindra developed the m-Hawk engine with inputs from AVL of austria. This m-Hawk engine will comply to the tougher euro IV emission norms. Mahindra plans to launch the m-Hawk engine powered scorpio across the globe. Though scorpio is a market leader in the SUV segment, it draws crticism for its poor handling and impractical interiors. Recently Mahindra replaced the leaf springs with coil but that too is insufficient. Hence for the new scorpio m-Hawk it is working on the suspension with great care. It is fine tuning the suspension. The reduced mass of the m-Hawk will also help in improvement of dynamics, the m-Hawk engine is built from aluminium alloy and hence it is 60kg lighter than the current 2.6L CRDe engine. Other than the m-Hawk engine, mahindra has refreshed the interiors of the scorpio. NVH((noise, vibration& harshness) is optimised and hence inside the new scorpio m-hawk, you can hear your favourite music peacefully. Audio controls will be mounted on the steerring wheel. Mahindra m-Hawk will also see some new (useful) features – rain sensing wipers and tyre pressure sensor to the scorpio. You can differentiate scorpio 2.2L CRDe and scorpio m-Hawk by noting the m-hawk badges. Mahindra scorpio 2.2L m-Hawk will be launched in a week time.(Probably November 30th)

the blips retained:

Small central console controls and buttons which are often inaccessible while driving the car. Air con vents in between the front seats and hence in effective cooling for rear passengers. Jump seats will continue, genuine third row seats still missiong.

update: watch the “perfromance anxiety beats other cars…again” mahindra’sm-Hawk teaser in

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  1. Toyota plans new innova: Toyaota plans to introduce a facelifted innova. Facelift for the innova includes a new bumper, headlights and tail lights. The upgraded innova will also feature climate control and parking sensor.

  2. r u sure d new 2.2L engine just produces 120 bhp n not 140 bhp? wat abt d rain sensing wipers and tyre pressure sensor to the scorpio… do u thnk they will b able 2 provide all these in a limited price tag?? n r u sure of d launch date – nov 30th?? n buddy, scorpio is available with 3rd row front facing seats, jump seats r just optional.

  3. I head M&M are Introducing The hi-end Scorpio Vlx from the Scorpio V Series powered by the technologically advanced mHawk engine which wil have Enhanced driveability. Higher fuel efficiency & Low NVH….it also has ABS,Cruise control, Immobilizer,tyre-tronics n stuff…sounds great…im lookin forward to see it on road..any1 knows when is it expected ?

  4. I hket leader and launchesope Toyota steps ahead as a market leader and launches the latest Previa automatic. If not at least an upgraded Automatic Innova in the Delhi Auto show.

  5. Toyota is a market leader in India and in the world. Unfortunately their reliability by default makes the Taxis choose Toyota. This happened with Qualis and now with the Innova. Toyota should even cater to citizens of the five Nations where Innova is manufactured and marketed, who would like to drive an MPV which is not a common Taxi. They should come with the latest Previa and offer the auto versions too. If there are commercial constraints, then they should come up with an upgraded, luxury auto version on the Innova in The Auto Expo in Delhi.

  6. new scorpio will definitely be a winner. i suggest that mahindra must also try this car with three door version both hard top and soft top. there are large number of people who would love gypsy with softer suspesion with economy of diesel. scorpio three door will be the best option.

  7. Just bought and love, love, love the Innova. Facelift not essential, as it is still a very fresh looking car in comparison to the Mahindra and even the Tata Safari. It is and will continue to remain a winner for Toyota in India.

  8. Few months back I have decided to upgrade myself from my old lancer to an SUV. With this intention I spend most of my valuable time surfing in internet and enquiring about available vehicles in the market. One day I got the news about the new launch of Mahindra Scorpio M Hawk. Whenever I enquired about Scorpio, many of my friends who owned Scorpios had discouraged me. They pointed me about the bouncy and scary drive of Scorpios. Even a few people, whom I knew personally, have died in Scorpio accidents. But I noticed one of the reviews about M hawk that it has a tweaked suspension and also ABS. It also specified that it’s the best Scorpio yet. I got interested with the new salient features of the vehicle and I waited for the vehicle to be launched in Kerala. After waiting for a few days I purchased a brand new Scorpio M Hawk Vlx on 11-2-08 from TVS Motors Kottayam. Now I would come straight away into my issues. From the day one onwards I am totally disappointed and unsatisfied about the vehicles performance in terms of mileage, suspension and passengers comfort. As per my understanding an SUV is a kind of vehicle which gives superior riding and driving comfort both in good roads as well as off roads. But I had an opposite experience. My vehicle has run around 8000 Km till date. The particular vehicle is trembling and wobbling like any thing. Even the gear lever is vibrating and many times I found it very hard to operate. Literally I feel that whenever I drove the vehicle it resembled a truck or a bullock cart. We cannot call it as a family car at all as we are troubled by severe neck and back pain. I also have put maximum effort from my end to rectify the issues like rattling, wobbling and bouncing. Even I have placed a 130 kg weighed iron bar at the rear side to prevent wobbling and bouncing. I have taken the vehicle to the TVS Work shop thrice with these issues. They noticed that the seats were also trembling and one of the door of the brand new vehicle had rattling noises. They have loosened the multilink and adjusted it. Also they have changed the gear liver assembly to reduce the hardness .Still there was no use. I have droved the vehicle in the company specified tyre pressures. (32 PSI Front & Rear). I have also checked it by lowering the air pressure one by one till 27 PSI. Even I tried nitrogen instead of air for three days. But there was no use. The situation was the same. Keeping all these in mind I have done a comparative study by driving almost all utility vehicles available like Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT, Toyota Innova, Qualis, Chevrolet Tavera, Sumo Grande, Old Scorpio Turbo, Bolero., Sumo Victa etc. As a result of this I would like to declare that undoubtedly the Scorpio M hawk is the worst in terms of comfort and easy drive To conclude I would suggest M&M to market Scorpio M Hawk as a goods carriage vehicle rather than selling the vehicle as a passenger vehicle at a huge price that too with totally useless things like cruise control , driver side anti pinch window, incorrect tyre tonics etc. Anoop R, 9895808353

  9. I accept to Anoop.R to every single detail.I bought Scorpio m-HAWK VLX 4 months ago..very disappointed but at the time of booking scorpio i test drived “XYLO”.I have one word to describe it”WOW!!!!” FOR:LUXURY..goto website for further details Aganist: Crappy looks… Those who want luxury with great interiors goto XYLO!!!!!

  10. plese detail ofthe hawk engine how to work and function pese given the notes and detail of the hwak engine

  11. kindly information me how many sencer in scorpio vech name by thanking you ramandeep singh cotech shri durga automobles delhi

  12. Mr Anoop,seems like u r a TATA fan or rather Mahindra hater thats why saying so abt the scorpio..Ask me.I m a maruti fan.So i wont be biased 2wrds the TATAs or the Mahindras…U compared the scorpio with sumo,tavera,qualis!!lol..i mean u dnt have any sense of driving i must say….And may be u drove a faulty scorpio..I have driven all the vehicles u mentioned.and i can say in terms of easy 2 drive index,the scorpio is the again BEST.and the second and third row of the seating is cramped that i agree…and comming 2 the other vehicles,Qualis,tavera,sumo,bolero these vehicles dnt even touch the mark that scorpio has set… And Mr Naveen,i must say that u r a big fan of Mr anoop…Xylo’s handling sucks..if u dnt believe me then go 2 any car website and search……The scorpio and the safari r equally good each having some pros and cons

  13. hi ilike sumo victa please i want moidified sumo victa in 3.0l idi turbo its powerful then scorpo i love sumo victa 9779889128

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